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Rings of Fate S1xE5 – Horizon – Entered (pt.5)


Tired, although he had slept a few hours, Johannes sat at the table in the briefing room. Sven and Solomon were present, as well as the elected leaders of the alpha, beta and gamma rings via video call. “They are, as we knew before, descendants of dinosaurs.” Supressing the urge to yawn Johannes loaded a depiction of their DNA on to the screen, and to the feeds going to the elected officials. “As you can see they share some DNA with terrestial birds we have on file.” More depictions of DNA. “They are omnivorous, but surely came from a carnivorous ancestor, as their teeth suggest, those need longer to change in the evolutionary process than other body parts.” And they surely kept a diet that suited them and their tastebuds. He showed the others close ups of the Harpy teeth.

His part of the briefing was followed by Sven telling them of his efforts to communicate with the Harpy, and how far their technology was ahead of their own. “We suspect that they had been searching for a suitable home for a lot longer, thus their technological development was stalled for countless generations. But now,” he wrinkled his forehead, “if we are lucky and make quantum leaps in our development, we might be able to catch up to their current stage of development in a few thousand years, but by my estimate, make that rather much more.”

The three men in the room, and the three men on the screen sat in silence after those words.

“Anyhow,” standing up from his seat Solomon displayed concern, the big screen then showed why. “The clamps holding the pods that the harpy ship had impacted into, are bent, buckled, in one case, due to frictional heat even welded. We can’t release them, to rid ourselves from their unstable ship.”

“What?” Alpha ring’s governor, Adrian Gilbert almost sprang from his seat at the camera. “How long does the alpha ring have to live with this thing tucked into our territory?” Jurisdictional pissing contest, round one, curious Johannes looked at Solomon.

“As long as it takes us to figure out a solution to it. Besides, as long as the crisis is current, remember, it is my jurisdiction. Not yours.” He ended the meeting with a push of a button.

Thrown back to silence the three men sat and stood in the room. “You know what I miss recently on this tub?” Johannes got up staring at the large screen, still displaying the twisted clamps. “Alcohol. I have the goddamn urge to get myself piss drunk.”

A short chuckle came from Sven. “Give me permission, and two weeks and I’ll make you the best moonshine you can get your hands on, not like the paint thinner they make in subgamma.” Surprised Solomon turned around. He had suspected that the people made their own alcohol, but confirmation was still shocking to him.

Amused Johannes turned to Solomon. “I think we should call these hot air balloons back to the meeting, they need to legislate a new law. Alcohol is back on the menu.”

“Are you mad? I can’t prohibit it, but won’t allow it either. Men and women armed with guns that can cut through steel like a hot knife through butter, and you want them to drink?”

Lowering his head while turning back to Sven, Johannes sighed. “It’d be a moral boost. Or at the very least a support pillar for crew moral. We are in a situation that gives us barely a moment to catch our breath, and don’t forget that people had been drinking since we started to settle down. A sober army is a fragile one.”

Dismissing Johannes’ speech as nonsense with a wave of his hand Solomon turned back to the screen. “Sven, what to do with the clamps?”

“Honestly? Blow them up with cutting charges, vibration should be minimal enough to not shake up the harpy ship to a point of destabilising their engines.”

Nodding in silence Solomon kept staring at the screen.


A mild tremor went through the entire alpha ring. Men and women immediately assumed it was nothing good.

Ever since the Harpys had crashed into the ring, large portions of the civilian population had been relocated to beta and gamma rings. Especially families with children.

Startled governor Gilbert rushed from his quarters.

Glad that his wife and daughters were as far from harm as possible he ran through the hallways. Calls rang for his attention, but he ignored them all, desperately trying to raise the Admiral.

“First officer Nikolai Assanov, how can I help you governor?”

“Aren’t you supposed to be in auxiliary?” Heading to the offices of the ring government the governor was struck with confusion. “Promotion after first officer Connor was found unfit for duty.” Assanov quickly explained.

Somewhere in the back of his mind Adrian recalled reading about that. The first officer had tried to commit suicide. Although his life could be saved, he was found unfit for duty, and discharged. “Something rocked the entire ring, are you already trying to cut lose the clamps?”

A moment of silence filled the ether.

“Negative, please hold the line, the Admiral will talk to you asap.”

Staying on the line Adrian entered the offices. “No news sir.” His secretary immediately informed him. Contrary to him, she was a bit calmer about the situation. Clearly seeing his confusion she explained that coming from Japan she was used to quakes. “Yeah,” he noted, “but although the aftermath of an earthquake can be devastating, the reason for this one might be even more devastating.”

Still his call to the Admiral was unanswered, while the number of missed and waiting calls to him was rising.


“Your ship trembled!” Sven cried out in front of the Harpy. Not understanding a single thing he said, the Harpy laid its head to the side looking him up and down. She clearly picked up his sweat.



All the people in the room reeked of it.

That meant nothing good.

Her eyes fell upon the tablet on his side. Slowly, not to cause the mammals any cause for alarm she extended her arm and pounted at it. Seeming to understand her, Sven reached for it and drew up the sensor data they had gathered during the tremor.

Hastily she looked over the displayed data. Most of it made no sense to her, the mammalian writing and language was too alien to her.

For now at least.

But what she understood concerned her, she pointed at the tablet while handing it back to Sven.

He seemed confused. Rolling her eyes she pointed at it, and waved the other hand in front of her eyes. “Jana!” A moment later the female mammal came running with her equipment. She handed the portable computer originally taken from the Harpy to Sven who then gave it to the Harpy.

Indeed the readings were bad news, now she understood why they all stank of fear. From the computer in her hand she also gathered that they simply lacked the ability to contain the engine problem, or safely dispose of the ship on their own.

A few touches with her fingers and she returned the device to Sven.

Meanwhile a new tremor shook the alpha ring.

But the cause for it was a good one. Maneuvering thrusters on the Harpy ship fired, pushing it away from the Horizon.

Metal screamed against metal as bent and mangled hulls scratched against one another. Not heard in the airless void of hard vacuum, but the vibrations carried on through the hulls of the ships.

As the damaged and unstable ship pushed off, the Harpy was glad she had returned the device to Sven. No doubt the almost comatose intelligence asked why it was abandoned. As he handed the computer back to Jana, she saw signs flash on the right hand side of the screen, presumably asking why.

For years and years she had spent time with the ship and its mind. Every bulkhead, nut and bolt. Every mood and thought.

Forever etched into her mind.

In her training she had been warned not to get too attached to the ships intelligence,  for it was just a ship, and parting from it, one way or another, would be too hard.


“She saved us.” The screen in the conference room showed the harpy ship moving off from the Horizon, and immediately slowing out of range. Moments later an explosion lit up a large portion of the starry sky.

“She saved herself.” Grunting Governor Gilbert turned his face away from the video conference. “Where were you?” He addressed Solomon. “Not that it is any of your business, but I was busy.”

“She saved more than just herself.” Johannes interrupted before the conversation derailed completely. On the screen the images of her scan appeared. “Are those?” Immediately Sven had recognised the displayed image from within the harpy in the cell. “Eggs, yes. I can’t say whether they’re fertilised or not, I don’t know enough of their physiology yet.”

Stunned by the revelation the room, and the conference calls, grew silent.

“So,” Sven looked around. “do we build her a nest?”

War Journal – 1 Swift Wings (ep19)

Centuries upon centuries, millennia upon millennia, most of it incarcerated alone in the blue shimmer of the pond. No wonder I have lost so many memories. My old self would’ve taken the fight to these mortals, you’re growing soft Lillian.she pondered gazing at the almost liquid shine of he eye of the crystal serpent. “We best prepare, the Sphinxes will know the bane is prepared for their return.” she spoke in the native tongue of Eric again, although fluent in he languages of the Albin, Humans, Fungals and even Florals, who spoke a bastard dialect of Albin, but so different by then, that it was an own language. “How?” it was the Naga who spoke to her. Lillian liked the Naga more than oher races, although the seawater Naga were more to her liking. Succubi of the sea they were sometimes called. “Man is not always wise, there are other races out there, some loyal to the Sphinxes, some defiant although conjured up by them.” Lillian had enough of the bane, why was she sharing what she knew for free? Or at least without the promise of a reward? You’re growing stupid too old gal. “What should I do once I return?” perfectly still, the water seemed like a mirror lying flat on the ground. The shallow pond near the overgrown pyramid was as pitch black as the night. Leif knew it was there, he and the Alabaster woman had spent the evening sitting next to it. “Remove any obstacles that would hinder the live bringing sphinxes from entering your world.” came her reply. She had led him to the pond after he had asked how to get home. “But isn’t time yet.” she sighed. The overcast tore open allowing for pale cold moon- and starlight to shine down upon them. The pond was forgotten.The cloak hung open and lose from her alabaster shoulders, blood rushed to his loins. “You still have to work the bane in order to open the gateway for your sphinxes!” she stood over him, reaching for his hands. Walking backwards so he could keep watch of her exposed front she led him back up the.pyramid. After half an hour she felt the liquid light bathe her back, the shadow of the pedestal on which the bane rested was ice cold against her legs as she let the cloak slip from her shoulders. “Raise the gateway anew, unclotted by the aeons, let it be the glorious gateway that it should be!” “Can it be done, whilst I kiss you?” the Alabaster woman smiled wickedly. “You might kiss me,” she inched closer but was stopped by a groping hand at her breast. “Whilst I kiss you, there?” his oher hand touched her between the legs. Astonished by his request she was taken aback. “Let us try.” it was his turn to smile wickedly, as he moved his groping hand to the bane, sinking down to his knees while Alabaster thighs spread open where they stood.Lillian shrieked, the sudden wave of arousal that lingered in the air was too much for her to ignore. She had taken only a few steps down from the top of the pyramid. Curious and somwhat concerned for the safety of the men on Naga’na Fathala and Eric rushed to her, Farlyn close behind. “Your son.” she gasped, addressing both the Naga and the pole man. Wih some difficulty Fathala managed to stay at the Succubi’s side whilst Eric ran down the steps to the room where Leif was lying. Between sleeping Phoenixes he was naught more than a shadow that half ran, half flew downward. Cold shadows, surrounded by warm orange flickering from the torches, danced on the walls around Leif, for an instant Eric thought he saw the shape of a woman but before he could say for aure he shadow was transformed into an undefined form of darkness on a wall. With uneasy breaths Leif was lying otherwise unchanged on his stretcher. Except for the bulge in his pants. “What on earth are you doing son? Where are you?”Leif got up. For a moment he had heard his father’s voice, but it was gone now. “The gateway is complete,” he wiped her wetness from his face. ” but you’re not done.” she purred, hopping onto the pedestal, spreading her legs before him. Every thought of his father was gone, his mouth covered her wet cunt again, her arousal had come so far thqt it took only a few twists of his tongue to make her climax. “Come here to me!” she still moaned as he rose from between her legs. “Enter my body, take your pleasure and leave your seed well inside me!” she undid his pants with a few quick moves, pulling him to her.Dusk was setting, drawing the pillow like clouds in colors ranging from orange, over crimson and pink to a deep violet. Dark blue, close to pitch black, skies stretched beyond the lit clouds, here and there a star flickered in the distance. “It’s of no use.” Farlyn looked down upon the knight lying there. “He needs the water, for the path here is the same he took there.” Lillian confirmed the hermaphrodite’s assessment of the situation. Between the two of them hey had launched several attempts to draw Leif back, without any luck. Eyebrows like a singular bar of hair underneath a wrinkled forehead Eric sighed. There is one way I am reluctant to try. Let’s give the water a try first.

Life ain’t that hard, elections.

There has been an election in my country recently, I’m sure you heard.

I am not here to comment on the outcome, there are far better qualified people to do so. 
But I had the opportunity to observe insanity take on a new form.

No not the candidates whoring themselves out at every possible opportunity, nor the fact that one looks like a molding armadillo the other like a skinned weasel greased in oil.

It’s people taking pictures of their ticked (marked) ballots and posting them on social media!
So they are not just partaking in a democratic process, but also in mindless self-affirmation – getting “Bravos” from like minded folks, and pissing off the community of the opposing side.
Some even took the sweet time to strike through the other candidate(s). Wasting their own time, that of the people waiting to get into the voting booth, that of the people sitting there who in the end would have to count the clumsy attempts that made it impossible to scan electronically and have it counted that way.

Look people, life ain’t that hard, even in when voting in an election. It’s rather easy, here:

0. If you live in a proto-dictatorship you have to register to vote instead of being eligible to vote by default.
1. Go to the place where you can cast your vote. (Note: In a free and truly democratic country you need to show your ID to prevent voter fraud.)
2. You get a ballot and an envelope to take to the voting booth. (Note: No booth? Call inter-/national TV News, a booth will magically appear.)
3. Tick the box/circle next to the favored choice. Mostly there’s more than two choices (except in proto-dictatorship countries or special elections), so make sure you actually mark the right one.
4. After stuffing the ballot into the envelope, leave the booth and put it in the locked ballot box. (Note: if the lock is missing, or open, call inter-/national TV News and the police, take pictures of it, mail those to newspapers!)
5. You’re done! Take your ID, and the great feeling of having participated in a democratic process, go home and reward yourself with some icream or a prolonged jerk-off marathon.

No snapping pictures of your ballot. No drawing or writing on your ballot.
No anything except the TL;DR version of above list: Go in, tick a circle, stuff in box, leave.
Saves you time and effort, saves those coming in after you time and nerves, everyone wins.

Please do note: You can of course watch the first election results trickling in on the special news shows that day, but let me ask, why the hassle?
You have cast your vote. Everything else in this election, is now OUT OF YOUR HANDS!
Take a drink in a fancy bar, go out and eat, visit a brothel, inspect the crawlspace of your home. Have fun, or be productive.
But don’t sit there like a moron and watch the results as if you had to leave the country with hastily gathered belongings otherwise. If it has come to that point a wise person would go to vote, and then leave the fountry preemptively.

The next day, or two days later, the results will be final. Your nerves have not been stressed out, you had a relaxing day, and can take the news more relaxed that the shitheads you least wanted almost took over.

Take it easy. Life ain’t that hard.

Take care,

Rings of Fate S1xE5 – Horizon- Entered (pt.4)


Johannes paced through the room. Relentlessly he had done so for an hour and a half, eventually news had reached him that a Harpy had been taken prisoner. He wanted to study their physiology in a living specimen.

But still he had not been granted access. First Doctor Håkland had been granted to try and establish some sort of communication with it.

Silently the door slid open, Sven strode out, seemingly disappointed. “Alright, we’ll try again tomorrow.” Unsure whether he was addressing him or his faithful assistant, and girlfriend, Jana Smith, Johannes said “Okay with me.” before entering the room.

In a hastily erected cell sat the feathered creature, still wearing garments, but not as protective as the space suit. Half a dozen guards stood around the room, facing the cell. Disgracing. I wouldn’t treat human serial or mass murderers that way. He thought looking at the toilet that had been installed in plain view. Behind him a device was wheeled in, a mobile version of his scanning equipment. “We need it, or her probably, in this.” He turned to Solomon, who stood in a corner, bearing a grim expression.

Not saying a word he waved one of the guards over to assist Johannes in his undertaking. The other guards raised their weapons, pointing them at the door of the cell on the opposite side of the room.

Slowly they wheeled in the scanner into the cell, the guard stayed with Johannes,  closing the door to the cell behind them.

Although it was a totally different species than man, Johannes saw the fear in the Harpys eyes. “Calm down. It is harmless.” The device was sized for a human, as it had been intended for use in the field once Horizon had arrived on RV-p296. “I’ll show you.” Quickly he climbed into it and instructed the guard how to operate the device, after a few moments the results were showing on his tablet computer. Once he had climbed out of the machine he showed the data to the Harpy.

Uttering a guttural sound the Harpy seemed to understand, willingly it climbed into the scanner, making sounds. Presumably remarks about the technological level of the humans.

After he had taken the scans, Johannes was about to leave when the Harpy made another sound, almost as if calling him back. With its long fingers, only remotely reminding of claws, it pointed at Johannes’ tablet.

With an uncertain expression he looked over to Solomon.

Still looking rather grim he nodded, meanwhile Sven had returned, standing next to him. “You want my pad?” He extended his arm, still a bit frightened by the creature. They were technologically advanced, but still had teeth that could maim him, or in the worst case even kill him before the guards had subdued or killed it. Looking over the results of its own scan the Harpy grunted a few times before handing back the tablet.

About to leave Johannes gazed down on it and found data entries that had not been there before.

Her entire body chemistry had been added in the few moments she had had the pad. “Doctor Håkland?” Strolling over to the cell door Sven said that he should call him Sven, as he didn’t pronounce the name right, as most people. “Have you tried communication using chemistry yet?” Johannes handed the pad to Sven.

Going over the additions Svens eyes got bigger. “Brilliant!”

“Her idea.” Johannes pointed at the Harpy. “She’s a clever gal.”

Quickly Sven had gotten his own tablet from his pocket and drew up a table of elements. He kneeled down in front of the Harpy while Johannes left with his scan and equipment, Solomon at his heels.

“That was risky. We need to be prepared that she is a spy, or worse, carrying secret orders to destroy us.”

“Well,” waiting for the cab in the tube to arrive Johannes leaned against the scanner, “she ain’t got a bomb inside her. And if her chemistry is to be believed, not in her body chemistry either.”

In silence the two men stood side by side in the cab. Ever since they had rode the maintenance cab from the central tube in weightlessness Johannes felt a bit uneasy in one of these. Thankfully he seldom had to leave the subalpha ring, his office and his infirmary, the cell in which they kept the Harpy, his quarters, were all on the ring. “What is to happen to her now?”

“Nothing. We feed her and try to communicate with her.” Pinching his eyes Solomon sighed, allowing himself to lean against the wall. “I didn’t want any of this, you know? None of them, none of us, should be suffering, or dying.” Met with a calming and kind smile by Johannes, Solomon knew he had the best of possible friends in Johannes. “Whenever we shoot, we shoot to disarm their ships, not to destroy them. I had hoped they never would breach our defences, or our hull, so a bloodshed like this could be avoided.” He stood up right. “So rest assured, nothing will happen to her.” Hissing the doors opened, revealing the hallway in front of the infirmary was stuffed with small crates, without explanation Johannes knew what was inside them. “They however need to be examined.”


War Journal – 1 Swift Wings (ep18)

Turning into immense light, his sight beheld the pole crumbling, only in a throbbing motion at first, but collapsing into a pile of rubble. Gulping down every drop with a wicked and playful smile the alabaster woman looked up to him as he let go of the bane, turning his hand to touch her. “It is done.” he reached for her breast as she rose. “Do you want more?” she wiped away some of his seed from her mouth with the flick of a finger.In amazement Eric had gazed at his son’s erection. None of the knights of the order was capable of one, Eric was always under the impression that they cut off all of a man. Yet the Succubi had presented the miracle. Demonstrating an enormous amount of self restraint she had tucked it back, although she was aroused, as Fathala had told him. Her keen sense of smell had told her. Ponderous he paced in the tent the Albin had graciously set aside for him and Fathala.”Mayhaps this is the beginning of something great?” Ric snorted at that, he had pondered that thought himself, but if it truly were Leif would be awake. “Anyhow, this is not the reason we’re here.” he replied, picking up a cup of wine. After quenching his thirst for all his life on milk, water and fermented goatmilk, wine was a welcome change. “It isn’t.” picking up a cup of her own Fathala rose as well. “We have brought our plea before them, and they have.put out the word amongst their people.” They drank to that, enjoying the effect the wine had on them through a shared mind. “Excuse me?” a man entered the tent. At least Eric thought it was a man at firat glance, but he soon learned of the tragic story behind Ferlyn. Once they had been an Albin man and an Albin woman, madly in love, but separated by different ideologies and politics, joined as one by the powers of the orb, now integral part of the bane, and supposed eye of the crystal serpent. “Please, enter and share some wine with us.” Eric pointed to the open bottle and two more cups that sat there waiting to be filled. Is he the embodiment of what Fathala and I are on a metaphysical level? Bare of any stubble even he Albin bore from time to time, Farlyn reminded both Eric and Fathala of Leif, before his.transformation. Now the young knight’s facial hair too began to grow. Smiling grateful Farlyn took seat at the table. “I won’t keep you for long,” he promised, taking a small judging sip of the wine. “Good year that.” was all the judgment made. “Tomorrow at sunrise I will show you the, how do you call it, the bane?” Eric and Fathala nodded. “The bane.” Farlyn mused, swaying the contents of the winecup for a moment. “Tread careful my friends,” Farlyn got up, savoring the wine’s taste, “either one of you will perish and there’ll be two of the other, or you’ll both vanish, and there will be two of one new consciousness.” Farlyn winked before stepping outside through the tent flap. “That was brief.”Clouds hung like pink and purple cushions on a velvet pastel blue sky, the crisp morning air seemed to be saturated with pastel light from sunrays emitted beyond the horizon. Countering warm midday-esque light flowed from the crystal sphere that sat in the shallow cauldron of glistening honey on a three pronged crystal root. “It is magnificent!” Eric’s voice broke after te firat word ao he had to clear hia throat. Memories of it were in his mind, left behind by Fathala, but the sight of it was something entirely different. Next to him the young Naga looked at with the same fascination. “How does it work?” it was Fathala asking Eric’s question, but her own curiosity got the best of her. Farlyn inhaled to answer the question, but was apprehended by anoher voice. “You place.your hand on the sphere, and steer your then emerging sight with your mind. Reaching out with your thoughts you then can smash gateways, sphinxes or even entire armies of sphinxes.” Lillian emerged from behind a pillar. After she had been released from her cell she was given leave to roam the pyramid. “At least that’s what the masters of old said.” from the corner of their eyes Fathala and Eric eyed the ancient Succubus carefully. Was she imprisoned intentionally so she’d be a living help to future generations? Both turned their attention back on the bane. We should ask her.”Yes, it is possible that, that was the hidden motif behind my incarceration.” Lillian purred after confronted with that question. Unlike her usual fashion she had donned a cloak of wool, covering her ample bosom, and otherwise exposed areas. It had not been part of the deal, but when she felt the lusty glances men gave her, it was harder to keep abstinent. Se found that fear was less arousing, so she donned the cloak.”Crush them with a thought you say?” Eric wanted to touch the sphere, but kept from doing so. “Yes, it is also how they undid the bane the last time. It is impossible to dismantle otherwise. After they banished the sphinxes the masters had ample time to investigate me and my fate, and the collateral damage of my demonic turn. This thing, they said, empowers the rift to the other world, to keep that rift from drawing in innocent people, they dismantled the bane.” some memories came to Lillian only reluctantly, after much consideration or triggering. After being introduced to he eunuch knight, no longer eunuch, more memories had come from the depth of her mind.

Life IS that hard, cooking

Making Spaghetti. Starting with the sauce, onions are chopped to tiny bits, and put into the pot with the hot oil.
Letting them roast for juuust a tiny bit, then adding the minced meat.
Smell is already mouthwatering!

Wife yells from the adjacent living room: “Don’t forget the garlic!”
We have garlic. Lots of it. Peeled and put in the deep freezer. I turn off the stove, put the pot aside and get two cloves out, look for the garlic press – the one you put the cloves in, press minced garlic out by sheer muscle strength – and start pressing them into the minced meat and onions mass.
CLANG! The mesh on the other side of the press explodes into four pieces of shrapnel, three of which disappeared in the mass of the pot, the last hanging on to dear life on the press….

No spaghetti sauce, no spaghetti.
Take out it is then.

Have a nice weekend.

Scary Birthday June 2016


This horrid abomination, abducted from the nightmarish visions of some swedish crack addict in withdrawal, is available at IKEA (where else?).

This is the ideal gift to give the kid who’s abhorrent parents you detest. Slip it to them when the parents don’t look, with explicit instructions to open it when alone, to surprise mummy and daddy with their new gift.

The sight this will be when worn, might cause heart attacks, strokes, or acute trigger pulling (followed by jail time, including soap picking).
At the very least when nightmare kid in full on crack-addict-withdrawal-vision outfit tells them who gave the costume to them – your hatred of them is made known.

If you’ll excuse me, I have costumes to wrap…

Take care,

Rings of Fate S1xE5 – Horizon – Entered (pt.3)


The transmission of the probe was distorted when the doors in front of the camera opened, electromagnetic interference, as the other telemetric readings pointed out.

Seemingly happy Sven and Jana inched closer to the screen. Keeping an eye on it as well Solomon also kept reading the data from the whiskers.

He was just glad that the Harpys didn’t attack them in the meantime.

“Is that,” Jana backed away from the screen in surprise. “it looks like something biological.” She stammered.

Carefully driving the probe in closer, Sven extended an arm on the probe to collect a sample.

“It is organic matter, that much I can tell you now.” Both Sven and Jana had a hunch what that meant. Analysis of the sample would take some time, though.

“Where is their power source?” Impatient Solomon stepped closer, but got no reply, as Sven was too fascinated by the organic matter. “Doctor Håkland! Their power source?”

Steering the probe Sven grumbled, glued to the screen he did not even look over his shoulder. “I believe we’re in the right place,” he pointed at a wall in the rear of the room. “but that there looks like a containment measure in case of a problem.” He maneuvered the probe in closer, showed the floor that lead to the wall. From it they learned that his suspicion was correct. “Retrieve the probe asap, if impossible, we have to ditch it.” Solomon opened the com line to the command centre again. “Nikolai, what options do we have to get rid of this thing?”

“Pump the section with air, pop it like the kork in a champagne bottle.” Protesting behind his data goggles Sven had gotten up. “We don’t know what kind of safety measure that is, perhaps it is just to contain atmosphere?”

Ignoring him Solomon replied that the option seemed too risky, besides he didn’t want to risk losing atmosphere. “We can always jettison the pods it crashed into.”

“Preparation time?”

Before Nikolai could reply a sound on the Harpy ship drew the attention of Solomon and Sven, Jana had not turned around as she tried to retrieve the probe.

A figure in a space suit entered the field of vision the probe had. Quickly the Harpy hurried to the exposed organic matter. From its belt the Harpy took a small device, that closely resembled the one the other Harpies had used to scan the cryogenic chambers. Unimpressed, or ignorant of the contraption sitting in the room the Harpy proceeded to scan the organic matrer. Letting the device sink it turmed to the probe. Seemingly impressed, probably frightened it inched closer.

“Analysis complete!” Jana exclaimed. “It is,” she paused, “neurological?”

“A brain.” Sven concluded. Although computers were faster in calculations, biological processing units were more adaptive. And regenerative.

The harpy with the tool scanned the probe, pushed a few buttons on the scanner. After a few moments the presumed engineer turned back to the brain matter. “What is it trying to signal?”

Solomon’s face became dark. “My guess is, that it’s sinister.”

Neither Jana, nor Sven reacted to his pessimistic estimate. They kept watching.

Suddenly the harpy took out his gun, showed it to the probe, clearly aware of it transmitting a video feed. Demonstrative it placed the gun on a console next to the brain matter. Then it hurried off in the direction of the hatch the others had borded the Horizon.  “After it!” Solomon urged the scientists. Momentarily the probe followed the harpy in the space suit. As all three had guessed, it went to the hatch.

A security detail was waiting for it, with explicit orders not to shoot as it was unarmed.


War Journal – 1 Swift Wings (ep17)

“Since my demonic powers came from the realm of my new people, some damage to my surrounding world was only natural. When Lightning strikes from the cloud, trees are singed and burned, am I right?” Eric nodded, although the Succubus annoyed him, he felt similar emotions radiating from Fathala, as well as her thoughts left in his mind. “Now that tear doesn’t open to the realm of demons, but to some bastard version of this world.” she paused again. “Or so the old masters said. They also spoke of a creature dwelling there, something that was like the anti version of a Succubus.” she went to explain that all that she had learned only after her imprisonment, when the masters had questioned her, under the promise of giving her a man condemned to death for collaborating with the Sphinxes, but Erics attention began to slip after she had mentioned the Antisuccubus. “Set her free.” addressing Oshun, Fathala dwelled on the same thoughts he was. They couldn’t bring Leif deeper into the pyramid without killing him, so they had to bring Lillian to him.Confused Oshun looked about her guests. “She’ll flee,” she began but remembered other demons stranded in a world without magic. Many or them had died sooner or later. It was Lillian’s wits hat had made her hide in the pyramid. “or turn lose on the men currently living here, killing them abed and the women in combat!” she finished her objections. “There are thousands of people around, an done genderless being, surely one of them would succeed in killing me if I were to wreak havoc.” Lillian knew, she.knew too well and was therefore willing to submit to the rules set forth Albin and Naga and Humans. Unil the Sphinxes were defeated at least, then she was intent on claiming one of the men, seduce him and drain him of life, before fleeing the wretched island. “Free her.” Eric repeated Fathala’s words. Reluctantly Oshun slithered to the cell, opening it.As hesitantly as a maiden enters the bedroom on her wedding night, Lillian took careful steps outside the cell. Sighing with relief she spread open her wings. Both torch light and the blue shine from the central watery shaft played in the skins of her wings, making them glisten dangerously. “I hope we know what we are doing.” Lillian knelt down beside the stretcher on which Leif rested. She looked into his eyes. “Oh.” Dangerously glowing the eyes of the age old Succubi wandered down his body. “He was a eunuch.” “He is one, ever since he was twelve.” Eric confirmed, not listening carefully enough to the Succubi. “Was.” Lillian opened the young knight’s trousers revealing his erect manhood. “You have no idea how much my loins ache for that!” Streams of light oozed out of the top of the pyramid, like flows of water, it seemed to trickle over the steps, evaporating out into the world.”The bane!” Leif’s voice was but a faint whisper as he beheld the sight. Sitting on a three pointed root the crystal sphere lingered in the center of the open room atop the pyramid, the beams holding up the roof seemed naught more than pulsating surfaces of warm light. “Yes.” the alabaster woman confirmed his whisper. “Come, touch it.” her lips curled into a smile. Reluctantly he complied. A wave of warmth and light went through Leif. “What must I do to please you?” he turned, his very skin glowed with an orange complexion. “Look into the distance.” she pointed west, where east would be, in the direction of the pole. Past a green belt around the sweetwater sea the land became deserted, the vegetation grew lower, and lower. The woods he had crossed did not have a twin forest, but was replaced by dense shrubbery growth, fading out into tall grasses, turning over to barren earth and sand. Grey-brown wastelands expanded outward, covering hills and valleys, mountains and flats. His sight, enhanced by the bane found Wellenheim, abandoned, desolate, covered with ash, dust and lifelessness.Beyond there was no sea. “Where is the ocean?” he let go of the bane. “In the skies. The rim burst, and it all bled away.” she gently touched his hand, bringing it upwards underneath her robes, while she cupped her breast with his hand, she was leading the other to her moist fiery bush between her legs. “Here is all the ocean you will need!” she whispered, pressing close, reaching to his cock when he was staying his hands where she had put them. This is wrong. He thought, losing himself in the pleasure the alabaster woman gave him. But it feels right. “The sphinxes would turn your world into lifeless barrens like this one,” she took his hand from her breast and laid it back on the bane. Feeling her hands on him he saw the desert that should be an ocean, closing in on a massive mountain that rose from the ground as straight and hard as he was. “Concentrate, and turn the gateway to dust, leaving the sphinxes of this world no other way than to turn to yours.” he wanted to object, as that would leave the sphinxes of his world no way to enter this world, but hw figured that the life giving sphinxes and the destructive sphinxes would either cancel each other out, or would kill one another, leaving only badly wounded Sphinxes behind that would be easily disposed off.

Educational reform

I’ve heard this on the radio the other day.
The educational reform in this country is designed in a way as to prevent kids in the first three years of primary school to fail.
So if the kid is dumb as shit, or slow (there I said it, now what PC police?), the kid is still going to advance to the next class.


If the child has obvious difficulties comprehending how to read or write simple letters, has problems with addition and subtraction, guess what? Reading more, writing coherent sentences or multiplication and division will be an obstacle the kid won’t be able to overcome.

This idea was obviously pushed by the feel-good crowd. (Sadly not the good sounding Gorillaz one)
This is as not to hurt anyone’s feelings.
Not the kids’, not the parents’.

The trend of blaming failure on the teachers rather than lazy/stupid pupils/students is continuing and will worsen once fourth grade has been reached and the failure train will keep the kids on perpetual hold.

Progress! Bravo, you truly have achieved something.

I would not be surprised the least to learn that this idea came from a mommyblogger type of person, seeing children as special snowflakes in need of protection.
Guess what sunshine, seven billion special snowflakes are just annoying snowcover. Once on the ground, they mash together, becoming identical snow wherever you look.
Deal with it.

People, parents in particular, teach your fucking kids! This is not just the teachers’ job, but also your obligation. Put down the remote, turn off the TV or computer/tablet/smartphone.
Spend time with your kids, and rehash what they did at school. It’ll work wonders, feelings and just having fun, ain’t going to get them through life. We all have to do stuff we don’t like.
The sooner the children learn this the sooner things will improve.
Parents (feelings and fun portion):
Grow up.

Take care,