To his dislike Ferlon recognized that Nysandre would notbe  contained in crystal either. Standing on the foremost point of the bow he pondered for some time. While watching the girls play on deck Venia often glanced to him. Inside his hollow hand she saw a glimmer, he mumbled while it changed.
“What do you think he is doing up there?” Crys also had turned his attention away from Nysandre and Wythona, only Ytha and Gela couldn’t help but join their play.
“Pondering our course I think.” she looked him up and down. Although he had tasted the powers of magic himself he seemed distrustful of mages and other magic users, his daughter and Wythona aside. “He is not one to hunt after the Jal’bothan.” she smiled a rather tired smile. “I know, but still.” Crys shook his head .”As father to a wonderful child, I want to know where we are going, but there is no straight answer to be found in him.”
Suddenly Ferlon turned on his heel, the sails unfolded the same moment and the ship moved away from the quay. Only at that moment did Venia and Crys notice the crowd that had gathered on the village square. All eyes lay on the ship and the unusual people aboard. “The entire village has turned up.” Crys noted dryly. An observation Venia had made herself.

After they had left visual range of the village the fog rose once more around the ship, but Venia noticed that they had not only slowed but fully stopped. From beyond the fog noises flew by as gusts of wind in a storm fly by a house.
Silence grew beyond the fog mere minutes after the noises had started. Normally they were drowned by the aching moans the ship made while moving. Temperature dropped, either they were at high altitude again or in an ice sea. It was Venias keen sense of smell that told her of the sweet water the ship had landed in. Reluctantly the fog lifted from around the ship, revealing a vast view. Beyond tall grasses were mountain ranges in the distance, mild winds, but icy in temperature blew across the steppes.
Outside a wooden hut two shapes appeared out of the fog.
A man who had his arm slung around a… Venia gasped in disbelief what she saw there on the shore of the mountain lake. A Naga stood there next to man, she held a child in her arms, he had slung his around another slightly older one. They had wings and a serpent like lower body, but they seemed unlike any Naga child she had ever seen.
They were boys.
Venia did not slither down the plank gracefully, but hard on falling downwards while the stunned family stared at them in wide wonder. As she stumbled closer in a hurry both the Naga and her human spouse shoved themselves in front of the boys, stinger and dagger raised to slash and stab her if she means ill. Panting, both from the thinner air and the heartthrobbing news of male Naga Venia stopped, swaying from left to right and back to front. Had she had knees she would’ve felt weak knees. “Are those really,?” she did not have to finish her question, Serpentine had reacted similarly when an elder Naga presented her with what had hatched from her eggs after she first had mated with Gyle. Who was a former citizen of Galnerra, who had not approved of them poisoning the breeding ground wgere Serpentine was to go, but fought her urges to do so. “Yes, they’re boys.” Serpentine lowered her stinger, reluctantly Gyle his dagger.
“How?” gasping was all Venia could do, still breathless. She would’ve thought the appearance of Naga boys would’ve been widely spread even amongst the Naga. “He is a wizard.” Serpentine grinned glancing to her beloved. “No, I’m a trickster, and this is the magic of love.” he gently ran his fingers through the short hair of his son.
Afraid to awaken from a particularly beautiful dream Venia lowered herself to eyelevel of the older boy. “In each brood I had four eggs, all of whichwere boys for the last three circles. We negotiated with the old one that we can keep these two. I long to be with all of them, but we lack the vast riches of the ocean to feed them, the security of the old ones island and cave.” Serpentine sighed gently caressing the boy in her arms.
“So we have the eldest and the first hatchling of the second brood. The third brood has hatched, but we couldn’t take care of them as of yet.” Gyle explained further while Venia gently touched the cheek of the eldest Naga boy. “The old one and her elder Naga are raising the others together with a few Naga hatchlings they had received from another breeding ground after ours had been poisoned.” the younger boy looked peaceful when Serpentine placed him in Venias arms.
Wordless she stared into the almond eyes of the little Naga boy. He was lying bare in her arms so she could plainly see him being a boy. “In time they are to be brought to the other breeding grounds and their elder guardians”
“If there still are any breeding grounds left.” Ferlon interrupted Serpentine midsentence. “Which is why we are here.” he pointed to the ship.