“Ferlon?” the called was as startled and surprised as Venia when the womans voice came from the back of the ship. “Wythona urges to know when we’ll be moving again.” an Albin woman stepped out of the darkness, she was pale as chalk, her hair wild almost feral hanging from her head, defying gravity. “Ytha!?” he gasped, the little girl, of about two years, at her side was half hiding behind her, but watched the crystals with great interest. “How did you get out of the crystal?” “You can’t contain flame within flame, water within water, so you can’t contain crystal within crystal!” Wythona spoke eloquently, but immediately after speaking up she retreated back behind Ytha. Perplexed Ferlon stared at the two. Even to his eyes Wythona appeared like a normal two year old girl on first glance. Although he never understood why a human girl would live with an eerie Albin woman, alone in a hut at the torn peninsula on the northern most edge of the Albin lands. His instructions had been specific to gather those two. “She worries a lot. Although the eye is safe and able hands, she longs to see you succeed.” Ytha attempted to smile, but couldn’t.Venia looked around the room. There were already a dozen Albin with their children, four boys and eight girls, half of which were eastern Albin, the other half western. A dozen human children with their mothers, again the girls outnumbered the boys two to one. Now half a dozen sweetwater Naga with their daughters sat, encased in crystal, among them. “Don’t worry, I have not forgotten your kind.” he pointed in another corner, where six Naga eggs were sitting at the base of an elderly Naga. “She agreed to aid in their upbringing if needed.” he faintly smiled. “Tell Wythona that we will be departing soon, there are only few places left to be visited.” he turned his face back to Ytha. Suddenly Venia heard his voice in her thoughts. “She must not learn your name! I may be an immortal, you are not, and this Banshee descendant hasn’t fully learned to use her powers!” the sudden invasion of her thoughts was more disturbing to Venia than the content of hid warning. “I’m glad you are a Naga.” Ytha sighed, drawing the attention Venias away from blind Ferlon ascending to deck. “Naga don’t have names.” she patted Wythona on the head.”You are glad we don’t have names?” Venia decided to act ignorant to the information Ferlon had given her, but asked herself how she could tend the child if she couldn’t call it by name. “It was revealed that my mother was a Banshee. I cannot call peoples names without killing them.” a sad shadow crossed her face. Knowing when not to ask personal questions Venia nodded slowly, still the experience with Ferlons thoughts in her head was dominating her thoughts. “Is she your daughter?” she tried to steer the conversation in another direction. Ythas glance followed Venias to Wythona. “My ward if you will. I take care of her as no mortal could tend to her, my powers have only a calming effect on her.” she smiled sadly. Sudden movements of the ship interrupted Venia before she could react to the latest statement, still questions lingered on her mind. What did the child mean when she said that crystal couldn’t be contained by crystal?”Do you know where we are headed now?” Venia asked instead. Ytha gave a shrug, turning to walk back into the dark recesses of the ship she and Wythona had emerged from.”That which grows inside the moist earth still is missing.” the two gave Wythona a surprised glance. “They also call her the crystal child, since her sight of the workd is just as clear.” the Banshee descendant tried to explain, raising more questions than answering any.Without any further explanation or word the two disappeared into the back of the ship. Mist as thick as soup surrounded the ship, only thinner in the back, allowing for a glance back at the fast shrinking  island of Naga’na. To Venias surprise she smelled the ocean moments later as the ship emerged from the mist. In all directions there was only the ocean, salty waves broke against the bow of the ship as it plowed through the waters. After a few moments land appeared to the sides of their path. “We’re traveling faster than any ship I have ever seen.” Venia sighed upon noticing Ferlon at her side. “We are, for now.” he too stared straight ahead. “Yes.” he added after a few moments.