Ferlon had not left the shore through the gate, as Venia would learn, he took tge quarreling ships with him to the Westward King Wernthar. Later the select few of the crews of these ships were brought to the vault on the small world. Except for an eastern Albin woman with her son and her spouse, a human from the desert wraith. They were brought to the islands as well. Their names were Krajani and Bakir, their son was named after Kroslyr, a hero of the desert wraith from ancient times.
Venia was surprised to learn that it had been Krajani who had found the root in the desert, but had chosen to neglect the fame and honir that would’ve come with it, to be with Bakir. The days that ensued were filled with a great nothing to do, only Wythona acted queer.
“Take me below the waves please.” Venia looked up from a parchment the islanders had given her to learn how to read. Wythona looked up to her with a stern expression, Ytha at her side, with a mixture of worry and contempt. “You can’t breathe beneath the waves.” Venia replied, hoping to settle the matter. “I won’t need to.”
A desperate glance Venias to Ytha remained unanswered.
“Alright.” if she had to, she could bring the child above the waves within a heartbeat. “I will accompany you.” again Venia glanced to Ytha, annoyed and somewhat doubtful this time. “I’m half Banshee, I don’t need to breathe.” she explained.
“Can we go now?” Wythona reached for Venias hand.
Reluctantly the Naga followed the child to the shore of the island, the water gently rolling against the soft beach. Venia slithered out, Wythona soon had to doggie paddle as she couldn’t swim properly, while both Ytha and Venia still stood upright, waist deep in cold water. For all the days and weeks she had been on the island, Venia noticed she had nit once been in the water. Away from the islands the water was deep, deep as any ocean Venia knew.
When the water was deep enough the three started to dive beneath the waves.
It was again Wythona who led them, after some time darkness befell them, it was Venias hand that shone them the way. Past schools of fish, deeper down the abyss.
Wythona seemed to know the way, and to surprise both Ytha and Venia the little girl did not struggle for breath, nor did she drown. But also did she not draw breath of the water like Venia did.
Somehing blinked in the deep.
It was the destination of Wythonas dive.
Carefully the little girl lifted the object, Venia had to force herself to breathe as she saw the giant crystal scale. With a smile Wythona hugged the crystal quite strongly. Starting as a shimmer the scale began emitting light itself, growing more intense with evety heartbeat.
Both Venia and Ytha felt a strong force pushing them away, only moments later did the two resurface a few hundred meters from the nearest island. On the shores people stood gazing at them.
At the sight that happened where Wythona ought to have been. Water splashed skyward as a ruby snake emerged from the water, ever so giant as to encompass their tiny world the crystal serpent emerged from the waters rising into the sky.
From his house on the rim shore John watched, Sarah and her daughter next to his side. He had known, but didn’t spoil the surprise for the others.
“I’m sorry to cut you off, but you must be swept away to safety.” Wythonas voice was heared everywhere equally loud. Reaching far away into the clouds the serpent began to bend down abd around the tiny world, snapping the hanging bridge in half with its jaws as a wolf would snap a thread in half. All people formerly on the mainworld were in the keep or the islands, no one was left stranded, hence Wythonas hurry.

Gently the tiny world began to move, higher and higher, the crystal serpent moved it over the world, seating it high above it, the shadow it cast distorted by distance. “You won’t fall.” Venia leapt out of the water as Wythona reemerged in front of them, looking all but a little pale. “Before you ask, I have always been a girl, even when I first came to your world.” still she clung on to the scale, which still emitted light, only less intense. “Here the sphinxes won’t find you, and in time I will return you to fight, to repopulate or return.” she smiled faintly, as the image of the little girl faded away, ever so gently.