Wathron knelt above Elenora, next to him was Nicodia she had tried putting some pure Nectar onto Elenoras lips, washed away by the rain it had dripped into her slightly open mouth, the smile undisturbed. Akashi and Ghony knelt to the sides of the dead woman, their hands stretched above her. But the sad expressions on the wet faces of the two Naga told both Nicodia and Wathron more than any words ever could. Thunder roared on the mountain slope in the distance, worried he glanced over, sporadic discharges were fired, but no longer at their direction. “Usaan. See if you can check it out.” the called Albin woman saluted and turned to Ghony, who finally had stopped attempting to heal Elenora, she glanced up to the tall standing woman and nodded. Moments later the two took off in the night. Ghony sat down on a small clearing in the forest, the winds had calmed, but the rain persited, immediately the Naga had raised an ethereal wall around the two, expecting enemy attacks, but the moments passed, turned into minutes. Nothing.   Ghony held her ears as a screetching scream sounded through the woods. A dark figure appeared above the treetops, glid down onto the clearing, another dark shape appeared above it, plunged down on the first. Screams of pain and panic filled the clearing, but suddenly ended, leaving only the noise of the falling rain. Usaan created an ethereal light, although a magic user she was a scout not a spiritual worker. Covered in scorch marks, scratches and blood Venia towered above the dead bat like creature. Although the rain poured down on them Ghony and Usaan clearly made out the tears rolling down her face. Would Venia have had knees she would have fallen onto them, as she sunk down, her wings hung by her sides showing clearly her exhaustion. Violently she threw her head back and screamed. Letting out all the agony and grief she felt. Immediately knowing that cry, feeling the immense loss Venias, Ghony couldn’t help but tearing up herself. Slowly Usaan stepped in Venias direction, but felt Ghony holding her by the shoulder, as the Albin scout turned back to Venia she saw her repeatedly stabbing the dead bat creature. Suddenly the urge to calm the grief striken Naga was replaced by fear. Gentle sunrays made their way through the forest on the mountain slope, shone across a small valley, on to the hilltop. Venia sat above Elenora, her entire skin still covered with the bruises, scratches, scorches and all the dirt and blood of the fight the night before. Clouds still hung above their heads but opened up to the east allowing the sun to shine by the mountainside, directly on Elenoras pale white face. “I’m so sorry, I have failed you. I threw myself over you to protect you, but you sacrificed yourself for my sake.” she gently stroked the smiling cheeks. Elenoras eyes were closed, Wathron had seen to it. “I have to lead them on my dearest. But not without making a bed for you to sleep in.” she gently picked up the lifless body, lifting it over to a grave the Naga witches had dug up with their powers. “Sleep sweet princess.” she whispered kissing Elenora one last time on the forhead. After she had looked at Elenora for a few minutes she nodded to the Naga standing by, so they began returning the exhumed soil into the grave. Silent tears ran down Venias face. “Let’s get you cleaned up.” Nicodia gently took Venias hand, led her away from the grave after the tombstone had carefully been placed at the end of the grave.