brushing your Teeth!

In the beginning of human civilisation, or even pre-civilisation, humans were chewing on small twigs to clean their teeth.
Maybe they were from some special bush/tree, with a slightly antiseptic bark or something.

Times were easy in the dental care department, but then again, back yonder you seldomly outlived the ripe old age of 30, and thus didn’t need a good dental plan.

Fast forward a couple of thousand years, enter the toothbrush and -paste era.
For decades, if not a century and more, we did brush our teeth in a very efficient way, and many people got to keep their original teeth past their natural expiration date.
Good for them.

Enter the twentyfirst century and the electric toothbrush (I know, it came out before then, but tag along), we are now (hopefully?) doing the essential dental care in an even more efficient way.

But wait! There’s more…

Some of the electric toothbrushes have a sensor to tell you when you’re pushing too hard, and a timer to tell you how long you’ve been brushing (and of course to tell you when you did enough brushing).
I get it, if you want an app for this, that it would be convenient, since people are glued to their screens anyway these days.

But what is the App here doing?

Tracking GPS location, keeping a log and profile of your brushing activities?
This is not a competition, nor are you training for the Olympics in toothbrushing!
There is no need for a profile, a log, and GPS data – especially, considering that GPS signals don’t work so good indoors, and most people brush where?
In a bathroom, somewhere between second and seventyninth floor, in a concrete jungle. Good luck on getting a GPS signal, asshole!

So, to get to the friggin’ point: It ain’t that hard, look. Twice a day, take a toothbrush – electric or not – put toothpaste on it and scrub those bone like little things that sit in your mouth. Scrub ’em good!
After a thorough scrubbing, you’re done. If it was before bed time – no more sugary drinks before morning!
See? Wasn’t that easy?
No need for a GPS tracked log. Just common fracking sense.

Take care,