Darkness filled the loud room, occasionally intersected by a laser or a strobe of light, deep basses vibrated in the air, resonated in the body.

Richard Phlock scanned the room for his friends. At a table his gaze stopped. Not because his eyes had found who he was looking for, but because of an attractive young woman sitting there all by herself.

Hoping to score with her Richard moved through the masses of people in the club, careful not to spill anyone’s drink.

“Mind if I take a seat?” Still wearing his uniform, Richard had assumed an imposing posture across the table. “Not at all, sir.” The young woman replied, whether the shimmer in her eyes was from the light effects of the club, or an equal longing as Richard’s, was beyond the lieutenant at that time.

“Come here often, sir?” The young woman offered a drink, but Richard kindly refused. The fake drinks aboard the Destiny were disgusting him. “Not really, second or third time, I’m however glad I came here tonight.” Forgetting his friends Richard took a sip from the water he had brought with him.

“As am I.” The young woman replied, sipping on a colorful drink. “Want to go some place quieter?”

Cautious, but still wanting to get to know her better Richard nodded. “But first, what’s your name?”

“Lucille Navratil.” Winking she got up. Richard estimated that she was about 20 to 25 years old, by her demeanour a civilian. “My Friends call me Lucy.” She turned to go, Richard also got up. As he followed the younger woman through the crowd he felt a hand grabbing him by the arm. “Don’t.” Confused he stared into the eyes of a woman. “Diane?” Behind her a few other familiar faces looked at him. The friends he had wanted to meet. “She is no good, trust me.” She nodded in Lucys direction.

With a smile Richard looked after Lucy. “I’m the one who is no good, trust me.” Winking he left his friends, navigating after Lucy.


In a separate room Lucy awaited Richard, her shirt already taken off. “You took a long time.” She purred as the door closed behind Richard. “A lot of people.” Eyeing his would-be score of the night, Richard felt aroused.

“Indeed.” The younger woman replied, keeping her smile she proceeded to undo her pants. “Aren’t you rushing things a bit there?” Although not used to the club, Richard wanted to play things a little slower.

“We’re in the infinity of space, never to reach our destination alive, all we have is now. Why wait?”

The pants dropped, revealing Lucy to be completely naked.

“To make a more impressionable then, and enjoy more of us later?” Richard sat down on the fake leather couch. Where that had come from, and how they got it aboard was beyond him, and didn’t faze him.

The edges of Lucys lips flickered into an even more playful smirk. “Then I’ll remain like this until your then has come upon us.” She too sat down, on the table in front of Richard. “Do you want a drink now?”

“Nothing of that pseudo alcohol stuff. If I want to truly enjoy it, it ought to be truly affecting my senses.”

Rubbing  her hand between her legs, watching Richard’s bulged crotch Lucy simply replied “oh?”, sly smile on her lips she got up and walked to a cupbard behind Richard. From the corner of his eyes he saw the entire cupboard swing open, revealing shelves of bottles behind it. A moment later Lucy held a glass underneath Richard’s nose. The fumes of real alcohol, of genuine Scotch, filled his nostrils. “We have real stuff here.” She purred.

Richard felt Lucy climbing the couch, sitting next to him on the back side of it. “Don’t you want to try something new?”

Richard took an appreciating sip from the scotch. “Not really, at least if the old works.”

Next to him, Lucy slid onto the cushions. “But there is something new that would let you see the old in new ways, more ways than you’d imagine.”

She’s trying to sell me drugs of some sort. Doesn’t she see my uniform? “What would that be?” Slipping into a mood that made his arousal disappear. Let the investigation begin.


“Video games?” Trying to play naive Richard sipped on his scotch.

“No.” From beneath the cushioning Lucy produced a device that had a menacing look about it. “A small chip that allows you to link with me, and others. You could feel what I feel, while feeling your own impressions. Imagine, when we are in bed, you could feel all that your senses are capable of, and all of my senses too.”

Curious, but doubtful Richard stared at the device. Once he had seen something similar, if the button was pressed a small bolt was shot out of the other end of the device, knocking glass down. But that had been an emergency hammer, if you had a car accident.

“I think, you should try it.” Lucy smiled. “It would make for a remarkable then.”

With a sigh all arousal that was left in Richard vanished, he took out his ID. “Security. You are under arrest, under the charge of distributing potentially dangerous technology and body alterations. You can file official protest under the articles of this vessel’s constitution, everything you say can and will be used against you. If you do not have an attorney the government of the Destiny will provide one for you. Do you have any questions?”

“Yes. May I put on some clothes?”


“Nice job Phlock.” François Lapierre put the report down. “Since the unfortunate incidents surrounding the trade negotiations and my predecessor’s early death, this is our first good lead on the subject.” Uneasy shifting on his feet, Richard nodded. Never had an investigation been lead into the club on the gamma ring, although both Darius Konrads and Irina Brekic had reported that it was there they had received their implants. “What happens now sir?”

“Well, we will try to get the prisoner to talk.” François leaned back in his chair. “But since you brought her in she has turned into some vegetative state.” No doubt she linked out. “Will there be further investigations in the club?” Carefully studying his superior officer’s expressions Richard continued to shift on his feet. “A full search of the premise will be conducted once we get the jurisdictional details right.”

“Excuse me sir, but they could be hiding, or even destroying, evidence. A full security detail could plow that place over, worry about jurisdiction later. We are not in a primitive society of retards where evidence that was obtained by the wrong police force, doesn’t count.” Clearly he had struck a chord with Lapierre, the expression on the man’s face twitched. But whether that was a good, or a bad sign was beyond Richard to see.

“Alright. Gather a detail, go in and bring back results.”

Supressing a triumphant smile Richard saluted and left the office. He went to the ready room, telling his colleagues to get ready, after half an hour he had nine people among him to pay another visit to the club.


Still vibrant basses plowed through the air in the dark room, dimly illuminated by the light show. Both were on automatic, the floor was untidy but devoid of people, not a single guest or bartender was in sight. “Secure the logs.” A young officer by the name of Sara Disono spurted to the door, connected the tablet computer wireless with the door.

Meanwhile Richard marched onward with the rest of the armed men and women around him. With hand signals he ordered teams of two to check on the other back rooms. He remained in front of the door he had gone through with Lucy.

“Log has been wiped clean, sir.” Sara joined him. Grinding his teeth Richard nodded and opened the door to the room he had arrested Lucy in.

The cupboard stood wide open, the shelves behind it were still stocked with bottles, scotch, gin, vintage wines, vodka, tequila, even absinthe was to be found.

His eyes fell on the couch, the cushioning had been disturbed, his eyes told him that a few more of the injection devices had been hidden beneath his butt. A wall panel was removed, although normally locked for engineering purposes. A small crawl space stretched to above and below decks. “Fuck.”

Sara joined him gazing into the crawl space. “They got away.” Was her only remark.

“I’m beginning to think that they are everywhere. This panel needs an engineering or security clearing to be opened.” Richard casuallty pointed at the panel, physically it showed no signs of tampering, but a software inspection would show whether it was hacked or opened by legitimate sources, even if the ID of the legitimate source had been wiped from the system.

“I demand to speak to whoever is in charge of this operation!” A disembodied voice rang from the outside after the music had stopped playing. “Stay here and take shots of everything, especially those depressions In the cushioning.” Sara saluted, immediately taking pictures, starting with said cushioning.

“That would be me,” Richard emerged from the back room, “Lieutenant Richard Phlock, Security. You are?”

“Marie Navratil. Operator of this club.” She looked at each one of Richards colleagues, inspecting them head to toe. “By what right have you invaded this space?”

“Ship security, are you related to Lucille Navratil, otherwise known as Lucy?” Feeling uneasy Richard had an overwhelming desire to arrest Marie. “My sister.” Grudge in her voice told Richard to relax. “What did the idiot do?”

“She tried to give me a chip, a chip like the ones that had played a major role in the diplomatic disaster with the Kismet a while back.”

Sighing deeply Marie relaxed her composure, dropped her shoulders a little. “I should’ve known when she broke down when the news of earth’s destruction was broadcast. She feels dislocated, disconnected. I couldn’t console her, she must’ve turned elsewhere.” She pulled a chair from a nearby table, sat down.

“So you are unaware that she had several injection devices hidden in that backroom? That the maintenance shaft has been opened, the computerlogs of the door were wiped?” Baffled Marie stared back at Richard.

Instead of replying she got up from her seat, straightened her dress. “I know of none of these things, but I guess I’m under arrest?”

One of the officers stepped forward, producing handcuffs from her belt. “Indeed, under the charge of aiding in the spread of potentially dangerous technology, the suspicion of direct involvement, you are hereby under arrest. Everything you say can and will be used against you. Any questions?” Silently Marie shook her head.

Richard stayed with her while the others continued to search the bar, which was easier without the deafening music and in bright light.

After a few minutes she sighed again, asking for a chair. Sitting again she nervously fidgeted with her fingers.

“Why so nervous?” Richard observed both her and his colleagues.

“I have no idea of what my idiot sister did, but, well,” she became silent.

Chuckling Richard turned fully towards her. “The booze?”

“Yes.” Bowing her head she too had to smile. “I didn’t smuggle it all aboard. People brought it and left it here. To be shared with others.”

Nodding Richard turned around. “It will be confiscated, and it will be used against you.”

“I know. Still I’m nervous about it.” If this was another idiot country, evidence for the crime of distributing alcohol would be illegal if obtained in search for evidence of another crime. “Sorry for that. But we are not an idiocracy, we found the booze, you will be charged for the possession and distribution of alcohol. Unless you want to name the people who brought it to you?”

Gently the woman shook her head. “I guess I’ll just shut up now.”


Admiral Kanjeet silently read through the report. In front of her were the injector and other evidence from the club, as well as pictures on the display integrated in her table. Richard and François stood at ease on the other side of the table.

Raising an eyebrow she put the tablet down, folding her hands. “This ship’s military security continues to be a troublesome branch.” With a gesture of her hand she told the two to sit down. “However, this is excellent work gentlemen. Proper procedures could’ve delayed the search of the place, and the governors agree that in regard to the overall security, which this falls into, this is our jurisdiction.”

She leaned back. “Your next step must be getting information from the arrested suspects.” Formulated more a statement than a question, Richard glanced to his superior who confirmed the Admiral’s words.

“Reopen the club, install our own security equipment, I want twenty four hours of surveillance by at least two people. Computers can be manipulated, one person corrupted or tricked. But it gets more difficult with more people involved.” She turned the display in the table off, stood up. As did Richard and François.

“Gentlemen.” She greeted the two, escorting them out of the room.


Sent to talk to Marie, Richard waited for the tube cab. He reflected upon what had happened to Darius and Irina.

After they had been officially found fit for duty by a doctor in the infirmary, who had also postulated that the implants would sooner or later be broken down by the body, they returned to their duties. Since that they had reassigned to technical division, got married. Reportedly Irina had filed for having a child, and promptly had gotten pregnant after receiving clearance.

Hissing the doors slid open. For a moment Richard felt a shock.

Irina Konrads sat in one of the seats. With a smile she greeted him as she got up and left the cab.

Deeply immersed in thought Richard stood the entire ride, left after a few minutes, headed to the detention center.

In one cell sat Lucy. Just as he was told through his superior, she sat on her bunk, two plates of food sat untouched in front of her. “Hello Lucy.” Deciding to try the younger woman first Richard stopped under the watchful eyes of the guards. After finding out about the widespread popularity of the implants Admiral Kanjeet had posted security details everywhere. Always at least two people, in addition to the computerised surveillance, also overlooked by at least two people. “You should eat, it makes for a better now than starving yourself.” No reaction from her. Shaking her head a guard told him that they had tried reasoning the prisoner into eating. They would continue to do so, until she had to be force fed to keep her from dying.


“Good afternoon Marie.” Richard stood in front of the cell in which his other prisoner was held. “I am delighted to see that at least you are eating.”

“Such rare delicacies shouldn’t go to waste.” She replied with sarcasm in her voice.

“Your sister seems to think otherwise.” Pulling up a chair Richard sat down, trying to look at ease he assumed a rather relaxed pose. “She has linked out.” Marie replied, sitting down on the floor in front of the bars. “In this rather isolated environment she sought the comfort of the others. That is why she joined in the first place, you know.”

Hiding his surprise of her intricate knowledge of the link Richard raised one eyebrow, letting her do the talking. “When the news was broadcast that the planet we called home, together with billions of people, was finally destroyed, she was close to losing her mind, so she joined in search for closure.”

With a twisted smirk on her lips Marie looked in the direction of her sister’s cell. “I can feel her. Writhing in fear and despair, drawing solace from the link, from the level of companionship not possible otherwise.”

Shifting uncomfortably in his seat Richard squinted his eyes. “You not only knew, but were part of it?”

“Still am. Most of it was my doing.” Marie nodded to the surveillance cameras with the side of her head, Richard recognised the faint red dot signalling activity was missing. “Your guards are fed false feeds.” A powerful but tiny hand grabbed Richard’s shoulder. It was the security guard from before, her colleague sat at his desk, head resting on the surface.

“He’s only unconscious. But you need to hear us out.” Richard played with the thought of reaching for his sidearm, but remembered he had to surender it before being admitted to the cell block.

“You might perceive us as a threat, but we only are the next logical step in our evolution as a species. Maybe we are at a fork in the evolutionary branch, since we have no desire to kill you.” Still Richard toyed with ideas of violence against his colleague. “No, you desire to assimilate us.” Somehow he expected to be injected with a microchip at any moment.

“The thought has occured to us. But sadly it would be only a temporary solution.” With an elongated sigh Marie got up and stepped closer to the bars. “But, you see, even we don’t understand the true power of the brain. Yet. If you are unwilling to be participating in our link, your brain would reject the implant soon after it has settled in. If your mind rejects it, your brain forms neurological pathways around the implant.” For now. One day you’ll find a way around that. “So you are telling me this, why exactly?”

The smirk on Marie’s face intensified. “Drop the charges. Never has anyone been subjected to the link against his or her will,” she stopped with a musing expression, “well, one has, it is from him that we know of the brain’s power to reject the implant.”

She sat back down right where she had sat before, the guard let go of her grip on Richard’s shoulder. Returning to her post she sprayed something at the unconscious man at the desk. A moment later the light on the surveillance cameras came back on. Should I show that some glitch had occurred? “Well,” he began, but stopped mid thought. Afraid that the crew in the surveillance operating room might be part of the whole scam he got up. “If you won’t tell me where that booze came from, I’m sure your customers will, inadvertently.” By her surprised expression he gathered that the collective mind of the link had not anticipated his move either, but hoped for it.

Without further words to anyone Richard made his way out, collected his gun, inspected it for any signs of tampering, but found none.


Sipping on his water Richard sat under a tree. An apple tree if he wasn’t mistaken. There were no fruit yet for him to be sure. Reflecting on what he had learned from Marie he watched a Bee hover from one blossom in the field to the next.

The bees aboard the sisterships were a rare desert breed that was unaffected by the parasites that caused trouble for bee hives all over earth.

Parasites? Richard searched his memory. Other than parasitic infestations something else was attributed to colony collapses. Cellphone signals! From his pocket he quickly took his glasses. Scanning through the archives of what used to be the Internet he confirmed his memory.

He took a deep breath of the fresh air in the garden. There had been simulated rainfall the night before. The ground was still damp, and cool. Droplets of water hung on blades of grass, and other plants, glistening in the simulated daylight like little strewn out diamonds. “Access reports from Horizon, search for alien signals.” Directing his glasses he had remembered that the implants were reverse engineered from Harpy technology.

Irritated he sat up straight. “Classified? Authorisation Richard Phlock, Destiny 210882 gamma phi.” Still he saw only an “access denied” message.

“Clarification, is all material on harpy activity classified? If so, on who’s order?”

》Security chief commander François Lapierre《 was the next up message after his suspicions were confirmed that all Harpy related material was classified.

Whistling in astonishment Richard took off his glasses. That was unexpected.

Paranoia began to creep up on him. As he got up he looked around. Only a few other people were roaming the garden. Mostly couples taking a walk on the designated paths. A few gardeners. Did they expect to be working in these conditions as gardeners when they left university? Mundane thoughts calmed his spirit.

I must find the Admiral, confront her with what I found. Reluctantly Richard left the open space with the chance to see people all around him, potential surprises waiting behind a corner in form of link members.

Walking down to the tube access, he was still fascinated by the tall hallway, the green walkway with only stepping stones leading to the much more sterile parts of the ship. Although the green strips in the larger hallways were anything but sterile, compared to the lush gardens they seemed restricted and trimmed.

“Good day.” Torn from his soothing mundane thinking Richard felt his pulse increase immediately. An elderly man with a greying mustache had stepped out of the tube, greeting him. “G’day.” He replied hastily, not without noticing the name tag of the man. Doctor Jim Edwards. Now, where had I read that name before?

The doors to the cab closed, in the hallway was doctor Edwards, looking back at Richard. “Holy crap!” Richard inhaled, it was the doctor that had cleared Irina and Darius Konrads.

Immediately following his sudden realisation suspicion and paranoia crept back into his mind set.

“Are you all right, lad?” An elderly man with a full grey beard looked at him from one of the seats. “I’m hoping so, sir.” Was Richard’s reply to the man in the uniform of an engineer, of a higher rank than Richard.

“Maybe you should take a seat, you look quite distressed and pale?”

“Getting off in a moment. But thanks.” He shook his head declining the seat. Moaning out the aches his joints gave him, the man got up. “Chief engineer Bill Wallis.”

“Lieutenant Richard Phlock.” Feeling as if his paranoia was taking over Richard stared at the door before him, while the cab rushed silently through the vacuum tube. Was chief engineer Wallis part of the link? “I’m heading to see the Admiral. Took me ages to get the appointment.”

“Well,” I should perhaps postpone my plans to see the Admiral, “she has a busy schedule.”

“Sometimes she ought to free her schedule. There are some weird readings in our power grids on Gamma, parts of Alpha and our subs.”

Squinting his eyes Richard’s eyebrows pushed together. “Authorisation Richard Phlock, Destiny 210882 gamma phi, stop cab, reroute traffic.”

Still with squinted eyes he looked at the engineer. Who in turn looked at him with an inquisitive expression, he quickly looked down to Richard’s hand on the gun. “Is this were you’re going to kill me, lad? Unless you want to chip me.”

“I’m not one of those Digitally Enhanced Humans. Are you?” Richard felt a great deal safer with the gun under his palm. “No. I’m close to shitting meself.”

Richard removed his hand from the hilt of his gun. Both men began laughing in a relieved and yet nervous manner. They walked to opposite ends of the cab and sat down. “I suspect that the energy abnormalities are from the linkers. Plus I have one of these idiots in engineering, tries to recruit more people.”

Burying his face in his hands Richard had to admit to himself that he too was close soiling his pants. “And nobody took him into custody?”

Bill shook his head. “No one wanted to hear about it.”

“Fitting,” yearning for a sip of that scotch that Lucy had given him Richard took a few deep breaths, “it seems that many of my colleagues in security have given in to the link.” The two men exchanged a long intense gaze. In their expressions and loooks the two pieced together at least part of the puzzle. “Infiltrate security to have no opposition,” Bill said what Richard didn’t dare to think, “take over enginering to have full control over the ship.” Richard replied with the unthinkable for Bill.

Devastated the two kept staring at each other. “Unlock cab, Authorisation Richard Phlock, Destiny 210882 gamma phi, continue to previously set destination.” A few moments later the doors opened with a hiss and the two left the tube network.

In silence they marched to the Admiral. Outside the Admiral’s office Richard recognised that François was also going to the see her.

“Sir, what brings you here?” Richard saluted. “Attending a meeting with the chief engineer, on a possibly dangerous topic. Or so I was told, not that it is any of your business lieutenant.”

Noticing an inquiring look from Bill, Richard shrugged his shoulders. “The lad will be attending too, I request his presence.”

An expression of bewilderment appeared on François’ face, but he had to accept it. Together the three entered the room, finding the Admiral sitting behind her desk, her hair tied to a strict knot on the back of her head. “I thought we’d be less people?”

“I request his presence, Ma’am.” Bill stated dryly, from the corners of his eyes he spied to François for any reaction, but caught none.

Urging her guests to sit the Admiral herself got up. “You requested this meeting on grounds of ship wide security?” Coming right to the point she skipped pleasantries that others might have expected of her, but Richard knew she wasn’t one to beat around the bushes. “Aye, I noticed energy consumption irregularities in the power grids for rings Gamma, parts of Alpha and our subs.” The Admiral raised her eyebrow and looked to François with an odd expression on her face. “I have reported this to security, as well as a complaint about one of my people, but I neve got anything in return.”

The expression on Admiral Kanjeet’s face grew darker. “What complaint?”

“He’s a linker, or Digitally Enhanced Human.”

“We have him under surveillance.” Was the prompt reply from François. What Richard suspected was a lie.

“However,” Richard took out his tablet, “chief engineer Wallis and I need access to the files on the Harpy technology the Links were derived from.” At first the Admiral seemed confused but then looked at the tablet. “I never gave authorisation to classify this information?” She looked at François. “We decided it was necessary.”

“Who is we?” Pryia raised her voice, something Richard had never witnessed with her.

“We. You should join us.” The chief of security produced an injection device, shocked the Admiral jumped back. Calmly Richard grabbed the device. “You know that involuntary implantation is useless.” Calmly François smiled. “Of course we do. We told you. This was an offer. Naught more.” The expression of his superior officer went blank. Knwing that expression from Lucy, Richard immediately knew that he had linked out. “He is gone.”

As he spoke the Admiral had regained her composure. “Stanley? Security detail in my office, now.” She lean over the tablet punching in her own security code, while listening to Stanley Johnson, her first officer. Additional codes later, the files concerning the Harpy technology and everything related was not classified anymore, at least to anyone within the command structure.

“Gentlemen, this is serious. I want you to present me with options on how to deal with this.” With a tired expression she sat down behind her desk again. “We have to take this organisation down. They may be a technological, evolutionary step for mankind, but they have undermined our authority. If this was an obscure cult we’d be calling them terrorists. Only in this case there is no leader to pin down in order to shut down the whole thing. We need to take down all of them.” Her stern expression added non verbally that it didn’t matter in which manner that happened.

Richard and Bill exchanged a short glance, rose and saluted. Security personnel poured through the door. “Not her.” Richard grabbed one of the guards by her arm. Pryia was surprised, but not shocked.

Quickly the guard broke free of his grasp. “We can not be subdued!” A moment later she collapsed with a blank expression. In few words did Richard explain to the Admiral what had happened in the cell block.


Feeling  tired and weighed down Bill sat in one of the dining halls on the subgamma ring, he had studied the reports and analysis of the harpy implants. And what the crew of the Horizon had done to omit the signal.

Hissing the doors to the hallway slid open. “Good evening, chief.” Richard entered, although feeling the weight of the situation too, a certain proud glow surrounded him. Taking notice of it Bill squinted his eyes. “Good evening, lieutenant commander! Congratulations on the promotion! Chief of security now?”

“Acting chief, but yes.” He sat down next to Bill. “Any idea how to end this?”

Bill put the tablet on the desk. He disliked the glasses, like most people who had grown up without them, learned their craft without them, really only got introduced to them aboard the Destiny or her sisterships.

“A dampening signal, all over the ship. That’d be the best solution to keep it shut down. But there are difficulties to it. The currently linked could gather and hardwire themselves to find a counter technology.” Frowning he leaned back covering his face with his palms for a moment.

“What if we disrupt them in a way that would allow us to go around and pick them up, in essence shut them down, before we place each and everyone in a contained area where we can maintain the dampening signal?”

For a moment or two Bill stared at Richard. Having someone outside the field of engineering look at a problem sometimes provided fresh insight. “Actually, good idea.” Again he grabbed the tablet, worked on it while Richard wentn to get some food. As the acting chief of security sat down Bill punched a button and looked around. “Either there are no linkers here, or it doesn’t work.” He muttered. Balancig a bite of algae mush on his fork Richard smirked drily. “Come with me.”


“It is tested, and proved to work.” Richard presented a video clip of Marie becoming unresponsive as Bill turned on his program in the cell block. “We already tested it on the security personnel, only five more Digitally Enhanced were to be found, I’ve sent out the rest to investigate the leeches on our power grids.” Another image appeared on the viewscreen. “That’s a node.” Bill explained. We’ve reprogrammed it to emitt a shortrange signal that would put a linker into a comatose state, and on wide range the same signal as the program I created.”

The room was filled with dead silence, all three governors were present, with their vice governors, their assistants and the Admiral with the first officer Stanley Johnson. “Ain’t this a bit radical?”

“Aren’t they a bit radical? Undermining the security and safety of this ship?” Replied the Admiral without glancing over her shoulder. “Turn it on.”

A few gasps rose in the room, a moment later the governor of the gamma ring collapsed. Two more people around him, and an assistant from alpha ring’s vice governor.

“Ship wide disruption of the link has been activated, the unconscious Digitally Enhanced are being collected and will be detained until we can,” pausing Pryia rose before the gathered, turned on her heel, “unlink them. After all Digitally Enhanced have been rounded up, the nodes will be destroyed.”


Darius sat over his breakfast, Irina waddled in, her back hurt, after all the baby was due in only two weeks time. “Good Morning, Mister Bond.”

“Good morning, Moneypenny. The link has been severed, the nodes are a danger now.”

“Indeed, but soon, that won’t matter anymore.” She caresed her belly, kissing Darius on the cheek.