The building he led her to was a simple home deep.inside a tunnel alley, he found his way there with ease, and navigated inside with even more ease, almost as if he wasn’t blind. Within moments had he gathered a pair of pants, two shirts and undergarments. To her surprise he even.possessed a second pair of shoes. The glazed tiles of the main path reflected the lights from the lanterns. Keeping Liam to her right, away from the wall, Fathala felt an immense weight in her heart. The wall had been scaled. From the inside!Both of hem heard the thrum of a bow, followed by the unmistakable hissing of an arrow plowing through the air. As they turned towards the sound, Fathala felt Liam’s hand slipping out of hers as the boy was knocked back by the arrow. Whlana let lose a second one, killing Liam instantly by piercing his throat. She stood in the open door of one of the battlements. After Liam had fallen to the ground, silently gargling out his breath she let the bow sink. With cold detachment she stared at the dead boy with eyes of mother-of-pearl. That’s not Whlana any longer.”I knew I had seen a blind child here.” her smile was icy cold as her eyes. “And you were right.” Leif stepped into view from the door. “Now you’ll join the people of Fallhus.” Leif raised his right hand, his eyes had begun transforming as well, he too had mother-of-pearl in them, a stone like coldness to his expression. Melting clouds of light flowed from the bane in his hand, a flash took hold of Fathala’s senses. Unable to stop, unable to control anything from her body she slithered towards the two, turning right on top of the wall. Below her thousands of tiny waterfalls from the town fell into he deep, vanishing against rocks and a few bushes, and many hundreds of corpses.

Fathala plunged into the deep.

Icy wind blew around her nose, Fathala felt it also filling her wings. “You idiot.” remembered words echoed through her mind. “These Naga’s wings are designed to keep them in the air, or the water current!” apparently the woman taking hold on Whlana knew sweetwater Naga. Pain shot through her consciousness, an arrow stuck out of her abdomen, the bleeding however had stopped somewhen along her flight.

Around her was nothing but the sweetwater sea, she smelled it. At least I’m somewhere near home and not over salty seas. Enjoying the power of controlling her own body, Fathala folded her wings. The wind of her fall roared in her ears, the water below rushed towards her.

Equally fiercely roaring the waves closed above her, the cold woke the last bits of her body from the mind controlled numbness.Sucking in the cold water through her gills Fathala let herself drift in the currents of the sweetwater sea. He has become strong. Sadly for the wrong cause!

Her stinger touched ground, irritated Fathala swam to the surface. More waterfalls greeted her. But they were north of the sea, and tge currents dragged her to the thundering waters, would carry her south again. I’ve come far. How long was I out? Her hands sought for hold on the granite walls, found some. Clinging to the northern mountains she clumsily opened her clothes wih the other hand, found an obstacle. The arrow. For a little while she had forgotten it was there.

Hoping that it was an unaltered Albin arrow she dug her finger harder against the.rock, as she yanked the arrow from her body. A cry of pain echoed off the walls across the waves. She could smell her own blood, taste it in the back of her throat.