Noise of turmoil below the chamber kept Venia from pondering over the name of the trees. “Intruder alert, surely these pesky bat creatures!” she sighed, turning to leave. “Is this floor wax?” Venia waited for a disturbed nod from the queen, quickly she shoved the children to the exit, befire she thrust her stinger through the floor. After three or four thrusts around herself she broke through the ground. Ripping her bandages apart Venia caught herself mid air, only to slow her descent, landing violently in another hall. Prepared to meet the hostile creatures in battle she turned to the surrounded intruders. “Stand down!” she ordered upon seeing them. “Ghony, Nicodia, I  said stand down!”Reluctantly the two eased their stand, a magical discharge disappeared and a dagger was sheathed. “Are you two insane? These people fend off the bats on a daily basis, did you think you could waltz in and take them?” Venia did not wait for a reply, she turned away and collected some of the bigger wax chunks, in order to repair the floor. A glance to the upper floor told her that the queen did not approve of her methods, but suddenly the queens expression changed. It almost was like watching a three master topple over in a storm.Fascinated by what might have brought forth that reaction she followed the queens gaze to Nicodia. Unable to avert her eyes the queen climbed down the hole that Venia had punched into the floor and slowly walked towards the young floral. The other bees were equally enchanted by the sight of a floral. “Tell me, did the trees spawn you?” Nervously Nicodia inched from one foot to the other, looking rather uncomfortable with the sudden admiring attention. “In a way, I guess yes.” she mumbled, causing the queen to bow before her. “But probably not the trees you might be thinking of.” she quickly told the tale of the sandtrees that supposedly spawned the Florals with their pollen. Still the queen bowed. Equally quick did she paint a picture with her words, of the talking trees, the ones she and her hive, as well as all other hives, used to make their honey. It became Nicodias turn to be enchanted, as the talking trees that the queen talked about sounded like the first ones, her people regarded as their origins, although no floral alive had seen the first ones. Winding like a snake in the tall grass, he road moved in great slopes through the dense forest. Usually the bees traveled by flight, but since Nicodia couldn’t, princess Fajala led them by foot. Both the sentrys, and the two Naga felt the eyes of the bat people watch their every move. Since they were usually not attacked while on the nectar path, Venia felt safe. Still she held on to her daggers that had been returned to her. “I wonder,” Nicodia glanced up the tall trees, “if they are of a different breed than the Florals, or basically the same as the first ones.” she took no notice of the men and women hiding amongst the branches. Their coats, ponchos and trousers all black and fuzzy, giving them even more the likeness of bats.