Drenched in the pastel tones of the indirect lighting the hole through which Venia was pushed opened to a crawl space, a tunnel as wide as the hole. Cussing and whishing for wider passage ways Venia crawled on. After a minute she reached another hall, it was as big as the hall Venia was ked into before, but insttead of the spartan nature of the first, this was covered in decor, pictures and cushioned seats. The tall woman Venia had been talking to before stood next to a throne, entirely fashioned of amber. A yet taller woman entered, she too had a pronounced female shape, whilst the other bees were not as feminine. “Please, sit.” she pointed at a cushioned seat in front of the throne, mustered the Naga as she slithered to the seat, part of her lower body wrapped around the seat, her backside placed atop. “You told my daughter the ancient gods the owl people believe in are real.” Venia confirmed. “Have you seen them?” “I can’t say that I have, but even if they are not returning, what do you have to lose?” Venia leaned forward. “Don’t entrust me with your honey! Send a representative with some of it, for all I care several of your women to guard it!” “Not so fast.” the queen shook her head with an elaborate smile. “You also told the princess of nectar?” In a few words Venia explained the nectar to the queen, as far as she knew about it. “Why then don’t you have honey on your own? Surely there must be bees in your homelands?” None of your size, Venia thought to herself. “I believe it has never been tried, waiting for the result, whether it is the same as yours or not, might take too long! You have honey, we need honey to join the root of the sandtree and the fiery eye of the crystal serpent together, and” with a wink if her hand the queen signaled Venia to stop talking. Ancient texts stored in the kings library floated through her mind, half remembered. “These things remind me of something long past. Written on age old parchment.” she mumbled finally after several minutes of agonizing wait for Venia. “Joji, please assemble a party to travel to the kings hive, we need the parchment.” the princess hid her dislike for her name well as she smiled and bowed to the queens wish. “However, even if we were to agree to give you the honey, those whom we make it from need to approve first!” she waved Venia with herself. Through another passage, narrow but walkable, the queen led her guest to another room. Five children in various ages sat in it listening to an old woman teaching them. While explaining to Venia that the eggs from the encounter with her king were hatched together, only girls remained with her, while boys were brought to the king. “Fajala!” she called upon her second oldest, a girl of approximately thirteen, to step forward. “Ready yourself, we must take our visitor to the rainbow trees.”