Day 1.
After the dust had settled it took Wesley Smith some time to get his bearings. About one minute after igniting the engines the entire ship was knocked around like a leaf caught in a storm.
The condensed condensed atmosphere of Ericsson had functioned like a catalyst for the hot exhaust.
Several systems were knocked out immediately. 
Crawling away from the cockpit Wesley ignoring the piercing pain in his chest. If his estimate was correct he had a cracked rib at the very least. “Jenkins?!” A muffled moan alerted him to her position, when they crashed and landed on the side she had been thrown into the corridor he was sitting above of. Thankfully the people who had constructed the pods, had anticipated zero gravity use for them, so every hallway was outfitted with a ladder.
“Can you move Jenkins?”
“I can, you?” Came the relieving reply after what seemed an eternity.
“Cracked rib. What about Xiaofeng?” He had no hope for Amir and Giuseppe, the compartent they were located in was the one now doubling as the pod’s base.
Anna looked around the hallway she was lying in. Dead almond eyes stared at her from underneath a wall panel. “Dead.” to her own astonishment she felt nothing at those news. Must be shock. She concluded. “Helga and André?” She yelled up, rising out of debris and dusting off. “Suspended animation, can’t reach right now.” The entrance to their chambers was across the hallway, but could’ve been lightyears from him. Slowly he rose to his feet. He fidgeted with his pocket. What he drew from it was not encouraging. Twisted and broken his data goggles dangled on a few hair thin threads of wiring. “See if your glasses still work, if so, wake them if possible.”
Carefully he looked around. Air reclamation was gone for sure, they’d have to shovel the snow over a fire to get something breathable.
“Hey there.” Anna appeared at the edge of his hallway. “Glasses are broken beyond repair.” She opened the doors on the other side, coughing, but otherwise seemingly unharmed the two stumbled towards the open door. When the ship had tumbled around and landed on its side the chambers had protected them, but then opened and released them.
“Communication?” André coughed. Wordless Wesley pointed at the wrecked cockpit behind him.
Slowly they all felt the cold creep into their wrecked craft. “We need to find shelter, from both this cold and the thinning air.” Distracted from his hurting rib by the new development Wesley looked around the hallways. The pod was rather small, but tumbled to the side he had to get his bearings a new. “Airlock is up, to the rear. The suits as well.” Clumsily he got on to the ladder, started to climb just as clumsily. 
A nobler man might have sent the others to leave him, but he liked living.
Upon reaching the other level he wandered down the hallway, the others directly behind him.
Breathing heavily he crouched down next to the door below which was the room with their suits. “Okay guys,” he caught his breath. “one of you will need to get me one, I can’t get down there and the up there,” hempointed at the airlock above them, “with my cracked rib.” Worried he looked at Anna. Ever since the incident involving Marcia she had not stepped outside the pod.
Now in a situation that would’ve made Marcia panic again, she had no other choice. Washed clean of any emotion by the traumatic circumstances Anna looked back at him. “I’ll get you a suit.” She heard herself say, climbing down through the open door.

Panting, because the heavy suit pressed down on him, and his ribs, Wesley felt the crunch of the snow beneath his feet, in some spots it was more a squish as the snow had melted. While heading to the entrance to the mines he and the others looked back.
On the underbelly of their craft was a scorch mark spanning the entire size of the vessel. The deflection tiles had been blown off, smashed bits of it were strewn around the site. Other parts that had come undone were lying around too.
It will be hell repairing this. Wesley thought silently to himself. But at least we have plenty of time for it.
Once inside the mines he just wanted to get out of his suit, the air inside the rock was stale and cold, but at least that would take his mind off his pain. “We should’ve brought a first aid kit with us for your rib.” Anna sounded calm, he accent was there, but when she spoke calm and in a low voice it was negligible. 
“The should be one in the relay station.” He raised his eyebrows, wrinkling hia forehead.
“Screw that shit!” André bursted out, jumping from the rock he had sat down on, nearly hitting his head on the rock above. “How are we supposed to survive this?!”
Reaching for a gun he didn’t have with him Wesley sighed. “Lindstroem. Rations?”
“Check sir.” Linda replied. “So, we have rations for a few days, we can get more from the pod. We can melt that snow out there for water and air until we die of old age. We merely have to get the algae plant from the pod so we can eat until that day.” If it hasn’thasn’t been damaged too severely. “We have five years to repair the pod, or prepare another means of escaping this rock.”