Some time ago, the great defender of Christianity, Vlad Tepes III, also called the impaler, put up long poles upon which he impaled the bodies of his enemies and common criminals, mor even just common folk, in order to frighten away more enemies, namely the invading muslim turks, who, upon seeing entire forests of dead and dieing people impaled on tree tall poles, were so demoralised that they turned about and fled, or were too discouraged to put up a proper fight.
He won.

What is this thing supposed to represent? An elk head with a lantern in its mouth, impaled on a stick.
Is it to discourage carol singers?
Do you want to frighten the neighbours from turning on their obnoxious lights?
Is it to demoralise the annoying relatives as they march single file through the maze like forest of impaled elkheads through your yard, so that the Christmas dinner is a silent one, a harp in the background playing the Reigns of Castamere?

Good, for 19,99€ per piece this can be yours then.

Crappy X-Mas