Past the mountain slope a vast cliff awaited the eyes of the beholders. Wathron and Nicodia had assumed control over the Trek together with Ghony, Venia was too hurt to lead them away from Elenoras grave, so she had to be led away. Still there was no signs of any bees to be found. Everytime an instect like buzz sounded it turned out as a bumble bee, a wasp or horsefly. Never a bee. At the foot of the cliff Wathron spotted a cave, went forward with Ghony to investigate the structure. “What do you think? Bats?” he leaned against a boulder, glad to have some time alone with the Naga. “I don’t smell any, but it is possible.” she turned aropund to stare off into the prairie. Over the previous days the weather had changed for the better again. After the storm night clouds had closed off the sky again, and rain set in a new. But more and more on that day the sun started to shine though again. At the base of the cliff was a small path of forest, not as dense as the ones they had encountered before on the vast and savage land, but still a forest. “Kill me not!” with the words came the scent of the bat creatures from the cave, after a few moments a frail figure appeared in the opening of the cave, Wathron had unsheathed his sword but waited for Ghony to signal him what to do, as she was his superior in command. “I’m but a blind old fool! If you came from the coast surely the old owl has told you about me.” he smirked the uncertainly directed smile of a blind man. “Has she not?” his smile vanished. Still Ghony and Wathron were not sure what to think of the old geezer. “Listen you two, I can hear you breathing, before I heard you talk, I may be blind but I’m not a fool.” “Forgive us, but your kind has attacked us and killed one of our most valued comrades.” a frown appeared on the old mans face. His ash like complexion showed every wrinkle of his age as his ugly mouth twisted into the frown. He bowed his head while slinging his arms around it in a wide circle, revealing rudimentary flight membranes spanning between his upper arms and his chest. “May she find rest from this troubled earth.” he lifted his head again tucking the arms away at his sides. “I am truly, deeply sorry for my brethrens actions, but like the old owl I am an outcast.” “Let me guess,” Venias voice sliced through the scene like a hot knife through butter. “you can’t do magic.” A knowing smile appeared on his dark twisted lips. “Precisely.” he replied, now knowing that the strangers before him have had contact with the old owl. “My brethren raided the old ruins when magic vanished. They all have pendants from the ancient men and women. Those who don’t have organized raids on the hives.” he explained why the bats had access to magic. Ghony and Wathron exchanged a glance, while Venia stared at him with a stern expression bordering on anger. “Hives. That sounds like bees?” she hissed the question the others where still developing in their minds. The bright grey, almost white buttons he had for eyes stared vaguely in Venias direction. “Sure it does, these people refuse to trade their honey, so the others raid for it.” Again Wahtron and Ghony exchanged a long glance, Venia still stared at him, the anger has eased off a little. “Are they close by?” The old man nodded gently. Again he raised his arm, a tiny misshapen thumb pointed upwards. “There they are, the proximity to their hive is what keeps me alive.” Wathron looked up, he had seen the holes in the side of the stone wall, but he had assumed the bats would live there, but perhaps mansized bats did not necessary live like the tiny bats he knew and was familiar with. “You have been of help, thank you.” as she propelled herself upwards Venia realized how cold and distant she had treated the man. A man that had nothing to do with Elenoras death. Yet, she could not help but despise him. Him and all of his kind. Using the updrafts to tow her higher she pondered what she would do after returning home. The hut in the bay was not an option. Without Elenora she wouldn’t want to venture near it. A terribly familiar screetch tore her from thought, as she looked up all she could see was body gliding on membranes, crashing into her.Writhing with one another Venia and the Bat creature that had flown into her, rapidly fell from the sky. Momentarily one of the two could take control and stirr their flight a bit, slowing their fall, gliding away from the cliff, before the favor in the fight turned again. Both the bat and Venia felt the ground closing in on them, and a mere meter above it split in two, trying to soften the severtiy of the crash landing. Skillfully the Bat and the Naga rolled off separately.