A glance to his other half confirmed that Fathala thought the same as he did. “There’s a shallow pond outside the pyramid that might serve.” “We dried it when we raised the settlement.” Farlyn dismissed the Succubi’s idea. “Another smooth water then!” she hissed, seemingly annoyed. She should prowl amongst the mortals, see what they had done with the land around he pyramid. “There’s the little lake?” she asked more than she assumed it still there. A hundred and fifty, maybe two.hundred meters from the pond a small lake had formed in a ditch of the island in the sweetwater sea, no doubt nourished by rainwater and water from the sea, it was perfectly still most of the time.”Yes, that one’s still there.” Farlyn turned to the doorway. “I’ll bring men to help carry him.” with a sigh Lillian rolled her eyes and told the hermaphrodite to stop, they wouldn’t need any men carrying the knight. With ease she slipped her hands underneath his lifeless body and lifted him. “Let us depart.” Aren’t you a good Samaritan? Fool! Take him! Wait for him to erect again and claim him! Shrugging off her thoughts she descended the steps. I just hope that the lake is close enough to the pyramid to keep me empowered. At he footof the pyramid the.old Naga Oshun stood in wait, her age-bent figure glistening in the shimme rbof he torches around. “I will hunt you, and I will kill you of you miss use it.” she pressed a small gem in the Succubi’s hand. “Farlyn told me.” her lisp was awful, but Lillian paid no mind. As best she could she examined the gem. A Naga, made of the material the walls of the pyramid were made of. In silence she followed Farlyn through the settlement, the hermaphrodite marched ahead wih a torch on hand, making a face that could sour milk. Behind Lillian were Eric and Fathala, acting as one, the Succubi noticed. They melt together more and more each passing moment. Mirroring the starry night and dark sinister clouds, the moonlit trees around, the little lake was as peaceful as Lillian had remembered. The procession wandered halfway around the lake’s silent shoreline before finding a suitable spot. I never knew how much I had missed this. Enjoying the touch of grass against her bare feet Lillian felt close to tears, in the darkness no one would’ve noticed her crying, but she herself would’ve known. “Now we must wait.” sighed Farlyn, Lillian nodded in agreement, whilst the Naga and the Poleman were staring at Leif wih worry in their eyes. “How long?” Fathala raised her head as voice for the two. They worry, honey and water will nourish him so long, but sooner or later… Lillian didn’t finish her thought. “As long as it takes.” Screaming in ecstasy the Alabaster woman moved her hips frantically, giving her lover the impression of being milked dry. Exhausted the young knight beneath her panted as she let herself sink down on him, his manhood deep inside her, still throbbing. “It is time my dear.” she whispered between hard breaths. After he had taken her on the pedestal, they had moved down again, passed the black pond and went to the shores of a little lake.”So soon?” “Destiny awaits!” she whispered, jerking her hips one last time, Leif wanted to object, but she had climbed off him, his wet hard cock felt suddenly ice cold in the crisp morning air. Before he could say anything she tucked her arms beneath him an drolled him into the waters of the lake. Although the water seemed only ankle deep the knight vanished beneath the waves. “Just remember that enemies of our sphinxes, are enemies of life!” she said, exhaustion, satisfaction and lust gone from her voice, lending a coolness to her voice that.could freeze water.Gasping for air Leif sat up as if hit by a blow in the stomach. Around him were his father with his Naga whore and a man he didn’t know. A torch stuck in the ground not far from him, sending eerie flickering shadows across their faces. In his ears still the splash of water rang from when the alabaster woman had flung him into the lake.”Father?” both him and Fathala reacted by saying “Yes?”, spurring his almost forgotten anger anew, but not without a mix of confusion to it. “Where were you?” Eric’s voice sounded distant, somewhat muffled over the ringing of splashing water in his ears. “At the sweetwater sea, I have seen the bane!” baring his teeth Leif sucked in the icy night air, when the alabaster woman had thrown him in, the sun was already ascending in the west, now ot had turned night again. “Where am I?” was the more important question plaguing his mind. “Naga’na.” a woman came into his view that made him both aroused and afraid at the same time. Her facial features were similar to those of the alabaster woman, she too wore only a cloak he clearly saw. But on her back this woman had huge leathery wings, her complexion was not the pale white of alabaster, but seemed out of this world. Are those horns? “How come a eunuch like you, all of a sudden has a hard cock rising in his pants?” she moved closer. Even her voice sounds like that of, his thoughts derailed for a moment, the alabaster woman ha dnever told him her name. “I don’t know, when I met her, it was there all of a sudden.” he thought it best not to mention that it had been a gift, and what else he did after receiving that gift.”I’m just glad you’re back with us.” the way Fathala spoke was the same his father would speak, his suspicion grew. Still he mustered the Succubus. This demon speaks our language as well. Just as she did. “Let us eat, oher than honey and water you had no food.” Eric winked pulling Leif to his feet.Unsteady and unsure of his legs the young knight walked besides his Father, who.in turn was shadowed by Fathala. Farlyn again was leading them, with Lillian in the rear. Dawn was approaching, a dark glow ranging from violet to orange shimmered in the east. Pleasantly surprised Oshun gladly accepted the Naga pendant back when Lillian approached her. Wordless the Succubi marched on bqck up the pyramid. Doubts for her actions plagued her mind. It would’ve been easy for her to melt into the darkness of the night and disappear with the pendant, seek shelter elsewhere, wait for the storm to blow over and reemerge a century later, with no one the wiser. “May I know your thoughts?” Leif sat down in front of her. “You.wouldn’t like it, mortals seldom like my thoughts.” remembering how his erection had felt in her hand she felt her demonic needs again, but also keeping in mind that she was as good as dead if he followed them, she shrugged them off. “A Succubi’s thoughts.” mused Leif, Lillian asked herself where Eric and his other half were, shouldn’t they be swarming around him? “I believe you’re thinking of carnal desires. Probably your thoughts circle around a man doing you.” he smirked, obviously his new found manhood was making him blind to the lethal nature of a Succubus. “Honestly, only a little. I was thinking of the Sphinxes, or Chimeras, or Dragons. And the best way to kill them.” her words took the lad aback. Quickly he excused himself and returned to his father. What did she do to him?