“Video games?” Trying to play naive Richard sipped on his scotch.

“No.” From beneath the cushioning Lucy produced a device that had a menacing look about it. “A small chip that allows you to link with me, and others. You could feel what I feel, while feeling your own impressions. Imagine, when we are in bed, you could feel all that your senses are capable of, and all of my senses too.”

Curious, but doubtful Richard stared at the device. Once he had seen something similar, if the button was pressed a small bolt was shot out of the other end of the device, knocking glass down. But that had been an emergency hammer, if you had a car accident.

“I think, you should try it.” Lucy smiled. “It would make for a remarkable then.”

With a sigh all arousal that was left in Richard vanished, he took out his ID. “Security. You are under arrest, under the charge of distributing potentially dangerous technology and body alterations. You can file official protest under the articles of this vessel’s constitution, everything you say can and will be used against you. If you do not have an attorney the government of the Destiny will provide one for you. Do you have any questions?”

“Yes. May I put on some clothes?”


“Nice job Phlock.” François Lapierre put the report down. “Since the unfortunate incidents surrounding the trade negotiations and my predecessor’s early death, this is our first good lead on the subject.” Uneasy shifting on his feet, Richard nodded. Never had an investigation been lead into the club on the gamma ring, although both Darius Konrads and Irina Brekic had reported that it was there they had received their implants. “What happens now sir?”

“Well, we will try to get the prisoner to talk.” François leaned back in his chair. “But since you brought her in she has turned into some vegetative state.” No doubt she linked out. “Will there be further investigations in the club?” Carefully studying his superior officer’s expressions Richard continued to shift on his feet. “A full search of the premise will be conducted once we get the jurisdictional details right.”

“Excuse me sir, but they could be hiding, or even destroying, evidence. A full security detail could plow that place over, worry about jurisdiction later. We are not in a primitive society of retards where evidence that was obtained by the wrong police force, doesn’t count.” Clearly he had struck a chord with Lapierre, the expression on the man’s face twitched. But whether that was a good, or a bad sign was beyond Richard to see.

“Alright. Gather a detail, go in and bring back results.”

Supressing a triumphant smile Richard saluted and left the office. He went to the ready room, telling his colleagues to get ready, after half an hour he had nine people among him to pay another visit to the club.