“To give you the abbreviated explanation for our presence, we, the great fungal mind, do not want the Sphinxes to return, hence we are aiding you in every way possible.” Doubt in her eyes Venia glanced to Helius. “I believe you under one condition, and one condition only, leave the free fungals alone! From now on until the end of the fungus.” the old man stared emotionless at the free Fungal. “We agree.” he paused. “We can even contractually agree upon not harming any of the free people any more.” between the Albin, Naga and Helius assembled at the side of the ship, Nicodia emerged. “All if them? Including my people?” in her voice lingered a hatred atypical of the young woman. “Including your kind.” a knowing smile crept onto the mans lips. Nicodia glanced to Venia, she was distrustful of the Fungal empire, especially since the great fungus had reawakened. But as the Naga she knew that they stood no chance against the battleship next to their vessel. “I agree with reluctance, if we find out you were betraying any one of us, you, the great fungus, will pay dearly. This time your demise wouldn’t be the merciful, undoable Albin way, but a finte one, irreversible.” Venia vowed to the man who spoke for the fungal collective mind and to herself.   The island in the southern parts of the sweetwater sea was enchanting to Venia. Although an Albin settlement lay at the base of the tall pyramid, with traditional human and fungal buildings, as well as the simple floral homes, strewn in, Venia felt as if she had come to a home she never kbew existed. In the waters around tge island the Naga had dwellings, small caverns where they raised their daughters. Fascinated by the differences between saltwater and sweetwater Naga she could look around and explore for hours on end. On one hand they were Naga, but on the other their culture was alien to her. “We feel the same way for the circle.” Tamir pointed at one of the traditional human houses. “In the desert, we dwell differently than these lushlanders. Our culture, the way we approach magic, all different. But yet, familiar.” Venia could only nod in agreement. “We are ready to begin the procedure.” he smiled waving her to follow him. Silently she shook her head. “Take this, the tree said that two would be better, but I have nothing to contribute up there.” reluctantly he took hold of the root that Venia stretched towards him.   Gently smiling he greeted her in silence as she turned to the coast again, ignoring the assembly behind her. The ragged sails that appeared on the flat horizon of the drinkable ocean were a much more interesting sight to her.