“Since my demonic powers came from the realm of my new people, some damage to my surrounding world was only natural. When Lightning strikes from the cloud, trees are singed and burned, am I right?” Eric nodded, although the Succubus annoyed him, he felt similar emotions radiating from Fathala, as well as her thoughts left in his mind. “Now that tear doesn’t open to the realm of demons, but to some bastard version of this world.” she paused again. “Or so the old masters said. They also spoke of a creature dwelling there, something that was like the anti version of a Succubus.” she went to explain that all that she had learned only after her imprisonment, when the masters had questioned her, under the promise of giving her a man condemned to death for collaborating with the Sphinxes, but Erics attention began to slip after she had mentioned the Antisuccubus. “Set her free.” addressing Oshun, Fathala dwelled on the same thoughts he was. They couldn’t bring Leif deeper into the pyramid without killing him, so they had to bring Lillian to him.Confused Oshun looked about her guests. “She’ll flee,” she began but remembered other demons stranded in a world without magic. Many or them had died sooner or later. It was Lillian’s wits hat had made her hide in the pyramid. “or turn lose on the men currently living here, killing them abed and the women in combat!” she finished her objections. “There are thousands of people around, an done genderless being, surely one of them would succeed in killing me if I were to wreak havoc.” Lillian knew, she.knew too well and was therefore willing to submit to the rules set forth Albin and Naga and Humans. Unil the Sphinxes were defeated at least, then she was intent on claiming one of the men, seduce him and drain him of life, before fleeing the wretched island. “Free her.” Eric repeated Fathala’s words. Reluctantly Oshun slithered to the cell, opening it.As hesitantly as a maiden enters the bedroom on her wedding night, Lillian took careful steps outside the cell. Sighing with relief she spread open her wings. Both torch light and the blue shine from the central watery shaft played in the skins of her wings, making them glisten dangerously. “I hope we know what we are doing.” Lillian knelt down beside the stretcher on which Leif rested. She looked into his eyes. “Oh.” Dangerously glowing the eyes of the age old Succubi wandered down his body. “He was a eunuch.” “He is one, ever since he was twelve.” Eric confirmed, not listening carefully enough to the Succubi. “Was.” Lillian opened the young knight’s trousers revealing his erect manhood. “You have no idea how much my loins ache for that!” Streams of light oozed out of the top of the pyramid, like flows of water, it seemed to trickle over the steps, evaporating out into the world.”The bane!” Leif’s voice was but a faint whisper as he beheld the sight. Sitting on a three pointed root the crystal sphere lingered in the center of the open room atop the pyramid, the beams holding up the roof seemed naught more than pulsating surfaces of warm light. “Yes.” the alabaster woman confirmed his whisper. “Come, touch it.” her lips curled into a smile. Reluctantly he complied. A wave of warmth and light went through Leif. “What must I do to please you?” he turned, his very skin glowed with an orange complexion. “Look into the distance.” she pointed west, where east would be, in the direction of the pole. Past a green belt around the sweetwater sea the land became deserted, the vegetation grew lower, and lower. The woods he had crossed did not have a twin forest, but was replaced by dense shrubbery growth, fading out into tall grasses, turning over to barren earth and sand. Grey-brown wastelands expanded outward, covering hills and valleys, mountains and flats. His sight, enhanced by the bane found Wellenheim, abandoned, desolate, covered with ash, dust and lifelessness.Beyond there was no sea. “Where is the ocean?” he let go of the bane. “In the skies. The rim burst, and it all bled away.” she gently touched his hand, bringing it upwards underneath her robes, while she cupped her breast with his hand, she was leading the other to her moist fiery bush between her legs. “Here is all the ocean you will need!” she whispered, pressing close, reaching to his cock when he was staying his hands where she had put them. This is wrong. He thought, losing himself in the pleasure the alabaster woman gave him. But it feels right. “The sphinxes would turn your world into lifeless barrens like this one,” she took his hand from her breast and laid it back on the bane. Feeling her hands on him he saw the desert that should be an ocean, closing in on a massive mountain that rose from the ground as straight and hard as he was. “Concentrate, and turn the gateway to dust, leaving the sphinxes of this world no other way than to turn to yours.” he wanted to object, as that would leave the sphinxes of his world no way to enter this world, but hw figured that the life giving sphinxes and the destructive sphinxes would either cancel each other out, or would kill one another, leaving only badly wounded Sphinxes behind that would be easily disposed off.