“Any idea why we’re here?” Clearly nervous Julio wiped away a bead of sweat that ran down his forehead, the work team assembly from Orion had been gathered, he and Jason sat in the interrogation room. 

“Not because of the Lieutenant. That much I am certain of.” Jason crossed his fingers behind his head, leaning in the chair. The room was well lit, held in grey colors, a table that was bolted to the ground, the chairs were mounted on rails, you could move them, but not throw them. 

These measures had been taken after interrogations had gone violent concerning a powerful new drug, synthesised from engineering lube. It was all over the news back then, afterwards they had refashioned the interrogation rooms. 

“Why then?” Julio wiped another sweat bead away. “D.E.Humans, linkers, what ever you want to call it. Borg for all I care.” 

Suddenly Julio relaxed a little, but he still was sweating, he too leaned back, awkwardly at that. “I thought their network was shut down? The EM signal from Orion was supposed to be naught more than a glitch.” 

“It wasn’t, trust me.” 

With a harsh sounding hiss the door opened. “So you know about it?” A security officer entered the interrogation room, at his side he noticed Harald Rüttli, behind him the Admiral and a tall black woman, he assumed it was Governor Ophelia Mbuntu.

“I have suspicions.” Jason leaned forward, putting his weight on his elbows on the table, fingers still crossed. 

A cold smile appeared on the lips of the security officer, only for one fleeting moment, then it vanished again. 

Rüttli and Lieutenant Oleson entered the room completely, the Admiral and the Governor remained outside. “What was that business about concerning a Lieutenant?” Oleson sat down in front of Jason, next to Julio on the square table. 

With a nod and a knowing expression Jason looked to Julio. Again a sweat bead formed, this time Julio didn’t wipe it away. 

“I may have had an encounter with a Lieutenant on Orion.” 

Raising his eyebrows, wrinkling his forehead Lieutenant Oleson also looked at the man. “An encounter?” 

“Alright, it was unprofessional, and sexual!” 

“In that respect,” Jason cleared his throat, “I was behaving unprofessionally too. My girlfriend, Miss Daria Fulton, brought a Private to our quarters, hacked my implant so it would turn of for a few days, and returned with said Private the following night.” 

Staring at Jason with his mouth open Lieutenant Oleson paused for a moment. “Your transgressions with the personnel of Orion are not subject of this investigation, but it is on record and disciplinary action will follow.” Theatrically he opened the protection flap to his tablet as if he was opening a case file in an old movie. 

“We suspect that the Orion and its crew got infested with the D.E.Human technology, and we’re here to investigate this, as it can only have come from the away team that went there.” He glanced at the two suspects while still facing his tablet computer. “Let’s start with you Doctor Charles.” A sign of relief came from Julio, he didn’t react well to pressure. 

“Yes, my field of study, would make me the logical candidate of us two.” Jason raised his eyebrows. “We have turned on the suppression signal two hours ago, bio signs from your father are weak. Is he part of the link?” 

“Heart attack, prior to you turning on the signal. Look it up.” Although angry, Jason retained a calm demeanour, albeit less respectful than he intended. “You two gentlemen worked together on the Orion’s new computing systems, has there been a time you worked separate from each other?”

Both men shook their heads. Except for lunch breaks and the evenings, they had spent each waking moment together aboard the Orion. “Is it possible that your equipment might have been corrupted before leaving the Explorer?” 

“It is possible, although unlikely.” Julio leaned back in further relaxation, although facing disciplinary action for his transgressions with the Lieutenant, he was guilty of nothing else, he basked in that feeling. “All the checksums upon installation came back as they were supposed to, check our logs.”

“Tablet computers were clean too.” Scratching his head Jason shifted in his seat. “Or appeared to be?” Oleson stared at Jason with an icy glare from blue eyes. “Or appeared to be, but I am certain that they were clean.”

“How so?” Rüttli was unable to contain his curiosity. “Glad you asked.” Jason smiled over his shoulder, “As I told you, my girlfriend, Miss Fulton, hacked my implant.” turning back to Lieutenant Oleson he continued. 

“At first I thought nothing of it. Later I found an implanting device in our quarters. Convinced she was giving the woman we had over for two nights in a row the usual implant and the entire technology to increase their chances of conceiving sons, I still thought nothing of it.”

All the while he was speaking Oleson’s expression got progressively darker. “Now you do?” 

“Now I do. She’s not in the medical field, and a little research in the meantime, revealed that the normal implants can’t do that.” 

Lieutenant Oleson looked down at the tablet, back to Jason. “Have you spoken to Miss Fulton since your return? Confronted her with your findings?”

In a few words Jason explained that he had not, and why he had not, spoken with Daria since their return.