A smile flickered on Leif’s lips. Wary Fathala looked to Eric, who studied the vacant smile of his son. “Normally people who nigh drowned rise coughing up the water.” Leandra studied the young mans face as well. “Bring him to the hall, the warmth of he hearth might bring back his spirit.” she ordered others about. Azure infinity opened up, stretching out over the entirety of the sky, not a single cloud disturbed the peaceful stillness, not a sound the silence. All Leif heard was his breath and his heartbeat, and the breath of the Alabaster woman against his chest.”Did you enjoy this?” she asked, starting him, as she had seemed to be sleeping, and had made no sign of waking. Leif looked at her, she was standing again, only a heartbeat earlier she had been lying against his chest. “Oh yes.” the very thought of it made him hard once more, that sensation alone send shivers of joy through his body. She noticed, a wicked smile curled the left of her lips upward. “Later.” she pointed, turning to face the west, where the sun rose. “I said that I want you to help me.” Leif dressed. “Yes, all you ask of me.” “In this wretched world all things are different from yours, you surely noticed.” Having to agree Leif looked about. “Here the Sphinxes return would bring life into an otherwise unpopulated world.” she turned to face him, intentionally she let her bosom slip out of the cloak, making his endeavours to dress a bit more difficult. “I was trapped here, for a time I can’t care to count, but I have hatched a plan.” she drew the cloak close once more. “Help me, and we’re going to safe your world and bring the sphinxes to their place.” Leif didn’t understand. If they were the bringers of life, why would she want to banish them? “Let us twist and turm the passageways, so your Sphinxes end up on the dead world they desire, and these bring fertility and magic into the world that they deserve?” staring at her wide eyed, and not due to her showing him qny of her ample bosom, or alabaster skin beyond her wrists and face, Leif sat down. “You want them to end up on the ‘wrong’ worlds?” the Alabaster Woman nodded, her breasts jiggled beneath that robe of hers.”How?” Flickering orange light from torches in sconces filled the room. Shadows danced restless on the walls, darkening the glyphs that had.been chiseled into the metallic stone. Amazed Eric looked about, opening and closing his mouth as he read, he didn’t read word for word, but went over the inscriptions in a haste. Although memories of the lse walls had been left in his mind by Fathala, it was different when he saw it in person. Next to him stood the young Naga, akthough she had grown up in and around the pyramid, she felt the same amazement. Leif was lying on a stretcher in the entrance hall.of the.pyramid, still unresponsive, the fourh day in a row. From time to time he was given a few drops of water and honey. “Come, you must meet her.” Fathala extended her arm, to lead Eric deeper into the bowls of he ancient structure. Reluctantly Eric withdrew from the inscriptions. An old Naga, called Oshun, had chuckled when he had tried to light the wall with his hand the way a Naga would, soon realizing his error, he light a flame in his hand, and read it anway. Afterward he and Fathala had told the old of their.connection, and warned her to teach ohers of their folly, and not to do it, just as the other races taught their magic wielders. “Another visitor?” behind bars of a cage built into an alcove a tall Succubi paced around, “I’m beginning to yearn for the aeons of solitude that I had spent here.” she feigned a smirk. “This is Lillian.” Fathala used the language of the ancients that the Naga had learned from the imprisoned Succubus. “You keep a demon here?” Eric was not surprised, but still had not believed the memories. “You speak he language of old?” Lillian stepped closer to the bars, knowing better than to touch them. “My people are old.” was Eric’s snappy reply. “I thought she might have answers concerning Leif.” Wary of the demons of old Eric came closer to the bars. “My son fell into the sweetwater sea, stiff as a timber, face first. He was rescued and brought back to life, but now he isn’t responding. Do you.know anything about such matter?” Heaving her ample bosom with an annoyed sigh Lillian stepped back, looked around the bars. Shaking her head she sat down. “People come here and ask me questions, I tell everyone that their questions come at a cost, your Naga friends are the worsed -” she squinted her eyes at the two people outside her cell. Rolling her eyes she got back up. “You halfwitted fools have merged.” she stated while looking down on Eric who was more than a head shorter. “Before she gives me a taste of her spray I’ll give you my answer.”Well aware of what she was talking about Eric inclined his head.”I was born around here,” waiting for any reaction from Eric and Fathala she paused, “before I was Lillian, Mother of all Succubi, I had been one of your kind.” she nodded to Eric, “When I became what I am today there was a ripple in the world. Your people called it a tear in the veil.” she mused, still addressing Eric.