Both Nicodia and Princess Fajala were stomped to find the many hostile creatures falling from their hideouts, inched towards one another, while the guards closed in around them, ready to fight if necessary. After a few minutes the spook was over and the path to the hive was cleared of any lurking bat people.   Restless the queen marched through her chambers, every now and then she buzzed with her wings. Meanwhile workers fixed the broken floor in the girls schooling room, the noise was annoying her, but Venias unusual exit had showed her a weakness in the hive. Loud hammering noise began to fill the narrow rooms, swallowed partially by the wax walls, floors and ceiling. “We need the wax to let in the light.” she recited the arguments her workers had for keeping the traditional way of building. Still she insisted on something more durable than wax. If Venia could punch her way out an attack party could punch their way in, hold her dear daughters hostage for some honey. “Mother?” Joji looked up from the parchments she had returned with from her fathers hive, waiting for her mother to look at her. “Woukd you mind stopping this pacing around? You are making me crazy.” The queen made a face, but sat down on a cushioned seat as well. “What are you doing anyway?” she tried to catch a glimpse of the parchments. “Copying these.” she gently waved with the parchments she had brought. “We can’t always rely on the other hive for them.” she continued writing down what she read. Buzzing in the crawl space told the queen of someone entering. By the sound of it, was it princess Fajala. Although only thirteen, she already dounded much like her big sister. “Mother! We have permission!” with disregard for all protocol and any pleasantries the girl entered the room and was radiant with joy and adventurous mood. Joji and her mother exchanged a knowing look, the princess nodded after a few moments and got up with a long sigh. Even before she had traveled to her fathers hive, it had been clear to her that she would accompany the strangers, if they were to give them honey. “One liter.” the queen reminded her oldest. “Yes mother.” Joji thought it was too much but her mother had set it forth, so it had to be done.