Day 348.
A maniacal laugh woke Wesley, it had been almost a year since they stranded on Ericsson, sleeping in the mines with the others, without any doors for some privacy, he knew every sound the others made. That hysterical laugh of a maniac was new however. Sleep drunk he rose from his bed, Anna next to him did too, as Helga across the room.
“It’s André.” She concluded.
“I did it!” He burst into the dead end tunnel they used for sleeping accommodation. Originally they wanted to bring the algae plant in there too, but the crash had obstructed the hallways, and damaged the wheels of the plant.
“Deciphering the newspaper?” Andrew grew a little more awake. “Yes! The language of this country is now an open book to me!” No wonder I hadn’t seen much of him lately. “So, what is the big secret?”
“No big secret,” he held up his tablet computer. “the article features the image, and how this thing will pass through the solar system. Apparently they had no idea how devastating the effects would turn out to be.” Relieved Wesley noticed that the french scholar had returned to his former, happy, self. “I’ve got a translation matrix ready by the morning, if you want.”
“Do you ever sleep?” Helga turned away lying down. “Most of the work here is done by drones, so this is more a five year vacation until we are thrown into the middle of a war. So, no. I don’t sleep. I have no time to waste, the entire culture and history of this planet await!” You could help with the pod you nerd! “Fine, just keep healthy.” Yawning Wesley checked the time.
A few minutes after he had left again to do, what ever it was that André did, Wesley heard snores from Helga’s bed. Just one heartbeat laterndid he feel Anna’s hand reaching for his pants. Gently her lips pressed against his.

Day 548.
Distraught Anna wandered through the mine. Around the other dead ends the drones had stacked the processed ore, a steel mill was further down in the rock, only the uranium was stored outdoors.
Together with Helga, Wesley had managed to get more airtight space in the pod. She wanted to be there. But for now she had to wait.
Restlessly she paced around the relay station.
Fed up with her own anxiety she grabbed her tablet from it and pressed a few buttons. Equipped with a few sensors the tablet was able to get her the answers she desired. Altough the news wasn’t what she had hoped for.

“I’m certain that we can rebuild the pod to be a flyer again, tye drones can put all the goods into the delivery modules and we shoot them toward horizon.” Wesley sat triumphant over their dinner.
“That’s nice.” Hearing those news had excited even André, so much so that he was willing to participate in the refit, rather than sulk over the other languges and collected data of planet Ericsson.
“Is something wrong?” She seemed preoccupied.
Not replying Anna kept munching on her food. “Darling?” Putting his food back on the plate he got up and walked over to her, massaging her shoulders. “Did something happen?”
Still without saying another word she produced her tablet, handed it to him. After one and a half years she still conveyed odd or bad news to him via the tablet. At first his heart skipped a beat, he assumed the Horizon had been damaged beyond repair, or worse got destroyed. Reading the simple analysis of her scan made him gulp.
Suddenly he felt like in space again. Everything around him was twirling,  his knees felt weak, and the air suddenly seemed too thick to breathe.
“The implants don’t work anymore?” Slowly he sank to the ground, leaning against the wall. “No, they don’t.” She turned around turning to another scan of herself. “At least mine isn’t.”
Relieved he regained some of his strength, sat up straight. “I’m not pregnant, but my period was late, which is why I did the scan.” Interpreting the concern in her eyes correctly he turmed the device to his implant. “Mine is working,” his voice however told Anna all she needed to know. “for now. Power levels are low, says here that due to unknown reasons the recharge isn’t working.”
Exchanging a long glance they sat in their little alcove, pondering. Helga and André had taken up residence in another part of the mines.
“As long as your implant is functional we can resume like we did the last year and a half, but then we’ll need alternatives.” She reached for his hands, gently stroking them with her fingers.
Shortly after the crash they had been soft like silk, now they were rough like his. Hard work had taken its toll on them. Still her mere touch sent shivers through his body as if she sent small arousing electrical shocks through his hands.