Found at IKEA.

I must admit, I know not a lot about Sweden. In fact, I know next to nothing about Sweden, and even less about swedes.
Perhaps it is an ancient swedish tradition to wear brain like head garments, so if you got injured in Viking related activities, your friends wouldn’t know whether your brain was actually swelling out of your skull or not. But in the rather boring forealps where my home is, my traditions come from and my personal valor in battle could be summed up in a disappearing dustcloud, this looks like shit.

I would gift this to relatives (or acquaintances) who I hope never saw Mars Attacks, and then start playing yodelling music to them, in the hopes the cap makes their heads explode too. (Inheritance? Annoying? [Sibling]Rivalry?)

Please, if I ever to get a craniotomy – I want this cap….