“Oh, she is no longer on Naga’na.” Ferlon wrinkled his forehead, slowly turning around to the ship, “It would seem that we had a stowe away passenger.” he glanced at the ship. It was he who started to worry, a blind passenger on his ship? That had never happened before. The vanished magic in the world, although prior not affecting him, seemed to have an effect after all. Time was shorter than he had previously thought.”I must speak to your elders.” breathless with sudden haste Ferlon returned his sightless gaze to Fethomus. “For the sake of preserving your people I was tasked to gather twelve children with their mothers or fathers, eight girls, four boys.” Fethomus was hardly paying any attention, as he stared to the ship where Nicodia descended to the quay. “Speak to them.” he gaspes running towards his astonished daughter. Stomped the immortal stared after the Floral who embraced his daughter, almost squeezing the sweet life out of her. Before he could yell something concerning his mission to Fethomus he felt Venia pushing him to the other people standing landward of them. “We have heard of the sweet water Naga, they do not kill their victims. Is that right?” Venia looked at the man talking to her. He was a general in the army of the kingdom of Galnerra, although the Norsers were closer to Both’anah and lived almost all around tge sweetwater sea, it was the Galnerran naval and arms who moved around on the sea. When and if the Norsers were encountered on sea it was best to treat them kindly, stories were told of Norser fishermen taking down a fully manned Galnerran warship. On Both’anah the Galnerran forces were a minority however, sent only because of the Nectar. “It is true my dear general,” Venia started, brushing a strain of hair from her face. All evening after Ferlon had spoken to the Elders, this man was hounding her for a conversation. Obviously he thought she was a sweetwater Naga. “but I’m afraid you are in error about one thing. I am a normal Naga. I swim the salty seas and the sweet rivers and lakes. I infuse my men with lust as well as death.” slowly she rose from the cushioned seat she had sat down ina  group of Floral women in order to escape the general. “But, we can discuss all that privately if you wish.” she purred close enough to his face to smell the booze he secretly drank when no one was watching. “I… I forgot an important… thing… a message I have to… I have to write and send this week’s report!” he stammered, turning. Quickly he rushed out if the room, with a somewhat triumphant smile Venia sank back.onto the seat after she heard the door of the building slam.”Well done.” an elderly woman turned to her. “I have seen him hound every girl and you.g woman in town, never has any woman made him run away.” she patted Venias shoulder. “I am Gylla.” Bowing slightly Venia introduced herself and explained to Gylla that she had a name thanks to her human sister in soul, who sadly had died a few weeks earlier. With interest in their faces, and occasional terror in their eyes she and the other women at the table listened to Venia as she told them of her adventures in the east, and who lived there. “Originally we intended to declibe the request of Ferlon.” Gylla stood in front of the delegations in the harbour. Venia and Ferlon were standing in front of them, behind them were humans and Albin in equal numbers, between the two groups was a large number of Florals. Unlike the disciplined rows in the ranks of humans and Albin the Florals had assumed a more chaotic order. Like flowers on a field they would call it.”But if what Venia of the southern Naga had told us of her travels is true, we need to act, now. Therefore we agree.” Ferlons relief was plainly visible on his face. “We will gather mothers with their childrenfrom all  corners of Both’anah, sadly this might take some time, but you can rest assured it will be done within the current moon cycle.” from the corner if her eyes Venia observed a crescent moon.