Friend, give me some wine to quench my thirst,give me some bread to sate my hunger, beauty for my sore eyes to behold and a garden’s blossoms to play my nose.What more can i ask than this? No seed of mine can ever sprout,no song be sung for my honor,let us eat, drink and behold then.

There was no name to sign it, the bedpost carried several names, but it was recent enough to have been carved after it became practice to turn the knights into eunuchs.”Our people, and the Albin,” Fathala pointed to an elderly woman that stood near the cooking stove to warm her hands, “could’ve used your counsel.” Leif raised his eyebrows. They had been invited to the ship, their own vessel towed to the large vessel. They had met with a human, he was dark haired and tall for a human, strong and dressed in armor similar to that of the knights in the order. He was called a knight as well, from the kingdom of Galnerra. The next to pay them a visit was a duo that looked a lit alike, but were different like day and night. One called himself Gaius of the fungal republic, the other claimed to have no name, and to speak for the fungal empire. There was a lot of tension between the two, only later did Fathala explain the nature of that tension. The empire was a single collective mind, controlled by the great fungus, which the Albin near killed in the past, setting the fungal people free, thus the republic was born. Recently the efforts of the tiny island nation of the empire had succeeded in restoring the fungus to its power, and hence the empire had retaken a lot of its former lands, battling the republic and assimilating the defeated back into the empire. Only in light of the.impending invasion did they find a truce, and he republic cooperated with the empire, evacuating a great many of its remaining denizens to safe locations.After these two had retreated to heir separate locations in different directions of the ship Fathala had led them to the caboose. A woman with silk like green hair worked the stove together wih the old Albin. “How so?” Leif had warmed up to converse with the Naga, while Eric preferred to look in th eother direction, the sight of the naked Serpent-woman aroused him. Though he had lost Yngrid not too long ago, the sight of her still awoke his loins. “Our attmpts of re-crafting what your people had used to defeat the Sphinxes the last time were a series if trial and error,” she had wanted to say more, but Leif suddenly seemed to choke on his food, and Eric had turned again to face her. “You attempted to reforge the bane?” Leif half coughed, half spat. “That.means you have rediscovered the eye of he crystal serpent, have dug and found a root of the sandtree and you needed to get the honey, produced from the same tree’s nectar!?” his cough got less intense. “We have succeeded in recreating it.” the old Albin put some warmed wine on the table, surprising her guests wih their own language. “Don’t look so surprised, this girl couldn’t be the only one speaking your language.” she winked. “Danarien.” she introduced herself. She spoke fluently studying the two men with her milky white eyes. Much like the Naga she wore a pendant around her neck, time however had taken its toll on Danarien’s. All features that once had been displayed on it were worn off, so much so that it was impossible to telk what it once showed. Naga, woman, dragon. “May I ask how you know our language?” Fathala too looked at the old Albin in surprise and curiosity. “It would be a long story. Too long for young ears such as yours.” she sighed turning back to the stove. It was Leif who stared now, unlike his father who mostly stared at Fathala’s bare bosom, the eunuch stared at the.old Albin. The name Danarien sounded familiar, he had read it somewhere, but couldn’t tell where.”You still have to tell me,” Fathala crossed her arms in front of her chest, looking straight at Eric. “Forgive me fair Lady, what do I have to tell you?” “Your reason, or reasons to leave your home.”

“Women.” he replied, surprised by his own honesty, was it he wine or his arousal? “Generations upon generations of inbreeding between two villages, has made our kind weak, and women scarce. For every girl born on he pole there are twenty, or thirty boys. And that number is increasing, Leif knows the numbers better than I do. We also seek the bane, but we set out to find women willing to come to the pole, to bear healthy strong girls.” he shook his head, rose from the table. “Pray forgive me, my Lady, it must be the wine that loosened my tongue. It was impolite of me,” Fathala rose as well, telling him that there was nothing to forgive. She had wanted their reasons. “Would you like to see the bane?” Danarien asked Leif in hushed voice, Eric and Fathala were talking amongst themselves, as far as she overheard them, he was explaining details of the society on the pole, how he had lost his wife recently and him being born in the year of no girls.”Very much so.” Leif replied, puzzled, he was certain that the bane was not aboard. If the ship sank, it’d be lost to the sea forever. “It isn’t aboard of course,” she stared off in the distance, but upon a nod of hers the woman with the green hair turned around baring one of her breasts. “You need the capability to see.” Danarien explained briefly. “You can suck it, or would you prefer a cup for the Jal’bothan?” the woman asked. “A cup will suffice, hank you.” he thought to himself that an uncut man would have gladly sucked her teat. As she worked it to fill the cup he noticed how firm it stood, round and a green-ish nipple sending a small spray of red nectar into the cup. After a few moments she covered it again and handed him the cup.Curious for what was to follow he gulped it down eagerly. Danarien waited for a.moment afte rhe had finished, hen took his hands in her own. They were cool to he touch, bone, barely covered with flesh and wrinkled skin. “Look around you.” she hissed. Men and women strode around him, or her, he realized that he saw hrough her eyes. They were tall men and women, an donly a very few distinguished themselves to be Albin, the others were what the young races called the ancients. Ancestors of his might have been in that crowd. They stood afoot of the pyramid the young Naga had described. This is from the first time the bane was created? he wanted to ask, but found he had no voice to speak with.