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Rings of Fate S1xE10 – Destiny – DEHuman I (pt.3)


Still vibrant basses plowed through the air in the dark room, dimly illuminated by the light show. Both were on automatic, the floor was untidy but devoid of people, not a single guest or bartender was in sight. “Secure the logs.” A young officer by the name of Sara Disono spurted to the door, connected the tablet computer wireless with the door.

Meanwhile Richard marched onward with the rest of the armed men and women around him. With hand signals he ordered teams of two to check on the other back rooms. He remained in front of the door he had gone through with Lucy.

“Log has been wiped clean, sir.” Sara joined him. Grinding his teeth Richard nodded and opened the door to the room he had arrested Lucy in.

The cupboard stood wide open, the shelves behind it were still stocked with bottles, scotch, gin, vintage wines, vodka, tequila, even absinthe was to be found.

His eyes fell on the couch, the cushioning had been disturbed, his eyes told him that a few more of the injection devices had been hidden beneath his butt. A wall panel was removed, although normally locked for engineering purposes. A small crawl space stretched to above and below decks. “Fuck.”

Sara joined him gazing into the crawl space. “They got away.” Was her only remark.

“I’m beginning to think that they are everywhere. This panel needs an engineering or security clearing to be opened.” Richard casuallty pointed at the panel, physically it showed no signs of tampering, but a software inspection would show whether it was hacked or opened by legitimate sources, even if the ID of the legitimate source had been wiped from the system.

“I demand to speak to whoever is in charge of this operation!” A disembodied voice rang from the outside after the music had stopped playing. “Stay here and take shots of everything, especially those depressions In the cushioning.” Sara saluted, immediately taking pictures, starting with said cushioning.

“That would be me,” Richard emerged from the back room, “Lieutenant Richard Phlock, Security. You are?”

“Marie Navratil. Operator of this club.” She looked at each one of Richards colleagues, inspecting them head to toe. “By what right have you invaded this space?”

“Ship security, are you related to Lucille Navratil, otherwise known as Lucy?” Feeling uneasy Richard had an overwhelming desire to arrest Marie. “My sister.” Grudge in her voice told Richard to relax. “What did the idiot do?”

“She tried to give me a chip, a chip like the ones that had played a major role in the diplomatic disaster with the Kismet a while back.”

Sighing deeply Marie relaxed her composure, dropped her shoulders a little. “I should’ve known when she broke down when the news of earth’s destruction was broadcast. She feels dislocated, disconnected. I couldn’t console her, she must’ve turned elsewhere.” She pulled a chair from a nearby table, sat down.

“So you are unaware that she had several injection devices hidden in that backroom? That the maintenance shaft has been opened, the computerlogs of the door were wiped?” Baffled Marie stared back at Richard.

Instead of replying she got up from her seat, straightened her dress. “I know of none of these things, but I guess I’m under arrest?”

One of the officers stepped forward, producing handcuffs from her belt. “Indeed, under the charge of aiding in the spread of potentially dangerous technology, the suspicion of direct involvement, you are hereby under arrest. Everything you say can and will be used against you. Any questions?” Silently Marie shook her head.

Richard stayed with her while the others continued to search the bar, which was easier without the deafening music and in bright light.

After a few minutes she sighed again, asking for a chair. Sitting again she nervously fidgeted with her fingers.

“Why so nervous?” Richard observed both her and his colleagues.

“I have no idea of what my idiot sister did, but, well,” she became silent.

Chuckling Richard turned fully towards her. “The booze?”

“Yes.” Bowing her head she too had to smile. “I didn’t smuggle it all aboard. People brought it and left it here. To be shared with others.”

Nodding Richard turned around. “It will be confiscated, and it will be used against you.”

“I know. Still I’m nervous about it.” If this was another idiot country, evidence for the crime of distributing alcohol would be illegal if obtained in search for evidence of another crime. “Sorry for that. But we are not an idiocracy, we found the booze, you will be charged for the possession and distribution of alcohol. Unless you want to name the people who brought it to you?”

Gently the woman shook her head. “I guess I’ll just shut up now.”


15. Nov. 2016

Next month is the ugly christmas sweater month, this onth is the fugly sweater month.
Eye cancer November, if you will.

The perfect birthday gift for any relative who always wanted to kill himself, but didn’t know it, now they have a reason.

Crappy Birthday!

War Journal – 2-3-4 Bane-War-Aftermath (ep8)

She.rolled up the parchment that she was studying. “I say we drive them off or kill them.” she went on, rising as well. “That is your solution to everything.” the man turned to face others in the room, most of which sat alone at tables, some with a second. “We cannot hide our land forever! The Coatl will figure out where we went, one of them has lived here for ages, they will come here sooner or later. These strangers might be of help!” mumbling rose in he dead silent crowd, swelling to chatter. “Silence!” the woman approached the man. “Alright, let us how they might be of use to us, and our cause.” “One step at a time Myranda, our cause is worth naught if we do not survive.” squinting her eyes she studied his. “So let us see if they are of use in our survival then, Cylus.” “I believe this just another dead end.” Fathala gently touched the wall before them. Three days had passed since they entered the caverns, five since they had reached land. During the march to the thorn grove time seemed to fly by, as if they had made the way in mere hours. To her disappointment Fathala found that time passed not as quickly in the caves. Several forks had led them to numerous dead ends. Sometimes behind thorn covered roots, sometimes well inside the rock. “I do not believe so.” Lilly too touched the wall. “I can feel them, close by at that.” Exhausted Fathala sighed, turned and slithered away again. “What brings you here?” a male voice startled Fathala, the source if it was not to be seen. Was she imagining it? Did sleep deprivation get the best of her?”We are looking for the shadowbinders.” she muttered, uncertain whether she should be replying. “I’d say we found them.” Lilly put an easing hand on the Naga’s shoulder.Out of the darkness of the surrounding cave a man appeared in cloak and hood as purple as his skin. “Allow me to introduce myself, I am Cylus.” his hand pointed to a vacant spot next to Fathala and Lilly, “And this is Myranda.” out of nothing a slightly disgruntled looking woman appeared. Albin invisibility? Could it be they’re related?”We are,” Lilly wanted to introduce, but was rudely interrupted by Myranda. “We know who you are. And what you are.” she looked the strange visitors up and down.A sweetwater Naga from our world and a demon from this world. Myranda will want to kill them right away. Cylus mused by himself. “You came because of our water, and the Naga in the hopes that we could send her back.” Myranda stepped back from the two. “A waste of time, let us be done with them.””Please Myranda, our guests can’t hear you.” Cylus frowned theatrical, immediately after speaking to his comrade the benevolent smile returned to his lips. Maintaining the smile he invited the two to follow him, much to Myranda’s disliking. Nicely cracking flames sput out small flakes of fire from a campfire, above a wide gap in the thorn and leaf canopy allowed for the smoke to disperse. Birds were roasting on the fire, sizzling fat dripped from them. Another man attended both fire and birds, he was in leather garments. “I believe you have met Garlon?”


Why is this even a thing?

These are people who do not know how to use a microphone: they’re breathing into one as if they wanted to either swallow, or make sweet sweet love to it.
That is NOT how you use a mic, dumbass.

I’m not one to deny others their kink, far from it, but you wankers want the “girlfriend experience” – without the “experience” part.
You see, afaik, some prostitutes offer “the girlfriend experience” (for extra of course), and then you get cuddling, kissing, sweet talk, and what not (I imagine). There you get an actual experience.
With this crap you get no experience.

If I were one to go on business trips around the globe, so when I lay my weary CEO head down to cry on a cushion stuffed with stacks of cash while I pleasure myself to sleep, my beloved trophy wife is not able to lull me through it on the phone thanks to timezones, I’d have her breathe into a mic for half an hour, nude, and then play that video back to me.
I am not.
These people are not near and dear to me.
On the polar opposite.
They are complete and utter fraking strangers!
Making all of this a little creepy…

I would almost understand this, if it were porn [porn-porn. Not this brain-porn crap that someone equated this bullshit to]:
A naked chick (or guy, what have you), giving an imaginary protagonist (the camera) a POV girlfriend experience.
With sweet talk, breathing into a microphone, sensual descriptive talk about what they ‘are doing’ with you, complete with ‘noise’.

But this is people breathe-talking in the most annoying fashion possible [not whispered, not spoken, but the dimwitted bastard offspring of the two, that’s too loud and pronounced to be soothing or comfortable, but too low and hushed to be easily intelligible], making noise too close to the microphone [if I for example were to crave the sound of a girl brushing her long long hair, I want to hear it like normal people hear it, not the way a mic taped to the back of the brush picks it up!], and saying the most ridiculously mundane crap ever [if you have no one in your life you can talk about bowel movements with, stop the ASMR, quit your busy job and get friends and/or a spouse, because that is what you NEED]!

Get outta here!

But note, after this election I understand everyone who needs to get relaxed in any way shape or form.

Rings of Fate S1xE10 – Destiny – DEHuman I (pt.2)



“Video games?” Trying to play naive Richard sipped on his scotch.

“No.” From beneath the cushioning Lucy produced a device that had a menacing look about it. “A small chip that allows you to link with me, and others. You could feel what I feel, while feeling your own impressions. Imagine, when we are in bed, you could feel all that your senses are capable of, and all of my senses too.”

Curious, but doubtful Richard stared at the device. Once he had seen something similar, if the button was pressed a small bolt was shot out of the other end of the device, knocking glass down. But that had been an emergency hammer, if you had a car accident.

“I think, you should try it.” Lucy smiled. “It would make for a remarkable then.”

With a sigh all arousal that was left in Richard vanished, he took out his ID. “Security. You are under arrest, under the charge of distributing potentially dangerous technology and body alterations. You can file official protest under the articles of this vessel’s constitution, everything you say can and will be used against you. If you do not have an attorney the government of the Destiny will provide one for you. Do you have any questions?”

“Yes. May I put on some clothes?”


“Nice job Phlock.” François Lapierre put the report down. “Since the unfortunate incidents surrounding the trade negotiations and my predecessor’s early death, this is our first good lead on the subject.” Uneasy shifting on his feet, Richard nodded. Never had an investigation been lead into the club on the gamma ring, although both Darius Konrads and Irina Brekic had reported that it was there they had received their implants. “What happens now sir?”

“Well, we will try to get the prisoner to talk.” François leaned back in his chair. “But since you brought her in she has turned into some vegetative state.” No doubt she linked out. “Will there be further investigations in the club?” Carefully studying his superior officer’s expressions Richard continued to shift on his feet. “A full search of the premise will be conducted once we get the jurisdictional details right.”

“Excuse me sir, but they could be hiding, or even destroying, evidence. A full security detail could plow that place over, worry about jurisdiction later. We are not in a primitive society of retards where evidence that was obtained by the wrong police force, doesn’t count.” Clearly he had struck a chord with Lapierre, the expression on the man’s face twitched. But whether that was a good, or a bad sign was beyond Richard to see.

“Alright. Gather a detail, go in and bring back results.”

Supressing a triumphant smile Richard saluted and left the office. He went to the ready room, telling his colleagues to get ready, after half an hour he had nine people among him to pay another visit to the club.

War Journal – 2-3-4 Bane-War-Aftermath (ep7)

“Who goes there?” a male voice rang from a bush at the side of the treaded path they followed alongside the creek. “People who mean no harm.” Lilly replied before Fathala could. The tip.of the arrow emerged first, followed by shaft, bow, hand, arm, bowstring, hand and man. He wore simple leather, no ornaments to hia clothes. “What do a woman and a Naga want in our lands? More importantly, how did you get here?” “The beach.” beaten to an answer by Fathala Lilly simply nodded. “We wandered the wastelands that once were oceans, and came ashore an hour or two ago.” he eyed them carefully before lowering his bow, gently releasing tension from the string. “You natives?” “I came here roughly seven weeks past, whilst she is native to this side.” pointing at Lilly, Fathala felt a strange homely security with someone from her world, even if just a moment earlier he had an arrow pointed at her. Light of the breaking dawn brought more and more detail to the man’s face. Skin nighing on.purple he had features distinct of Albin, but was also of human descent. “I better bring you to the shadowbinders.” he stated, turning on his heels. Not talkingat  all for the rest of tge way he led them towards the village, but took a sharp inland turn less than hundred meters from the village. After a few meters through dense undergrowth another beaten track became visible. Between shrubberies she didn’t know Fathala spotted Pixieberries, a fruit the Albin loved and feared near extinct when magic vanished from the world. After sunrise the woods of Dorei displayed what Fathala had expected, autumn colors, although it should well be winter. “In case you’re marveling at the season,” the stranger had noticed Fathala’s gaze, “somehow Autumn stalled when we arrived, we noticed new leaves growing, others returning to form.” “It is spring here now.” stating that obvious fact Lilly confused both the stranger and Fathala. Please don’t ask me how that can be. From the trail in the forest they entered a less visible trail in a prairieesque field stretching on to some distant  mountains in the one direction and to he horizon in the other. They followed the path heading towards a range of hills, covered with a thorny growth of gnarly bushes about four meters high. Between two hills someone had cut a sort of entrance into the bushwork. Forming a perfectly round arch above them, the thorny bushes closed off most of the sky. Only a few rays of sunlight reached down into the passage, creating an eerie light. Beneath them the ground had a sand like quality, clouds of dust drifted through the rays. Except for their own, there were no other noises. Birds and creatures won’t tread in this thorny forest. That’s bad. Uneased by the lack of life Fathala worked hard not to show her feelings. Judging by Lilly’s expression Fathala assumed that she was at unease as well. “Through here.” their strange companion stopped in front of a small opening. Without noticing it they had went around several hills, stood now on a circular spot. Above the canopy of leaves and thorns couldn’t quite close, thus more light reached the dusty ground. On the other side of the thorn tunnel was a rock of sandy color, with a natural opening. Roots covered the opening on all sides, by the look of them they were as hard as the stems and branches of the thornbushes around. And just as covered in thorns. Fathala observed.”What will we find there?” “Shadowbinders. Might be they can help you.” He departed without further words or greeting, confused they stared after him. On their way they had passed intersections and forks, without a propper guide the way out of the gnarled thorn bushes could take some time. Crisp air breathed out of the cave, as if the land itself was breathing, exhaling the cold of winter that was falling on the world it had come from, inhaling the late spring warmth and life of the world it was in now. Their path lit again by the Naga light, nothing much was revealed. Gnarly roots, sandstone.”I wonder who these shadowbinders are.” Fathala stopped at a fork in the caves. “They’re like the human circle. If what little I know of your world is correct.” the two of them tried to spy down each of the corridors, with little success, other than more sandstone and some nitre they looked the same. No tread marks in the ground of either.Behibd them their own footsteps in the dusty dirt vanished, blown away by the breathing of the caves. Reaching consent without word, they wandered to the right.After another hour they found themselves at an opening that was largely covered by roots. In annoyed silence the two turned around, turned into the other way at the fork. “I sense powers that are native to this world.” a man in robes and hood as violet as his skin rose from his place at a table. An oil lamp flickered on it, throwing dancing shadows on the walls. “But also powers that are from ours.” a woman in similar garments replied from another table.

Running on empty

Saw a meme floating around the other day.

“My mind is like a browser window. There’s 14 Tabs open, 4 of which froze, somewhere there’s porn and I have no clue where that annoying music comes from.”

That’d be me. Once you increase the number of tabs, by at least a factor of 10.

Hence my dear friends, the usual Friday post has failed.

Next Week.

I promise.

In the meantime, another summer holiday pic.


Take care,