Centuries upon centuries, millennia upon millennia, most of it incarcerated alone in the blue shimmer of the pond. No wonder I have lost so many memories. My old self would’ve taken the fight to these mortals, you’re growing soft Lillian.she pondered gazing at the almost liquid shine of he eye of the crystal serpent. “We best prepare, the Sphinxes will know the bane is prepared for their return.” she spoke in the native tongue of Eric again, although fluent in he languages of the Albin, Humans, Fungals and even Florals, who spoke a bastard dialect of Albin, but so different by then, that it was an own language. “How?” it was the Naga who spoke to her. Lillian liked the Naga more than oher races, although the seawater Naga were more to her liking. Succubi of the sea they were sometimes called. “Man is not always wise, there are other races out there, some loyal to the Sphinxes, some defiant although conjured up by them.” Lillian had enough of the bane, why was she sharing what she knew for free? Or at least without the promise of a reward? You’re growing stupid too old gal. “What should I do once I return?” perfectly still, the water seemed like a mirror lying flat on the ground. The shallow pond near the overgrown pyramid was as pitch black as the night. Leif knew it was there, he and the Alabaster woman had spent the evening sitting next to it. “Remove any obstacles that would hinder the live bringing sphinxes from entering your world.” came her reply. She had led him to the pond after he had asked how to get home. “But isn’t time yet.” she sighed. The overcast tore open allowing for pale cold moon- and starlight to shine down upon them. The pond was forgotten.The cloak hung open and lose from her alabaster shoulders, blood rushed to his loins. “You still have to work the bane in order to open the gateway for your sphinxes!” she stood over him, reaching for his hands. Walking backwards so he could keep watch of her exposed front she led him back up the.pyramid. After half an hour she felt the liquid light bathe her back, the shadow of the pedestal on which the bane rested was ice cold against her legs as she let the cloak slip from her shoulders. “Raise the gateway anew, unclotted by the aeons, let it be the glorious gateway that it should be!” “Can it be done, whilst I kiss you?” the Alabaster woman smiled wickedly. “You might kiss me,” she inched closer but was stopped by a groping hand at her breast. “Whilst I kiss you, there?” his oher hand touched her between the legs. Astonished by his request she was taken aback. “Let us try.” it was his turn to smile wickedly, as he moved his groping hand to the bane, sinking down to his knees while Alabaster thighs spread open where they stood.Lillian shrieked, the sudden wave of arousal that lingered in the air was too much for her to ignore. She had taken only a few steps down from the top of the pyramid. Curious and somwhat concerned for the safety of the men on Naga’na Fathala and Eric rushed to her, Farlyn close behind. “Your son.” she gasped, addressing both the Naga and the pole man. Wih some difficulty Fathala managed to stay at the Succubi’s side whilst Eric ran down the steps to the room where Leif was lying. Between sleeping Phoenixes he was naught more than a shadow that half ran, half flew downward. Cold shadows, surrounded by warm orange flickering from the torches, danced on the walls around Leif, for an instant Eric thought he saw the shape of a woman but before he could say for aure he shadow was transformed into an undefined form of darkness on a wall. With uneasy breaths Leif was lying otherwise unchanged on his stretcher. Except for the bulge in his pants. “What on earth are you doing son? Where are you?”Leif got up. For a moment he had heard his father’s voice, but it was gone now. “The gateway is complete,” he wiped her wetness from his face. ” but you’re not done.” she purred, hopping onto the pedestal, spreading her legs before him. Every thought of his father was gone, his mouth covered her wet cunt again, her arousal had come so far thqt it took only a few twists of his tongue to make her climax. “Come here to me!” she still moaned as he rose from between her legs. “Enter my body, take your pleasure and leave your seed well inside me!” she undid his pants with a few quick moves, pulling him to her.Dusk was setting, drawing the pillow like clouds in colors ranging from orange, over crimson and pink to a deep violet. Dark blue, close to pitch black, skies stretched beyond the lit clouds, here and there a star flickered in the distance. “It’s of no use.” Farlyn looked down upon the knight lying there. “He needs the water, for the path here is the same he took there.” Lillian confirmed the hermaphrodite’s assessment of the situation. Between the two of them hey had launched several attempts to draw Leif back, without any luck. Eyebrows like a singular bar of hair underneath a wrinkled forehead Eric sighed. There is one way I am reluctant to try. Let’s give the water a try first.