Striken with grief Venis glanced to the hill on which they had buried Elenora. For a moment she thought that her white gowned ghostly apparition waved to her from the hilltop. But after a fraction of a moment she was gone. Not far behind her was Joji, accompanied by twenty guards women. “You’re not trying to bring her home?” Ghony had sneaked up on her, or at least that was how Venia saw it. “She doesn’t want me to.” a thoughtful pause later she continued, “Perhaps it’s for the better. She probably kniws I would spend every waking hour mourning at her side. This way she sets me free.” again she paused immersed in thought. “Sort of.” There was nothing Ghony could’ve said, to help Venia cope with her loss any better. An amused smirk appeared on her lips. Peeking to the side she noticed an equally amused expression on Venias face. Slowly the two Naga turned and glanced over their shoulders.Wathron was chased off by one of the guards of Joji after he had tried to flirt with the princess. “He hounds every woman in the trek, but the one that is interested in him.” Ghony pointed at Nicodia again speaking in Naga tongue. As in the forest, a bee guard snickered, it was the same that had snickered at Ghonys remark about princess Fajala. “You should perform at banquets!” she shouted in dragged Naga. Indicating a slight bow Ghony turned again. The journey to the beach was uneventful, apparently the presence of Joji and her guards scared off the owls. They were no stranger to the fierce fighters, after they had discovered by pure chance the properties of tge honey, they too tried raiding for it. With a different intent than the bats who would’ve wanted to use it, they sought to destroy it. After decades of attempts they gave up on it, as the bees didn’t give it away willingly they stopped perceiving the honey as a threat to the integrity of the nin magical. Upon seeing the expedition return with native people Orthlan rushed towards them. “He will have many questions your highness, as he is very interested in foreign cultures, perhaps you want to delegate this to someone else in your party.” eloquently speaking to the princess, Dahony had turned out as a qood liaison between Venia and the princess over the past days in the prairie and the forests. Both Venia and Ghony lacked the delicacy that came with diplomatic engagements. “No. As I teach him about our lands and its different people, he can teach me of your lands and its different people.” Dahony bowed respectfully. A few meters from Venia tge old Albin stopped. Worry in his eyes he studied the about fourty people emerging from the woods. “Where is Elenora?” the grieving and grimm expression on Venias face told him all he needed to know. A few graves next to the campsite told Venia of the losses in the camp during her absence. “Andrea anxiously awaited your return, only Helius and her wanted to lead us after the first attack had seen Jeethina killed. Even the Florals were in favor of that fungal, which left Andrea even more furious. After all, you’re a female.” the Albin explained as they continued their approach on the camp. There was no telling how hard Venia was hit by the news of Jeethinas death, but the sweetwater Naga around her were clearly devastated.