This is the perfect gift for parents who think beating their kids not harsh enough a punishment. Send electric currents through them and force them to torture their ears themselves. “I can’t hear you play Johnny!” *squeak* *whimper* *sob* “I won’t do it again Mommy, I promise!”

If you think there’s a mental instution where inmates err patients would play with this, you’re mistaken. They hire deaf people to play (with) it in front of criminally insane people (Josef Fritzl anyone?).

For the bargain price of 19,95€ this torture device can be yours. Have that annoying couple with their gifted youngster you want to cut away from your circle of friends? Go for it!

Which kid EVER only tipped the brush in water and didn’t submerge half of it? Aside of Pablo I mean.
I know of none. Have a nice holiday with an afternoon of electroshocks, but only for right handed kids…