“That way she’ll be there in a day or two.” the man, whom Venia had nicknamed the silent man, argued with a trace of envy in his voice. Below Venia the forest displayed a change of season, in the mountain region of the Norsers autumn came early, spring late, summer was short and winter the dominant season. Over the course of about two.hours the dominant sort of tree in the firests below changed, conifers.
Feeling tired and exhausted Venia saw the outlines of the villages against the dawn. She had continued her way all through the night, flying as long as light would permit it, then following the path on the ground, her luminescence lit her path. Apparently even the animals in the mountain forest knew not to stray too close to a Naga. As soon as dawn approached she took to the air again. Ever since the conjurers of the fungal guards had attacked them for helping a fled floral woman, the villagers had organized a nightwatch. From the guard tower the man now saw Venia approaching.
Cutting clear through the silent of early dawn the alarmbell woke all souls around. A bell the village surely was unable to use in winter, as the noise might bring natures wrath in form of an avalanche upon them. It did not take long for a group of men to assemble below the tower. Glad to fold her wings again with all the exhaustion in her bones she approached the villagers on the ground. “Greet be the brave heroes who freed Both’anah!” she bowed, her hands stretched to the sides of her. Suspiciously the armed men and few women mustered her from head to tail. “What drives a Naga outside of mating season this far from the ocean?”Although the silent sea between the human and the Albin mainlands had no Naga in it, they were well known everywhere it seemed to Venia.”A task to find a valley near your village.” she replied promptly, hoping she wouldn’t have to explain to anyone again until she had located that valley and the people, or person in that valley. An overweight man dropped his guard, his sabre sunk low he looked at her suspiciously.
“What do you wish of Crys, Gela and their child?” he barked. At least her own wonder over whom she was going to find seemed answered. “Take them with me to the port.” she pointed northward. “In one week and two days a ship will land there to take us aboard!” No doubt to bring them as far away from populated areas as possible. She finished in her mind. In a ponderous tone the magistrate mumbled to the men about him. They glanced iver his shoulders to Venia, and then mumbled replies.
After a few moments the magistrate turned back to her. “Since you’re capable of flight it makes little sense telling you how long to travel by foot, I guess?” Venia shrugged, she didn’t have feet, on a muddy road she was faster than men, on a steep climb she was significantly slower. It evened out in the long run, but flying took her faster to her destination. “You travel eastward, after you passed an abandoned log cabin on that slope there,” the magistrate pointed at a mountain in the distance. From their vantage point Venia would’ve had to move south and then east, as dense forests surrounded the village, presumably to soften, or even stop any avalanche that came down the mountains. “you continue east, until a small creek cuts through the forest, it ought to be visible from above. Turn north from there, after a little while you arrive at the valley.”
With a respectful deep bow Venia thanked the villagers for their trust and help in her endeavor.