Glad to her heart she dug her feet into the soil, observed by all those around her, and from a far by some daring men in far off trees. For a moment nothing happened. Suddenly she felt watched by a thousand more eyes, and saw with a thousand more eyes, felt with hundreds of thousands of branches, breathed with millions of leaves. “Hello child.” a woman walked up to her, she moved fluently as if she had walked all her life, but still she seemed to be made entirely out of wood. Nicodia wandered towards her, promised to be shown the history of the talking trees. “Are you alright?” Nicodia dug her feet from the ground, a knowing smile on her lips, Venia and Ghony had rushed up to her. “I thank you for letting me know.” Nicodia did not bother to answer Venias question but spoke to the Tree. “Naga, you might need something else too for your quest,” a root broke free from the ground beneath Venias shadow, it looked like glass, confused Venia reached down and picked it up. “although we learned that the Albin already secured one, it is better to have two.” weighing the glass root in her hand, Venia got a vision of a burning deer. It had lowered its antlers in an angry fashion. On its back sat a child. Baffled Venia stared to the tree. “Venia?” one by one the people around her had vanished in puffs of smoke and dust, only the ember eyes in front of her remained. “please, go home, don’t stop anywhere along the way.” the familiar voice brought tears to her eyes, pain that she had shoved aside for a few moments resurfaced, weighing down on her like tons of rock, not even in the deepest parts of the ocean she had ever been to had she felt as crushed as with that pain. “Please be there when I turn around.” tears ran down her cheeks, down the path that she and the others had followed to reach the talking trees Venia saw Elenora upon turning around. A brightly shining white gown hung from her shoulders fell like softly flowing water, the scent of lilac and wild roses lingered in the air. “Don’t stop for me, don’t stop for anyone. Take the root and return to the shore, sail westward, not to the north. Travel with it and the honey to the place the Albin call Naga’na.” the ghostly image of Elenora began to fade, Venia cried out that she shouldn’t leave her, again, but as she stretched forth her hand to reach out for her beloved sister, Venia found herself weighing the root and staring to the tree. “I will.” Venia whispered in the tongue of the Naga, slowly turning to leave. Fajala and the other bees wanted to protest over the disrespect she showed the trees, but the one tree they had been talking to calmed their outrage before it could begin. Ghony slithered next to Venia, the sudden return of grief on her face was apparent, still both of them kept ready to fight, as the lurkers in the trees still were there. A little behind them was the princess with her guards and Nicodia, the two were chatting about the tree, surrounded by the guarding women. The later were dreadfully aware of the lurkers, fear of an ambush rose, they too had noticed an increase in their numbers. “Summon a thunder storm, don’t strike at them, but many lightning strikes with loud thunder.” Venia whispered in Naga, something told her that their lurking enemies had sensitive hearing. Nodding gently Ghony took a sip from the Nectar. Moments later thunder roared through the forest. Followed by a second, much closer, finally the lightning struck all around the group, fire, water and wood exploded when struck, the noise alone shook the lurking bats out of the trees. Some were lucky enough to catch themselves in mid air and glide down, only to flee hastily. The unlucky ones fell to their deaths, ears covered, incapable of performing their limited flight.