Angered Leif stormed past the Naga to the door and left for his own room.”He is-“”-young. I know. Your thoughts whirl around my mind ever since we joined both flesh and.mind at he same time.” she changed from verbal to mental communication midsentence. “Yours in mine as well.” he got up from the chair he had sat down on when hey were showed the room. Ponderously he strolled to her. “I believe that we should tread with caution when it comes to that. Or else we end up as neither Eric nor Fathala, but both as well.” he slung his arms around her, breathing in the scent of her hair. “Perhaps, but I long for it most every moment of my waking hours, dream of it when I sleep.” she stared at him wih longing in her eyes. “Me too.” he admitted, kissing her, his tongue found hers.Sunshine. Warm sunshine broke through cracks in the overcast, drenching the world in a red-gold glow, that reflected off of the few late autumn flowers, reeds, bare branches and grassblades. Most mesmerizing around the sweetwater sea was the reflection of the morning thrown back east by the waves. As they marched furher south Eric couldn’t help but stare at the dancing lights to his right, every now and then obscured by bushes and trees, until the path took a turn away from the sea into a grove. “Fungal guard raiders once came all the way down here, but as the Albin party they were shadowing crossed to Naga’na they discontinued, later most of them were slain, or taken captive.” Fathala explained pointing ahead. A few small buildings huddled together as a flock of sheep would to keep safe and warm, they were surrounded by a palisade, inside a shallow bay. Immediately Eric knew from memories left in his mind by Fathala that they had no inn. No spare beds to rent. After the night in Reedheim every night he had to make due qith forest floors, fields or once a stony cavern, had been a night to regret. “Shouldn’t we keep moving through the night?” Fathala had mused in that cavern, both were exhausted and longed for nothing more but sleep, still joined at loins and minds the thoughts had mingled and she brought up the question that floated through both their minds that moment. “I clearly recall how it strained you. From your memory. Leif wasn’t fit to do it either.” both knew it was an excuse, a weak one at that, but both were satisfied wih it.Both wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to sneak away from the campsite and embrace one another in mind, before bedding one another. The night before reaching the settlement both had worked up enough self restraint to continue their march through the night. Rewarded by the strange morning glow reflected by the sweetwater sea onto the Albin settlement. Leif had no eyes for the autumn beauty of the land, annoyed by the little clouds of breath he puffed he looked at the houses with disdain. I hope the ferry isn’t as ragged as that settlement. Keeping sone distance between himself and Eric and Fathala he watched, fury burning behind his eyes. Emraged he watched Fathala smiling at his father, jesting with him, laughing. Often neither of the of the two uttered a word, yet he had the feeling that they conversed none the less. Even more angered by their unspoken communication he found himself at the front of their group, when before he had been in the rear. None of the women in Reedheim seemed as if she wanted to leave. We could’ve asked, but he only translator we have is to busy fucking father. His jaws worked tirelessly grinding his teeth. He could’ve endorsed her asking, asked himself, but no he can’t leave his hands of the stupid whore. He kicked at a pinecomb, sent it hurtling into the still surface of the bay in front of the Albin settlement. “Who goes there?” the angry voice of a woman tore him from his infuriated train of thought. He had not understood a single word she had said. She was tall, slender, but looked as if she could fight him. Her long dark hair was woven into a long ponytail, but at its end he espied a brooch of sorts, decorated with flowers and vines of a sort.Her garments were not decorated, but seemed purely functional. Like himself, she wore a mail shirt, and pants, as well as tall boots. Her face was stern, smooth and of a complexion he could not place. Violet eyes studied him as her sword seemed to wave in sync with her breath. It’s moments like this I wish I was uncut. Anger found him again.”Who are you?” she repeated, assuming a more aggressive posture. Normally she wouldn’t be in light armor, but since the human war began and the threat of it spilling into their settlement grew with every day, the guards had donned mail at least. “He is with me.” his father’s voice speaking the queer Norsers tongue, with only a hint of an accent surprised both him and Fathala. “We come from the pole, and our quest spills us into your humble settlement.” “Itis true! I met these men when we encountered them on the sea! They search for settlers, women in particular, but only those willing to. When they discovered about the bane, they decided to journey here instead.” Fathala was wondering how Eric had learned the language, she found the answer in her own mind, by her own thoughts. She had left it in his mind.The Albin woman sheathed her sword seeing Fathala with the strangers, but her expression was laden with confusion. “Pray, what?” she gazed at the Naga as they approached. “I’ll tell you over a cup of white leaf tea.” Fathala sighed, her arm resting on Eric’s.Confused, and angered at that confusion, Leif folled them into the camp. More Albin strode around, equally dressed as the woman, both male and female. I wonder what it feels like to be aroused, I bet she would’ve stirred something in me.”So, your people are in decline after some tenthousand years of isolation?” Eric confirmed Leandras question.