Ponderous Venia squinted her eyes. The time she was given couldn’t have been as close. “Arriving early is not a crime.” Ferlon would later tell her with a peaceful smile.
“I am honored that you came!” he bowed before the family Venia had led out on the quay. “The honor is ours. Times are changing and the promise to bring us from harms way is too generous!” Crys bowed as well.
After pleasantries had been exchanged Ferlon led the new arrivals onto his ship. Withou talking to him, or knowing him all too well Venia could telk of a sorrow that hung over Ferlon like a cloud.
Sitting in quiet meditation on deck she found Nicodia as reason for his sorrow. “You staxed aboard?” Venia had slithered to her. “Against his wishes, but I struck a deal with him.”
“His powers are waning, I give him nectar.”
Venia nodded slowly. As quietly as she had slithered to the young Floral she returned, Nicodia closely behind her. Curiosity about the new passengers had been victorious over her need to enjoy some dim sunrays in silence. Astonished she grabbed Venias shoulder, around the hand of Nysandre a rain of flowers had appeared. “Rember what the old owl had told us?” all color had vanished from Nicodia when Venia turned to look at her. “About the child that will be all you strive to be for your people?” hasteful nods were the reply Venia received. “Quite vividly.” Venia said with little emotion in her voice. “Do you remember what she had said about the boys?” Venia emphasized her question, knowing that Nicodia did remember. Neither had given the prophecies of the old owl much thought. “I had thought she was crazy, but if she was right about Nysandre, she might slso be right about the boys.” once again Venia retreated below the deck.
Her thoughts seemed to steer her on towards the Naga in the crystal. Curious she settled down in front of the half dozen eggs. How could she be certain that they were ordinary Naga eggs?
“They are normal.” Ytha stepped out of the darkness, Wythona as usual at her side. Behind them Ferlon showed the young family around the ship. With only a small difference in age tbe two girls spotted one another and smiled. Gela let go of Nysandre as Ytha let go of Wythona. Only moments later they played some game they had made up on the spot. “How can you know?”
“I’m part Banshee. If something lives I know what it is, and these are girls.” Ytha watched her ward but spoke plainly as if not a moment had passed.