After some time land came into view at the horizon, it grew fast as the fleet approached it quite fast.
In a bay they spied a heavily damaged ship lying on the water. It had been abandoned for a few years.
Beyond on the beach a gate had been erected, leading into the rock of the mountain.
Ferlons ship was first to land at a long stone quay. The others were lying dead in the water behind.
Men and wonen emerged from the gates transporting the crystals off with magic powers. “Out on the rim powers still prevail over the dampening.” Ferlon sounded as if he read from a book.
One by one the crystals disappeared inside the tall gate. Venia stared at the stone arch, it was plain, sandstone and although relatively new already succumbing to the weather. Almost at the top it was decorated with knots that looked like intertwining snakes. “Hello.” a woman stood in front of Venia, she had not seen her approaching, too impressive was the sight of the gate. The others who had not been enclosed in crystal still stood on deck of the ship while Venia had dared to venture towards the gate.
“Hello.” Venia replied with a sigh. “You are Naga?” Venia nodded, still awestruck. “You will find that your needs are subdued for as long as you stay in our village.” Sarah smiled after she introduced herself. Gazing about from the corners of her eyes Venia asked herself what village the woman was talking about, but simply nodded, after meeting people who were nice to her she felt guilty for her biological needs, that she had followed them in the past without hesitation. “Would you care to follow me?” Sarah waved and all around Venia was movement. Ytha with Wythona, Gela with Crys and Nysandre, Serpentine with Gyle, Alexandyr and Wyrm, they all had joined her at the end of the quay and followed Sarah, Venia was in the rear of the column with Nicodia, who was as awestruck by the gate as Venia. Inside the gate a large hall awaited them, lit by long columns of pots with flames in them. The hall narrowed down to an opening that allowed for a cart at the most. In a long spiral the tunnel led downhill, the light from the torches in the tunnel was dim, allowing for little detail to be recognized.Yet another chamber opened after a long descent, with a stone gate, open, as if to welcome them.
There still was little light beyond, but it was natural light, shining through openings in the ceiling. A hundred meters beyond the gate the walls changed from stone to wood, descending from where they had been before, the floor did as well.
There was motion beneath Venia, telling her of a hanging bridge. Immediately she felt uneasy, did Sarah lead them from the edge of the world?
Where to, if so?