“They are known as sphinxes, or chimeras in our part of the world.” Venia wondered why no one had traveled to the land she was now in. Surely back in the old times, before these strange and almost mystical people were still human, there must have been some travel, even the Succubus in the pyramid knew of the honey. “They are only a myth, nothing we need to worry about.” using her legs for the first time since Venia had net her the presumed queen rose from her seat. “Do you have people capable of magic?” Venia also rose. “No.” the queen glanced over her shoulder. “Why do you ask? To threaten us?” “I have no magical abilities myself, and no this is not a threat your highness!” Venia slithered closer causing a rise in activity around her, buzzing the bees gasped. “The bats have magic and couldn’t fight you. Why should we be able to?” The supposed queen smirked. “The owls gods, the sphinxes, are going to return! Their return into our world is preceded by all magic vanishing from the world, that is the reason the bats want your honey! It empowers their capabilities! Like the nectar of the Florals or certain gemstones!” Slowly the tall woman turned her face away. “Remain here.” she grumbled flying upwards again in a steady way, provoking a little envy in the Naga who had to propel herself upwards and then fly in spirals to achieve the same feat. All the women about Venia stared after the woman, after she had vanished through a hole in the ceiling the others too flew out, leaving Venia alone with Dolya. “Are there no men?” Venia turned to her hostess, she had pondered about that the entire time, but thought that other, more pressing concerns should be discussed first. “They live with the king, we live with the queen. Once a year we all meet and,” she did not finish tge sentence verbally but the suggestive wink she gave Venia was enough to make her understand. Agitated voices rang from above, for a moment the buzzing in the entire hive stopped. Dolya too froze in motion for a moment. “I belive the queen wishes to see you.” Surprise was written all over Venias face, she had thought the woman before already was the queen. A second woman appeared behind Dolya, the two went to support Venia by her shoulders before they lifted off.