Small houses snug against the rock that rose a few hundred meters beyond the shore and the extending piers. Smoke currled from the chimney when Venia rose from the waters at an unoccupied pier. It was a group of fisher men who noticed her first, as fall was announcing itself the time to see a Naga with terror was over and wouldn’t come again until next spring, their surprise therefore was not accompanied by panic.Still caution they took up their knives and headed to the harbour to intercept her where the piers met. “I would kindly ask you to move out of my way.” suddenly reminded of the hatred humans normally harboured for Naga she thought of the future. What if she still was amongst friendly people in spring and there were no men around that were consuderex an enemy? Could she fend off her nature? How long? The full length of her journey so far hit her. Sailing across the wild eastern sea and back in a few months, wandering the plains on the land beyond the sea for some time. All she had known and loved was lost to her, and all that in roughly half a year. “Why? So that you can pick.out your tarvet for next spring?” one of the men answered.”I must locate the village that had ignited the flame of war against the fungal guards.” she looked the men up and down. “Besides, Naga don’t pick their targets in advance. When nature urges us to procreate we simply go and pick one of you at random.” Someday, someone, somewhere will be very angry at your words. Suddenly the words of her beloved Elenora ringed in her ears, almost as if she stood beside her again warning her to be quiet. “And what would one like you be doing there?” another of the men waved a knife at her. You know I could all of you before you realize it? I could also just fly off you imbecile! “I need to find a high valley where someone lives I ought to bring to this town come fortnight.” in her mind she hoped that Elenora was listening from beyond the grave, and approving of her words. With her words the.fighting spirit seemed to leave the men in front of her. “That might be the valley he circle sages were talking about.” “It sure is.” the silent third man raised his voice for the first time. “Now,” Venia slithered closer to them. “can you men tell me how to find that Valley?” a flicker of hostility lit up in their eyes, but the determination in Venuas look told them not to pursue their vengeful endeavor. Quickly tge knives were sheathed again. “Follow that road, after a good week you ought to reach the village you were talking about. From there you want to turn east,”
“east? North east, the road is winding by the valley!” the silent third man spoke up once more. “Fine. North east then. Another day, two perhaps, you’re at the pass leading inzo thd valley.” “Isn’t it south east?” Venia rolled her eyes as they started debating which cardinal direction it was. “At least you agree on east.” she sighed. “Many thanks to you anyway.” she bowed before them. Her tail coiled up tight below the weight of her body. A moment later she propelled herself into the air, followed the road from above. Downhill she would have had another mudslide, uphill she felt time too strongky weighing down on her.