Half blind to her surroundings Venia saw the coast disappear in the distance. Remembering as if it had happened only moments earlier, she recalled Elenoras expression as they first laid eyes on it from afar. Where would she go after her journey ended? Again that question plagued her mind. Stay on Naga’na? Pay a visit to the calm sea, where Naga did not dwell? Return to the land Elenora was buried in? Something told her that she shouldn’t do the later. “Perhaps the florals would be a rewarding visit?” she thought to herself, not realizing that the land had long since passed from her vision. Hours passed as she contemplated her uncertain future. “All hands ready for combat!” the sudden shout woke her from thought to sudden alert. From the north a majestic ship with black sails was holding course towards them. Readying herself for battle Venia slithered hastily to the center of the ship. “What do you see?” she yelled up to the crowsnest, manned by an Albin scout. “I might he mistaken, but I think it is a ship of the bird creatures!” Cussing in native Naga tongue she turned to gaze to the north. The ship was faster than the two Albin vessels. “Another one from the north west!” There was not much to be seen but a single sail, black as tar, but after some moments a ship became visible. What little Venia could estimate about these ships she concluded that the one from northwest was even faster than the other one, also on an intercept course, but for the first vessel. “It’s fungal,” the scout shouted, conjuring a smirk on Helius’ face. “but imperial!” the satisfied smirk vanished.