Venia had to smirk, it was enough to think hard enough on a question to make him pick it up with his mind. “Why do you have an Albin name?” she asked, after thinking whether Ferlon was an Albin name.”That would be a question more suited to ask my parents, wouldn’t it?” he replied with a smile, somehow Venia could draw from that smile that he could barely remember his parents, if at all. In all the centuries, and millennia he sailed the seas memory of his parents surely washed away, until nothing but a faded word had remained of them. “But I can say that my parents were very fond of the Albin.” he added after his face had been distorted into a mask of utter concentration for a few minutes. The ship sailed westward through the calm sea, as promised they lost speed, until they were as fast as a normal ship would be. After a day and a half the shores of Both’anah appeared before them, elegantly the massive ship moved to the northern side of the small landmass. Both’anahs only native port was at the north side, as the Florals had a long tradition of trade with the Albin. In the south Albin and Humans had created a second port after the occupation by the fungal guards. Still, the majority of Florals preferred the northern port, as it was their own, even though the fungal guards had made use of it when deporting floral women.Upon approach the unusual ship raised a lot of attention, but entered the port unopposed. A delegation of humans, Albin and Florals awaited Ferlon as he left the ship with Venia. “Greeted be the honorable men and women who sprouted from this earth!” he smiled blindly. “Greeted be the stranger if he not tramples the soil.” a Floral man approached, in his voice was a lot of wonder and distrust. “I have not come to take your nectar, but to elaborate why the blossoms and the sprouts need come with me.” the man immediately inched back at Ferlons words. Taking a non threatening pose Ferlon too inched away. “Please forgive me for my bluntness, but time grows short, let us speak!” he pointed towards the humans and Albin standing a few steps behind the Floral.
Observing the reserved reaction in the Floral Venia slithered closer, coming to a halt next to Ferlon. “He speaks with a straight tongue, he gathered broods of Naga as well, and he is out to preserve all our kinds.” Still suspicious the man stepped aside pointing down the quay. “My name is Fethomus.” For a moment Venia studied his face. “Nicodias father?” all color left the Florals face. Never had he assumed to hear that name ever again. Sure, news about Nicodia leaving Both’anah had reached him, but after her departure he had not heard from her again. “She is well?” he rediscovered his voice. After Nicodia had left, he had lingered on at their countryside home for a few months but then left for the port town, he started to engage in dealings with the Albin and the Humans. Even with the fungal republic, but thamese contacts declined both in frequency and intensity after the empire started expanding a new under the reawakened great fungus. Most of the fungals in the republic fled to the Albin lands, eastern as well as western, failed for some time to rebuild some form of government. Fethomus had heard the grim news, knew that Nicodia had stayed in the republic’s capital for some time. When the empire expanded its territory to encompass it as well he had feared the worst. “Yes, she participated in an expedition to the far away eastern lands, and currently resides on Naga’na.” Venia relieved his worries with a few words. “May I say, you have raised an exceptional young woman!” Sticky tears rolled slowly down his cheeks as Venia spoke the last sentence. “If you see her again, tell her that she is dearly missed, but that I hope she is happy, or at least contempt.”