Darkness filled the loud room, occasionally intersected by a laser or a strobe of light, deep basses vibrated in the air, resonated in the body.

Richard Phlock scanned the room for his friends. At a table his gaze stopped. Not because his eyes had found who he was looking for, but because of an attractive young woman sitting there all by herself.

Hoping to score with her Richard moved through the masses of people in the club, careful not to spill anyone’s drink.

“Mind if I take a seat?” Still wearing his uniform, Richard had assumed an imposing posture across the table. “Not at all, sir.” The young woman replied, whether the shimmer in her eyes was from the light effects of the club, or an equal longing as Richard’s, was beyond the lieutenant at that time.

“Come here often, sir?” The young woman offered a drink, but Richard kindly refused. The fake drinks aboard the Destiny were disgusting him. “Not really, second or third time, I’m however glad I came here tonight.” Forgetting his friends Richard took a sip from the water he had brought with him.

“As am I.” The young woman replied, sipping on a colorful drink. “Want to go some place quieter?”

Cautious, but still wanting to get to know her better Richard nodded. “But first, what’s your name?”

“Lucille Navratil.” Winking she got up. Richard estimated that she was about 20 to 25 years old, by her demeanour a civilian. “My Friends call me Lucy.” She turned to go, Richard also got up. As he followed the younger woman through the crowd he felt a hand grabbing him by the arm. “Don’t.” Confused he stared into the eyes of a woman. “Diane?” Behind her a few other familiar faces looked at him. The friends he had wanted to meet. “She is no good, trust me.” She nodded in Lucys direction.

With a smile Richard looked after Lucy. “I’m the one who is no good, trust me.” Winking he left his friends, navigating after Lucy.


In a separate room Lucy awaited Richard, her shirt already taken off. “You took a long time.” She purred as the door closed behind Richard. “A lot of people.” Eyeing his would-be score of the night, Richard felt aroused.

“Indeed.” The younger woman replied, keeping her smile she proceeded to undo her pants. “Aren’t you rushing things a bit there?” Although not used to the club, Richard wanted to play things a little slower.

“We’re in the infinity of space, never to reach our destination alive, all we have is now. Why wait?”

The pants dropped, revealing Lucy to be completely naked.

“To make a more impressionable then, and enjoy more of us later?” Richard sat down on the fake leather couch. Where that had come from, and how they got it aboard was beyond him, and didn’t faze him.

The edges of Lucys lips flickered into an even more playful smirk. “Then I’ll remain like this until your then has come upon us.” She too sat down, on the table in front of Richard. “Do you want a drink now?”

“Nothing of that pseudo alcohol stuff. If I want to truly enjoy it, it ought to be truly affecting my senses.”

Rubbing  her hand between her legs, watching Richard’s bulged crotch Lucy simply replied “oh?”, sly smile on her lips she got up and walked to a cupbard behind Richard. From the corner of his eyes he saw the entire cupboard swing open, revealing shelves of bottles behind it. A moment later Lucy held a glass underneath Richard’s nose. The fumes of real alcohol, of genuine Scotch, filled his nostrils. “We have real stuff here.” She purred.

Richard felt Lucy climbing the couch, sitting next to him on the back side of it. “Don’t you want to try something new?”

Richard took an appreciating sip from the scotch. “Not really, at least if the old works.”

Next to him, Lucy slid onto the cushions. “But there is something new that would let you see the old in new ways, more ways than you’d imagine.”

She’s trying to sell me drugs of some sort. Doesn’t she see my uniform? “What would that be?” Slipping into a mood that made his arousal disappear. Let the investigation begin.