Unhappy, but complacent, Ferlon froze two stags and three boars in crystal. Gyle had kept them in a fenced off area further downhill as provision when mating season came. Unlike most men he gave his seed willingly to Serpentine, for her eggs to have enough nutrition her poison went into the animal so she could devour it, instead of him. He intended to be not short in supply where ever they were going.
To his further dislike the four did not comply to be frozen in crystal either. The older boy by the name of Aleksandyr, immediately took to play with the two girls on deck, after all they had been of similar age. Serpentine watched together with Ytha and Gela, little Wyrm in her arms. The name had come from long debates, finally one of the names the crystalserpent was known by made it.
“Are they heroes?” Venia had grabbed Ferlons arm, he looked blindly over the length of the deck, his mood was low. “Heroes are made by their own actions and choice, they are not born.” he sighed, turning back to stare into the distance from the bow of the ship. “But they have great potential to becone heroes. The boys are by their mere existence miracles, the floral girl is the first, and so far only, floral capable to yield magic and Wythona,” he trailed off staring to the side with an empty expression.
“Enough talk. We must depart once again.”

The fog around the ship cleared quickly, snapping the sails filled with air and immediately waves rocked the ship from bow to stern, from starboard to backboard. Excitement was written into faces of the children, mixed with fear. Seasickness spoke the expressions of Ytha, Crys and Gela, whilst Serpentine and Venia, as well as Ferlon were not impressed by the way the ship rocked. Dark clouds, releasing heavy rain into the fierce winds omitted daylight.
Before them a group of ships danced atop the waves. Upon first glance Venia could tell that they were all from different origins. Human ships from Galnerra, and Norsers, an Albin galley, a fungal ship, by the presence of canons Venia knew it was from the empire, and two or three more ships which Venia couldn’t identify, although one of them looked somewhat familiar to the vessels the owls took to sea.
Whilst they all seemed to be toys, lost amidst the furious waves of nature, Ferlons ship, although rocked, plowed through the waters, soon catching up with the other ships.
Ethereal shimmers emitted from the ships except the owl ship which seemed to be built for storms. Their sails were in worse shape than the other ships.
A tiny flash from one of the unknown ships drew Venias attention as she clung on to a few of the many ropes, a fire ball shot across the path of their vessel, striking tbe owl ship. Severely dampened by the moist conditions the impact was far from spectacular.
When Ferlons ship reached the center of the ships the winds suddenly stopped tgeir fury, only rain remained. On the deck of the formerly unknown ship Venia could make out the people known to her as bats.
On another unknown ship humans appeared on deck, the wore the garments of the desert wraith, on another she spied a crew of bees, unlike their hives, the crew seemed to be of mixed gender.
The ships around them sat in silence for a few moments. As with the children in the storm fear now too clutched at Venias heart. They sat after all between two arch enemies, and a battleship of the fungal empire.
Muffled thunder roared behind them, Venia caught sight of smoke rising from a canon aboard the warship, but no cannonball. “I stopped it.” Ferlon smirked, a hint of relief echoed in his voice, close to the edge of the world his poweres seemed replenished.
Thundering almost as violently as a lightning bolt the sails all around them filled with air, the most diverse fleet in the history of the world sailed onward. Just a shipslength from the outermost ships the storm roared on, but all fierce winds inside that invisible birder seemed to be directed into the sails of the ships, while the sea remained calm, smoothing their journey. Although people aboard the other ships seemed to think otherwise as they yanked on the rudders and wheels with no effect.