Venia jumped to her upright position drawing the daggers, the pain in her right wing forced her back to the ground, it was probably dislocated at the base due to the midair fight. As she looked up she stared into the fircefully glowing eyes of the bat that had attacked her. “I despise you etherless water worms.” the bat hissed with a female voice, in her hollow hands a discharge had formed as she spoke, Venia readied herselft to dogde the attack, but suddenly Venia saw a stinger pierce through the chest of the bat woman, ripping the clothes apart as well, it was not a Naga stinger. Exhausted from the fights of the last days and her freshly dislocated wing Venia closed her eyes. Her emotional turmoil over the loss of Elenora aused her to keep them closed. “You are new to these lands.” a female voice spoke to her in soft tone. Fuzzy, almost furry a gentle face glanced down on her. The slender woman had no use for clothes, as her entire body was covered in a short fuzz. “I am.” Venia sighed, slowly getting up, holding her injured shoulder. “Because of you.” she noticed that the bee tensed up again. “We are not here to steal your honey, nor to trade for it.” she pressed the words out between her teeth as the pain became stronger with each passing moment. “Bring a representative with some,” Venia sighed as she fell back to the ground. Darkness fell around her too, in the distance she heard a humming noise, monotone and very loud, but soon it too had given way to empty, silent darkness. Before anything else, Venia noticed the heat. Almost as hot as a humans body temperature. Before the darkness and silence lifted, the smell crept in Venias thought, the reaction it triggered there however drove the darkness and silence of unconsciousness from Venias mind. Honey. Venia opened her eyes to find an indirectly lit room about one by one meter, and three meters tall. The base of the room was shaped like a hexagon. Venia could make out only one exit, that was above her. “Hello?” she yelled out into the humming noises above. A head appeared in the opening, it was that of a girl. “Dolya! She’s awake!” the child yelled out to some other person. Only a moment later the woman who had found Venia looked down the hole. “Good! You’re really awake!” she smiled, a tow was thrown down, normally young bees could climb out of the hole but they did not expect the Naga to achieve it. At least not without damaging the combs. “You must forgive my tension before, but the bat people try to raid our hive repeatedly, and one can’t be careful enough.” she smiled leading Venia from the combs to a great hall. Although they had many likings of a bee, they quite obviously had human ancestry as well, as they had only two arms and two legs. Dolya led her visitor to a table in the center of the hall, one by one other bees arrived, filling the room from the walls on. They all became dead silent after a while, not even buzzing their wings. Deep, resonating humms filked the densely packed hall, Venia felt the vibrations of it in the wood of the table. A tall woman, with pronounced female shape descended from the ceiling, gently lowering to the table. Without a break she sat down directly from flight across the table from Venia. “I hear you want honey?” she provoked a reaction in the assembled hive that could only be described as loving admiration, but spoke with coldness in her voice to the stranger. “First I must thank thee and the hive for your aid.” Venia pointed at her wing that was wrapped in bandages. “It was a question of honor. You seem an enemy of the Bat people.” the woman replied. What little Venia knew of bees, she figured that she must have been talking to the queen. “The honey,” Venia began, sighing she pinched her eyes. “we don’t want it for ourselves, nor do we wish to trade or fight over it. We need a tiny amount of it, the fate of the world hangs in the balance.” curious she studied the reactions of her opposite. “I assume you refer to the Owls old gods returning?”