Turning into immense light, his sight beheld the pole crumbling, only in a throbbing motion at first, but collapsing into a pile of rubble. Gulping down every drop with a wicked and playful smile the alabaster woman looked up to him as he let go of the bane, turning his hand to touch her. “It is done.” he reached for her breast as she rose. “Do you want more?” she wiped away some of his seed from her mouth with the flick of a finger.In amazement Eric had gazed at his son’s erection. None of the knights of the order was capable of one, Eric was always under the impression that they cut off all of a man. Yet the Succubi had presented the miracle. Demonstrating an enormous amount of self restraint she had tucked it back, although she was aroused, as Fathala had told him. Her keen sense of smell had told her. Ponderous he paced in the tent the Albin had graciously set aside for him and Fathala.”Mayhaps this is the beginning of something great?” Ric snorted at that, he had pondered that thought himself, but if it truly were Leif would be awake. “Anyhow, this is not the reason we’re here.” he replied, picking up a cup of wine. After quenching his thirst for all his life on milk, water and fermented goatmilk, wine was a welcome change. “It isn’t.” picking up a cup of her own Fathala rose as well. “We have brought our plea before them, and they have.put out the word amongst their people.” They drank to that, enjoying the effect the wine had on them through a shared mind. “Excuse me?” a man entered the tent. At least Eric thought it was a man at firat glance, but he soon learned of the tragic story behind Ferlyn. Once they had been an Albin man and an Albin woman, madly in love, but separated by different ideologies and politics, joined as one by the powers of the orb, now integral part of the bane, and supposed eye of the crystal serpent. “Please, enter and share some wine with us.” Eric pointed to the open bottle and two more cups that sat there waiting to be filled. Is he the embodiment of what Fathala and I are on a metaphysical level? Bare of any stubble even he Albin bore from time to time, Farlyn reminded both Eric and Fathala of Leif, before his.transformation. Now the young knight’s facial hair too began to grow. Smiling grateful Farlyn took seat at the table. “I won’t keep you for long,” he promised, taking a small judging sip of the wine. “Good year that.” was all the judgment made. “Tomorrow at sunrise I will show you the, how do you call it, the bane?” Eric and Fathala nodded. “The bane.” Farlyn mused, swaying the contents of the winecup for a moment. “Tread careful my friends,” Farlyn got up, savoring the wine’s taste, “either one of you will perish and there’ll be two of the other, or you’ll both vanish, and there will be two of one new consciousness.” Farlyn winked before stepping outside through the tent flap. “That was brief.”Clouds hung like pink and purple cushions on a velvet pastel blue sky, the crisp morning air seemed to be saturated with pastel light from sunrays emitted beyond the horizon. Countering warm midday-esque light flowed from the crystal sphere that sat in the shallow cauldron of glistening honey on a three pronged crystal root. “It is magnificent!” Eric’s voice broke after te firat word ao he had to clear hia throat. Memories of it were in his mind, left behind by Fathala, but the sight of it was something entirely different. Next to him the young Naga looked at with the same fascination. “How does it work?” it was Fathala asking Eric’s question, but her own curiosity got the best of her. Farlyn inhaled to answer the question, but was apprehended by anoher voice. “You place.your hand on the sphere, and steer your then emerging sight with your mind. Reaching out with your thoughts you then can smash gateways, sphinxes or even entire armies of sphinxes.” Lillian emerged from behind a pillar. After she had been released from her cell she was given leave to roam the pyramid. “At least that’s what the masters of old said.” from the corner of their eyes Fathala and Eric eyed the ancient Succubus carefully. Was she imprisoned intentionally so she’d be a living help to future generations? Both turned their attention back on the bane. We should ask her.”Yes, it is possible that, that was the hidden motif behind my incarceration.” Lillian purred after confronted with that question. Unlike her usual fashion she had donned a cloak of wool, covering her ample bosom, and otherwise exposed areas. It had not been part of the deal, but when she felt the lusty glances men gave her, it was harder to keep abstinent. Se found that fear was less arousing, so she donned the cloak.”Crush them with a thought you say?” Eric wanted to touch the sphere, but kept from doing so. “Yes, it is also how they undid the bane the last time. It is impossible to dismantle otherwise. After they banished the sphinxes the masters had ample time to investigate me and my fate, and the collateral damage of my demonic turn. This thing, they said, empowers the rift to the other world, to keep that rift from drawing in innocent people, they dismantled the bane.” some memories came to Lillian only reluctantly, after much consideration or triggering. After being introduced to he eunuch knight, no longer eunuch, more memories had come from the depth of her mind.