Three more weeks.After the delegations had dispersed and two mothers with a boy and a girl child had volunteered Ferlon approached both Gylla and Venia. “I must ask something of you.” he addressed Venia, pointing south he continued: “Go south and cross to the humans mainland.” his gaze became worried. “Use the eastern most roads, You will find someone along the way you need to send here.” he mumbled. Again his waning foresight made him anxious. “Upon arriving at the humans mainland travel up the mountains, near a small village the incursion of the Norser people took flight at, is a high valley. There someone dwells whom we need to take aboard, meet me in the human harbour accross the sea.” the elder woman stared at Ferlon in wide wonder. “I shall send my son to accomapny you, you might,” she was interrupted by Venia raising her hand. “I travel faster alone, alone I can move though the water like a bird through the sky.” she smiled thankfully for the offer. Her reply was a gentle nod with a glad smile, it had been courtesy that had driven Gylla to offer her sons company, not genuine concern. Over the course of hours clouds descended from the south, the very mountains that Venia was supposed to travel to had spawned them. The roads slowly turned into mudslides. Although the underside of her serpent like lower body part was covered with thick hard scales that allowed her to slither even through hard, sharp rocks, she found it refreshing to slither through mud. The soft ground gave away easily, molded to the form of her body, allowed to move faster than she would on a dry road. If the weather held up, and the muddy road, she estimated that she would reach the southern coast within only a few more days. The coast to her left was not far distance wise, but further below her, while the forest to her right was dense and dark. As she rested for a few moments after traveling for two days she stared at the forest for a while. Reek of death and tangible darkness oozed out between the stems of the trees. Yet there was also the feeling of safety and cozyness, as tangible as the negative aspects. “Excuse us?” Venia jumped up, her dagger was unsheathed faster than she realized. A Floral man and a Fungal woman stood before her. Both their clothes were ragged, cut, torn and dirty. She wore an eyepatch and both looked as if they had been malnurished. “Please sheathe your weapon.” the Fungal woman raised her hand in a calming manner. “We mean you no harm.” the Floral man added. Behind them four children emerged from the darkness of the forest. Just by looking at them Venia knew they were orphans, although she did not know how she knew. “May I help you?” Venia slowly lowered her weapon. “The ancients told us that the relief would be here in the shape of a serpent.” the Fungal woman admitted, feeling a little ashamed. “Relief for what?” Venia herself started to relax a little, although the sudden appearance of the group made her skin crawl. The children too looked under nurished. The two exchanged a glance. In that one moment Venia sensed the hatred the two had harboured for one another at one point in time in the not too distance past, but they had overcome their differences, although the woman clearly had been a Fungal guard once. “From our exile here, although we stayed by our own decision, the time for relief has come. There are no more orphans in these woods, the trees won’t permit anymore to enter.” the woman introduced herself as Sujela, and her companion as Tophan. Ferlons words came to Venias mind. “If you follow this road north, to the port, a ship with ragged grey sails will lie there, it is commanded by a blind man by the name of Ferlon.” she explained. Looking back at the forest Venia shook her head. “Talk to him, I am certain you will be taken in by him.” again the two exchanged a glance, communicating non verbally. “We thank you dear lady.” Tophan bowed before her, a moment later Venia watched him and Sujela leading off the orphans towards the port. Puzzled she shook her head, returning on her way south through mud of the road.