As the fog lightened up again the waters had changed. The smell already told him that he was sailing water he could drink as well, yet he also sensed it was as vast as an ocean. As soon as he had left behind tze last bank of drifting fog he felt the eyes of a Naga watching him.
A smile appeared on his face. Thoughts that took him aback a few centuries.
Or where they millennia? Ferlon didn’t know.
All he remembered was eyes. Almond shaped, ember eyes, a narrow dark slit down the centers, watching him. As he watched the Naga whose eyes dominated his memory.
One late spring night she had surprised him, never had he thought of meeting a Naga out at the rim, let alone during mating season. Wernthar had sent him on an errand. Back in the day his eyes were still capable of sight.
“Definitely Millennia then.” he mumbled half drowned in thought.
Se had jumped on drck.of his ship, surprised not to find anyone she lunged at him in the feverish mania of he mating season, stung him and hen retreated a meter to see he effect of her venom.
Nothing had happened.
Only stares exchanged. Suddenly she was shaking with fear. Again Ferlon was uncertain, perhaps it was the hold her  mating urges had over her that made her tremble and shake.
She charged him again, stung him again. After waiting again wih the same result, she attempted another charge, but Ferlon had her pinned down within a few moments, a sshe was becoming exhausted.”I was given a task in this world. For that task I was made immortal, and to some extent invincible.” he whispered to her, the smell of her skin in his nose he couldn’t help but feel for her. In the ember almond eyes he saw nothing but blind, instinct controlled lust.”Then kill me, or do me!” she hissed, uproaring to his lips she had pushed herself into his embrace, only to be interlocked with him in a lustful embrace moments later. Chasing away the following memories of miscarried Naga broods due to the lack of sustenance after their annual rendezvous he became aware of a bunch of Naga eyes only moments later. But also Albin eyes and Human eyes lay upon him and his ship. As well as a few floral and few fungal eyes. “Far too little children.” he sighed. Keeping his course towards the island. Ominous clouds formed above he.pyramid upon his approach, in his veins all the magic screamed, told him of unspeakable powers at work atop the ancient building. Winds roared across he waters, stirring up waves that would endanger any ship of similar size as his, if it weren’t for his powers keeping his vessel on course, he might have worried. As the sudden unnatural storm subsided a cloud in a perfect spherical shape shrouded tge top of the pyramid, it was just in that moment his ship landed. The waters around Naga’na were shallow, except for Albin ships, normal ships of a certain size wouldn’t be able to land directly at the island. Ferlon sensed a great many of magic capable being preparing to attack him as hus majestic three master gently landed near the shore, and a long plank extended from the side of it. “Forgive our precaution, but in uncertain times we have to be wary.” a Naga slithered up to him. Even blind as he was he recognized her as a foreigner to the usland herself. A naga of the salty seas amidst Naga of sweetwater. “I know, I am here on a mission similar to your own efforts.” he looked right past her. “My name is Ferlon, servant to Wernthar, the westward King.” “My Name is Venia, this is not my home, but these are my people.” fully aware that a mixed group of Naga, humans, fungals and florals stood behind her, she pointed at them. A stern looking Bee guard stepped in front of them. “Is it time?” she bowed her head. “The signs speak of it.” Ferlon replied dryly.