Due to recent messages I have received, which then were followed up by calls and personal meetings, it is my sad duty to tell you that the free loading times are over:

But before that: I’m starting a Daddyblog on here, where I will detail my life as a dad!

RoF is going commercial, there are currently talks of it not only becoming a printed series (with digital copies) but also a TV Series in the not too distant future.
My LATH (life ain’t that hard) series will also be adopted for TV, there are talks about it being presented by a certain cranky comedian.

By the end of the year the posts about RoF and LATH will be offline, and you can look forward to seeing these things on the small screen on a station near you.

Due to clauses in the contract I am not at liberty to tell you with whom I am in partnership with exactly at this point.

But I can tell you this much…

























































… April fools!
No one would actually buy RoF or LATH. πŸ˜‰
Hope you guys still felt a hint of enthusiasm for me, if not, then you’re as low a person as me.

Take care,