Although relieved that they were going to follow her to the port, Venia was stunned that the child did magic. “You’re wondering, aren’t you?” Gela followed Venias wondering gaze. “Forgive me, I just had never seen a Floral magic user. I was under the impression your people couldn’t do it.” Venia felt like blushing. “And you are correct. But Nysandre isn’t fully Floral.” Gela strutted to Crys. “I believe it is because she is part Floral and part human. If all magic you vanishes, but you make nectar inside you that would allow magic, you would still be using it.” he explained while taking Nysandre from his beloved’s arm. From behind their house Crys had gotten a large sled. Fond, although troubled memories came to his and Gelas minds, expressed with a knowing smile. Upon seeing Venias doubting expression he explained that he intended to use it on the muddy roads downhill. Growing up in these mountains he very well knew the state the roads were in in the fall. Venia had intended to lead them back to port using the same way she had come, but Crys led her in another direction. As with the other pass, a large crystal blocked the way on a small ridge north of their house, obscured from sight by tall grass. Gela whispered to Nysandre, who sat on a wooden backpack Crys carried, only a moment later the wall crumbled and faded away. Laughingly the little girl applauded. Crys’ assumption and Venias expectation was correct, the narrow path was a steep mudslide. A former hunting trail the path had been largely out of use for a few years, definitely since Crys had erected the barrier, it lead to the coast, from where it followed the shore to the port.
Most of the way the three family members sat on the sled shooting downhill, against her hopes Venia had, had to spread her wings again to.keep up the pace. After three days and nights the familiar sight of the village appeared before them. Still smoke curled from the chimneys, still the houses pressed against the rocks as if they were children afraid of the water.
In their eyes Venia read that none of the three had ever really seen the village. Although Gela had traveled over thin winterly ice from.Both’anah to the shore, she had not stopped to see the village, but fled into the mountains as fast as she could. All his life Crys had spent in the mountains around Valborthim.
In wide interest and wonder did they look at the village and then the quays.
And the majestic three masted ship that came sailing in.