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Rings of Fate S2xE4 – Horizon – Confrontations (pt.5)

​”All hands, battlestations! We have incoming.” 

These words caused immense chaos on the ship, hurrying down hallways, civilians and military personnel went to shelters close to the center of the ship, in their quarters, or barracks. Weapons were handed out. 

Wesley Smith sat down in a small cabin. “I never hoped this would be necessary.” Some tricky engineer had built a few small fighters for space combat. Fueled by methane from the sewage treatment facilities on the ship. Inertia should keep them at Horizon’s speed, otherwise they’d be lost in space. 

“Their weaponsystems are running hot.” The voice of his daughter came through the intercom. As the leader of the fighter squadron, all voluntary veteran pilots, Wesley started preflight. “Alright boys and girls, this will not be pretty. Get ready to meet these Bastards in the hell we’ll inflict on them!” 

He kept his ignitors hot, but dared not waste a single drop of methane yet. 

“They’re targeting,” Joleen paused.
“each other.” Surprised she glanced at the large view screen, which was split in the middle to view the ship approaching from the front and the one from the rear. With one leap Frederick rushed to her console. He punched in a code given from one Admiral to the next, and only known to the Governors as well, who in turn could never use it from their offices. Solomon had come up with it. 

“You armed the nukes!” Still stacked with the nuclear bombs used to propel the Horizon, in case they had to slow or pick up speed, Frederick hoped he would only have to deactivate them again. 

“Options?” He turned to her. “I can give you evasive to the sides, but slow down and we’ll hit our friends in the back, faster we crash those in front, so why did you” she didn’t finish her sentence, targeting programmes adjusted automatically.  

Frederick didn’t intend to slow down or speed up.

“They aren’t tactical nukes, but they’re all that we’ve got.” He wrinkled his forehead. 

“Picking up transmissions.” Fernanda didn’t look up from her console. “Can’t decipher it however. Joleen, care to try?” She looked over her shoulder to the first officer of the Horizon. Reluctantly, but still determined Joleen rushed to the communication panel. 

“We can’t waste time for their chatter, patch the translator through here!” Still staying at Joleen’s post the Admiral yelled, nodding Joleen did what he wanted and signaled him when she had completed the task. 

“This is Admiral Frederick Doherty from the Horizon. We request you leave us in peace. Please respond.” 

Agonising moments of silence passed with no reaction. “There is your reply sir.” All in the command centre watched their instruments in horror as the ship in front of the Horizon also targeted them, im addition to the other Harpy vessel. 

With a few button presses Frederick replied in kind, all forward facing ray guns had been locked at the Harpy ship, the release port for the propulsion nukes on the forward facing dish were opened. “You have the capacity to annihilate us, but it will not be without a,” he couldn’t add the word fight as a massive energy blast struck the harpy vessel’s weapon systems. 

“Where did that come from?” A swarm of small vessels disengaged from the forward lying ship, they maneuvered around it like a cloud. “Standard procedure in case the shielding fails.” The computerised voice of Hylias translator informed them. Solomon stood behind the Harpy, two security guards escorting her. 

Another engy blast undid a large portion of the small vessels. “That is not Harpy weaponry!” Joleen yelled, although they had not been hit, an atone symphony of alarms and notifications from various systems filled the command centre. 

Discharges from the Harpy vessel in their back joined the unknown source of fire, first disabling, then destroying the ship. 

The Horizon was shaken badly in the shock wave of the final explosion, and the debris of the harpy vessel hitting the hull.

“I want to know who just destroyed them!” Yelling over the noises Frederick had reached a stress level previously unknown to him. Although plagued by his loss and arthritis Solomon hurried to his side, deactivating the nukes before they went off inside the ship. 
“Sir, there!” Joleen enhanced a section of the view screen, a weirdly shaped object hurtled towards them. 

“Parts of it read as,” pausing in irritation Joleen took another scan. “Pods from Explorer and the Ark1?” 

Stunned Frederick stumbled to his chair, Solomon sat down at Joleen’s post. “Confirm that.” 

“I already did. It is parts from Explorer and an Ark1 remnant.”

The oddly shaped vessel closed in on the Horizon fast. Seeing as they dispatched of the other Harpy vessel with ease the one ship that had moved up from behind the Horizon retreated to a greater distance, weapon systems were powered down, but the shielding was maintained. “I didn’t read the reports from Explorer these days, but the headline of one was suggesting that they had trouble with the Ark1 at one point.” In a mix of relief from the avoided all out battle with the Harpys and renewed tension concerning the weird Ark1 ship, Frederick was left to gasp for air. 

The atone symphony of alarms and notifications started a new, as the Ark1emitted a powerful signal to the Horizon. A squeek came from the dampening device in Joleen’s pocket, followed by her tossing it to the ground. A small cloud of smoke rose from it.

Both she and Hylia looked at each other, then at the view screen. “They’re hailing.” Joleen mumbled.

Lizard People

No not the elusive, shape-shifting creatures some conspiracy nuts blame for the supposed existence of the NWO. I’m talking about us. Humans. 

Someone once said that “homophobia” is a misnomer, that it is hatred, not fear, driving these people. 

Well, actually, it IS fear. 
Embedded in our very essence, buried so deep inside our make up, that it sits in the reptilian part of the brain, is the tribalism part. The one that fears things (and people) that (who) are different. 

Different skin color? Fear. 

Deformity? Fear. 

Homosexuality? Fear. 

Other language, religion, culture? Fear. 
We are a tribalistic bunch, and we act as such. To borrow a horrible quote of arbitrarily bunched up emotions “fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering”. (I’m not here to discuss semantics this time, because here it fits, oddly enough.)

Homophobia, Xenophobia, and what not else -phobia, IS aptly named. It’s fear fueling the hate, hate driving these people. It’s the lizard at the controls. 


It is not restricted to the politically right, it is also the left, the supposed libertarians, guilty of letting the lizard take the controls. Fear of vaccines, fear of science (like GMOs), fear of and hatred for progress/change/diversity in all ways – it is our human nature, our lizard nature. 

We do not understand this stuff / these people, which frightens us, thus we hate it/them. Out of fear. 

Overcoming this lizard brain thing isn’t easy, but us having achieved what we have achieved this far, I think it is not impossible. We overcame other embedded programming of our animalistic ancestry. Why not this one too? 
So. In closing, we must not fear, except fear itself. Let us overcome our lizard, and shut the lizard people out of the control centre. 

Tolerance and understanding.

Take care, A.

Rings of Fate S2xE4 – Horizon – Confrontations (pt.4)

​Sitting at the Admiral’s desk in the little office he called his den, Joleen again felt nervous, she had every confidence in her plan, but doubted that the Admiral would have confidence in her. Meanwhile it had been confirmed that both she, her sister and her parents had the implant. As did her neffpew and niece.

Good thing I’m not interested in procreation. She thought when receiving the news. There were not enough handheld emitters available, so her sister and her children had been confined to their quarters. 

“Environmental department concurs with your idea.” Frederick pinched the base of his nose, as he put down the tablet. Although he had grown up using glasses he had started disusing them. Notifications of all sorts just popped up on the HUD, you couldn’t get away from it. Unless you took them off, and transferred business to a tablet computer. 

“But you’re having reservations, since it came from me.” 

“No!” Was he too quick with his dismissal? “No.” Slowly he blinked a few times, “I don’t know where to look for the Harpy vessel. Sub alpha where you are, beta, where your family is? Subgamma where the main reactor is located and guarantees total annihilation if the ship is detonated?”

Joleen understood his dilemma. She had worked up the plan and knew that they didn’t have a lot of dust to spare. Enough for one, perhaps two attempts. “We need to figure out who the Harpy was tuning in to.” 

“Me.” Joleen said, filled with a certainty that sounded narcissistic, even to herself. “Not because I’m the brightest of the listening posts, but because I’m in the command centre. I’m posing the most valuable of the information sources. Stay close to me, and you stay close to tactical information.” 

As always her reasoning was flawless, convinced the Admiral nodded. “You have a go.”

“One thing sir, we should probably fake some information and transmit it on the frequency of the implant.” Stunned Frederick looked at her with an intense gaze. Could they even mimic the information? It was data extracted from thought patterns. “If you can, prepare something and have it on my desk in the morning.”
A faint, but constantly repetitive beep, kept Solomon awake. It was also a sign that his dear friend was still alive. Although he took comfort from that, and dozed off for a few minutes every now and then, he always had nightmares of the beep ending, or going erratic, which woke him again. 

“That smart girl is going to try spraying some dirt at the Harpy that destroyed our long range.” He found himself spilling the news to his comatose friend. “And you lie here sleeping through it, remember when we first met them in the tube? You wouldn’t have slept through that!” 

Earlier that day Joleen had paid a visit as well. In order to thank the doctor for the help he provided to her mother during her time on Ericsson, and to see if he was better. She had told the former Admiral that she could’ve used Johannes’ help on creating a false transmission to the Harpy, but had to abandon the plan since he was way more experienced in the field. 

“I’m certain they’re recording that great event for posterity, I’ll be sure to watch the reruns.” Faint but not lacking his old wits and humor, Johannes whimpered more than he spoke. 

“You’re awake!” As before in Hylias presence Solomon got up too fast for his joints liking. This time he heeded the pain and sat back down. “That’s great! And we can watch the news feed here.” Solomon winked. 

“I need help, not news, man.” Once again Solomon got up, slower that time, and hurried to get a nurse. 

“I don’t know what got you, but it’s good to see you are recovering from it.” Smiling he sat down, noticing only then that there was no beeping. 

“Joe? Don’t do this to me. Don’t die!” Tears welded up in his eyes. “Don’t, please don’t, ” they started flowing down his cheeks. 

Finally the nurse arrived, she checked the equipment, felt Johannes’ pulse. Then she shook her head. “He’s dead, sir.” 

Overwhelmed and devastated Solomon let his head sink, he started sobbing uncontrollably. His close friend had gone.
In silence the dust streamed from the sub alpha ring, influenced by all the media she had watched, Joleen heard a soft ringing noise in her imagination as she watched the life feed from the whiskers. Most of the crew in the command centre did probably.

“There!” Tactical officer Uma Hotchkins exclaimed, within moments she had the guns aligned to the gap in the dust band around sub alpha, just waiting for Frederick’s command to fire.

A discharge from the aft section of Horizon hit the gap before the Admiral could give the command, only a fraction of a second later the gap exploded in a bright ball of fire and light. There was a slight shock wave, but the buffer zone caught most of it, so naught more than a slight rumble echoed through the ship. 

“I did not fire that!” 

Joleen was faster than Uma’s reaction, the video feed changed to the back of the ship. Another harpy vessel had decloaked, the weapons emitter still hot from the fired shot, but otherwise sensors reported that the weaponsystems were powering down. 

“Reading a massive ship.” Again it was Uma, Joleen read the same data, simply adjusted the whiskers. “I’m reading a second one.” She sighed. 

Frederick felt a knot in his stomach. 

Hologram Universe / Ancestor Simulation 

​”There is a theory which states that if ever anyone discovers exactly what the universe is for and why it is here, it will instantly disappear and be replaced by something even more bizarre and inexplicable. 

There is another theory which states that this had already happened.”

-Douglas Adams, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
The most abused principle of recent times is the anthropic principle. Stating that the universe exists in the way it does in order to be compatible with sapient observers within it. We, the observers, exist because the universe is the way it is. But, and this is the error some make when interpreting this principle, it does not mean that we, sapient observers, MUST exist, because the universe is that way. Pretty much everything out there is hostile to higher developed forms of life such as us. Yet, we’re here, so the physics, chemistry and other boundaries, allow for beings such as us to arise out of the murky sludge that once sloshed around on our planet. But it does not mean that the universe is tailor made for us.

Recently the question arose whether we live in a hologram, an ancestor simulation. Devised by some aliens to study their ancestors through a realistic simulation of “primitive” beings. 

Will we ever find out if we do live in such a simulation? 

Unless the aliens live in a simulation themselves and want to study their ancestors, no. Once the simulated beings figure out they’re living in a simulation, they stop being an accurate simulation. If the simulator (aka computer) interferes with the simulation, your data is crap. Toss it all out and start new. Perhaps you have a save-file from before they found out that can be incorporated in the new, and better, simulation, and you won’t have to start from scratch.※ (Hence the Douglas Adams quote at the top)

No matter how good we get at science, no matter what secrets we uncover, this question will at best be answered with a strong and resounding no, or at worst always be “who knows?”…

Take care, 

※ me personally, I would let them keep their discoveries and load them into the new simulation WITH their knowledge, just to fuck with them. But then again, I’m a shit god. 

PS, perhaps the universe is an ancestor simulation tailor made for the tardigrade? Think about it. It can survive pretty much anything the universe throws at it. Radiation, exposure, heat, cold, vacuum – fuck it. This thing keeps on living. We are just a weird fluke in the system, and someday we’ll discover a planet populated by highly evolved tardigrade people, living the tardigradopic principle.

Rings of Fate S2xE4 – Horizon – Confrontations (pt.3)

Personally the former Admiral escorted Hylia back to her quarters. “Beware.” She groweld, the first human word she ever produced. It was impossible for her to speak any human tongue, mimicking the sound was hard on her throat and tongue. 

Alarmed Solomon looked around, other than the guards there was no one around. “Leave us.” He hissed at the two men, sparking protest the very same moment, but he dismissed it. From his pocket he produced one pair of glasses. He hated them, but they were reasonably small, so he took them with him instead of a clunky tablet. 

“I’m sorry, but I don’t understand your language that well.” He explained, bowing down to her face. 

“The first officer is a listening post.” She explained that she had her implant deactivated, every few moments it tried to activate once she had gotten away from the dampening field, she turned it off right away every time. But at one point she caught the frequency of another implant.

In Joleen. 

“She was born on Horizon, how” Solomon paused. He squinted his eyes. “Her parents were the Ericsson survivors, they got intercepted and implanted, and there is an implant in her too. Right?” 

In accordance with the humans customs Hylia nodded. Cursing Solomon got up, faster than he should, immediately his joints protested, but he ignored the searing pain. “Come on, you need to get back.” He urged her on, but Hylia portested. “I believe I made a grave mistake. The patriachy ship will be here, around the sub alpha ring.” 

He had figured as much, thanked her anyway. 
Haunched over his desk Frederick studied various ways on how to detect the enemy vessel. If you hit it, you’ll know. These words haunted him.

Various sections of the ship had been tasked to come up with solutions to the cloaked vessel orbiting them. 

A notorious beep woke him from thought, glad for the distraction he turned around, opening the door remotely with his glasses. 

“Admiral! Come on in.” Despite him being the Admiral now Frederick still greeted Solomon like he was the commanding officer. There had been an Admiral between the two, but he had died of a heart attack during a Harpy attack. “What brings you to my den?” Complimenting the older man in, Frederick also offered some water, which Solomon thankfully denied. “Your first officer brings me here.”

“What about Joleen? She is a bit awkward, but high intelligence comes at a cost, you know?”

Gently Solomon shook his head. “That isn’t the issue. Hylia thinks she is a listening device. Or rather, has one implanted in her.” Before Frederick could rebut Solomon carefully explained the suspicion uttered by the elderly Harpy.

Devastated Frederick sat down, he produced a small bottle of alcohol, legal only on the Horizon, and again offered his predecessor a drink, this time Solomon gladly accepted. 

“I suggest dampening field.” Solomon eagerly swallowed the drink. It had been some time since he had one. 

“Should I confine her to her quarters too?” Clearly enraged Frederick raised his voice, caught himself midrage, and tried excusing himself, but Solomon’s understanding expression stopped him. “Raise a dempening field around her workplace, explain her the situation and as far as I know her, she’ll build a portable dampening device herself.” He winked. Thanking him for the drink Solomon got up, halfway to the door he stopped and turned around to Frederick. “And I suggest you look for the Harpy around sub alpha. And dampen Joleen’s parents and sister as well.”

Nodding Frederick thanked his predecessor for the advice and got up too. “Your lead taught me well, I know to dampen them as well.” Both men knew that the suggestion to look around subalpha came from Hylia, but Solomon didn’t want to admit it, and Frederick didn’t want to embarrass the old Admiral. 
Glum Solomon sat at the table, lunch wasn’t the same without Johannes. Oleksandra, Johannes’ wife, had informed him that the good doctor had in fact not fallen asleep, but slipped into a comatose state. She told him why, but he couldn’t remember for the life of him. Medical terms, and issues, were as alien to him as the next thing. 

“Mind if I take a seat?” The words directed at him were spoken with a distance to them, just as if he had tried to say what was troubling Johannes. “Sure, sit.” He leaned back studying the woman. Joleen had never showed any interest in company, unless it was for professional reasons, why did she want to sit there with him?

“I must thank you for relying the information about the implant in my brain to the Admiral. I don’t know how much information could have been gleaned through me otherwise.” Or how much they have already gained. She showed him a ddvice that looked like a cellphone. Not that anyone in Joleen’s generation knew what a cellphone was. With the press of a button she activated the diaplay, it was emitting a dampening field. 

Just as he had suspected.

“I figure, since I am not connected permanently, or in a two way communication line, the suppression field emitted during the DEHuman cleansing didn’t have any effect on me or my parents?” 

“Ask that our permanent house guest.” Solomon smiled gently. Joleen nodded. “Do you think it possible that my intellect has arisen from said implant? All my life I sometimes asked myself why I have been given that high an IQ.” 

Sighing Solomon kept his eyebrows risen as he reached for the water on his table. “You do have a sibling, a sister, if memory serves? Does she show signs of high intelligence?” Nodding with his words Joleen finally shook her head. “Britney does not.” There was a hint of relief in her words, but also one of disappointment. 

Figuring that she both loved and loathed her gifted mind, she must have pinned her hopes and fears on the implant. 

“Sir, you know the Horizon better than most,” Joleen shuffled in her seat, nervously, “it is my conviction that we can do without some of our dust.”

All of Horizon was a closed system. Everything found a second purpose, everything got recycled. “You have turned the outter most sections of the rings into a giant buffer zone, uninhabited for the most parts. We could jettison dust out and see where it disappears in the harpy cloak. Not hightech, I admit, and I think you would expect more from me, but,”

Solomon had raised his hand. “I think you’re right, but please take it up with the Admiral. I’m retired.” 

Mother’s day 2017

Been to a gift shop, found these “innocent” party masks. 

I have seen that movie. Those three are going to have their way with a woman in an all night ravaging orgy. 

So, there’s a gift idea for this Sunday’s mother’s day 2017: If you don’t know mommies three “best friends”, just give her these masks, she’ll make good use of them. 

Crappy Mother’s day, and if you get a new sibling in February, and your mommy calls them an animal name like rabbit, deer or teddy/bear – you’ll know more than you ever wanted…

Rings of Fate S2xE4 – Horizon – Confrontations (pt.2)


​Hissing door sounds woke Hylia, she rose from her spot, tired she shuffled away from her bed. The mammals had made her a comfortable home. Her children as well, although in recent years she was asking herself what kind of life they would have, imprisoned on the ship. But at least they were alive, and if they were ever to join their kin, they could tell stories no one has ever heard.

The ship had rocked twice that day. Were there two attacks? She didn’t know. Around them there always was a dampening field active. 

After all these years, had they finally found out that her kin had implanted other humans?

She sat down at a small table, on the other side of a glass wall the old mammalian leader wheeled in the man who had always been trying to understand her better. Both of them had aged since they first met. 

So had she. 

“They found Orion.” Johannes still used sign language, Hylia tilted her head. “What’s that?” 

“Ancient human ship.” 

Hylia changed the side to which she tilted her head. There was something she recalled. “Harbinger of ill fortune.” She replied, typing the answer however. Over the years the two sides had mastered each others written language. “I recall it. We made contact with them some time ago, it was believed to have been destroyed, along with the ships it came in contact with. When the antimatter poison spewed into our territory we back tracked it,”

“And found us, thinking we are the ancient enemy.” Solomon said, a translation program wrote his words out on the screen for Hylia to understand. 

“Yes. So it is still out there?” A flicker of old hatred lit up in her eyes as she replied, also verbally, the same translator was active for the mammals. 

“Apparently so. Sadly, one of your ships surveying the remnants of the Ark1, the antimatter ship that brought your kind to us, attacked the Orion, but got destroyed.” Johannes used sign language. He made a genuine saddened face.

“Well,” Hylia propped herself up against the table. “if they attacked, it is a risk we all face when entering battle. Remember my sisters going in against you. But I thank you for the implied sympathy.” Gently Johannes smiled. “Any idea why our long range communication has been attacked?” 

Hylias mouth snapped shut. She closed her eyes, and could see it infront of her, a single V shaped attack vessel, taking out the long range communication antennae. “Color?” She opened her eyes, hoping desperately that it was just a scheme from her sisters to identify all the human ships while keeping them from communicating with each other. 

“Do you mean the color of the attack vessel? Because we don’t have any information about,” 

“Alert your people. Bring me to your current leaders.” She was very well aware that both Solomon and Johannes were retired, an age seldom reached by any of her sisters, or brothers, except her of course. 
“A rival faction within the Harpies?” Frederick raised his eyebrows, Hylia sat on the other side of the table. “More like a more radical faction within our society. You unite several cultures yourself on your ships. So do we. These are very radical. They hate everything and anything that is not our kin. Unlike the majority of our cultures they are not governed by mothers, and our understanding of life, but by patriarchy.” Feeling a little offended the Admiral looked to Solomon and Johannes who also attended the meeting, along with Joleen and the three governors.  

“They also attack our ships, taking out long range communication, and then they board the vessel in secret. Mostly by use of a suicide agent, there is personal cloaking technology, but it is lethal to the wearer. Sadly I can’t tell you how it works, as my knowledge of it ends there.” She too looked at Johannes, who in turn stared straight ahead.

“Assuming that is the case, what will the agent do, once he has identified us as humans?” Joleen took over the questioning, seeing that her superior was overwhelmed by the situation. 

“Call for his vessel to self destruct.” Hylia closed her eyes, recalling the eggs she had laid shortly after her arrival. The hatchlings, and how they had grown. Her maternal instincts took over. “We mustn’t let that happen. We have to eliminate the agent, if there is one.” Once again she glanced to Johannes, still the human she felt most sympathetic to, stared forward. “I suspect that there is another cloaked ship following us. Orbiting counter ring rotation, probably around beta, as it is the middle of the ship.” And where the people settled that you picked up from outter space, who are surely the implantees. Hylia fixed Joleen with her eyes, although different species, the two women seemed to resonate. 

In awe Hylias eyes widened. 

“We need to find a way to disrupt the cloak, any ideas?” Retaking the conversation Frederick spoke up. “We have no technology to uncloak them.” Joleen replied immediately. 

All eyes, except Johannes’ turned to Hylia. “The cloak is used against our kind as well. If there is a malfunction, or sabotaged ship, we can indirectly detect it, but that is it. No heat, no EM of any sorts. If you hit it, you’ll know.” Finally able to shake loose her gaze from Joleen, Hylia returned her gaze to Johannes. “Is he alright?” She finally dared to ask. 

Solomon bowed over to his old friend. “He is breathing, but otherwise I think he fell asleep with his eyes open.” 

Old people. With a nod the Admiral signaled that Johannes be wheeled out. 

Advices (part I?)

I am usually not one to browse the advice columns, and even if I per chance glimpse one or two funny things in there, I just quip about it with my wife and my best friend, and then it’s done.

But this time I’ve got to steal a format from Buckley. 

Dear anybody but the lunatic, 

I recently caught my fiancé and his sister together and broke up with him. I’d always gotten a strange feeling about their closeness, but I didn’t believe it until I saw with my own eyes. To my family and friends, it seems like I woke up one morning and decided not to get married. Everyone is pushing me to work things out with my fiancé. Initially, I wanted to keep what I saw between them and me. If I tell people they have an incestuous relationship, it would probably destroy their lives. I know they’re barely functioning and terrified I will tell people about them. I’m worried I will seem spiteful if I tell even a few trusted loved ones the real reason I called off the wedding. At the same time, I’m heartbroken too and don’t know how much longer I can handle lectures about “letting a good man get away.” Should I stay quiet or speak up?

Signed, let’s call her Lonesome in Lannisport.

(Note: The original advice columnist suggested at the end to tell people that the fiance was unfaithful and to leave it at that, as it contained enough truth.)

Dear Lonesome,

call me an evil maniac or a vengeful shitlord, but I’d say that you should tell them.
Tell your friends, your family, their family, the local newspaper, church congregation, everyone. 

If I got cheated on in preparation to our weeding, I’d make both their lives living hell. Siblings in an incestuous relationship, makes that only that much easier, as no one in their right mind would defend their behavior. You know, there is always some friends, relatives, counselors, or someone who side(s) with the cheater, rather than the cheated. Making up excuses. Trying to get you, the cheated, to see things from their, the cheaters, point of view. Not here.
We have a Jamie and Cersei situation here, and this ain’t Game of Thrones. Don’t be worried that it’ll ruin their lives if you tell. THEY should’ve thought about that before doing the dance with no pants together, and brought that all upon themselves. You on the other hand will get support from your community (friends, relatives, bla bla bla) instead of pressure, and they get what they deserve.

So please, tell them the whole truth, before a Geoffrey gets conceived. 

Take care, 


Rings of Fate S2xE4 – Horizon – Confrontations (pt.1)

As so often the floor of the Horizon was shaking under a harpy attack. Unfazed by this Admiral Doherty kept walking down the hallway to the command centre, at a calm pace. For decades the harpys showed up every now and then, fired a few shots, and retreated. Seldom a real battle ensued. 

No one, not even the Harpy prisoner, knew what that tactic was supposed to accomplish. Wear them down? Find a weakspot? Frederick Doherty knew the Harpys had no need for a weak spot, if they wanted the Horizon destroyed, they would come in force. 

“Sit rep!” He went straight for his first officer, Joleen Jenkins. “Minor damage, the usual hit and run. But you’ll like this,” she handed him a tablet with a report from Explorer. 

Curling his mustache with one hand Frederick read over the report. “They made contact with an ancient ship from earth and there is still someone alive there. What are the odds?” 

“Astronomical.” Joleen replied with a cold smile. She always smiled coldly. Thanking her Frederick turned to his seat. “What else can you tell me of this attack?”

“Beta ring shielding, they’re never hitting the same spot twice. As usual. They too suffered minor damage.” An alarm went off. “Incoming harpy vessel!” Lieutenant Commander Konrad Hansen from tactical yelled, much to the dismay of the others. It was sooner than anticipated. Normally they attacked, left and didn’t return for a few days. 

Flickering the main screen came to life and showed the harpy vessel coming towards them, as a small red dot approaching a large green oval in the center of the screen. It was an extrapolation of the combined data streams from the Horizon itself and her whisker drones. Approaching on a highly irregular path, the harpy ship darted through the return fire the Horizon canons opened up on it. 
In silence the small one-seater attack vessel had managed to get awfully close, was mere centimeters from the hull of the human built behemoth, moved along side it, stopped, relative to the Horizon, above the sub alpha ring. One moment later it opened fire at the antennae that enabled long distance communication. 

It just had been moments since the pilot had received information about the mission. An ancient ship from the humans had been detected, and it had destroyed the scouting ship. 

Growling in his ancestors fashion, the pilot activated the anti photon shield, turning all other systems off, or low. 
“It is gone.” Joleen stated before Hansen could. An eerie silence followed as she and the others assessed the ramifications of the recent attack. “Read the report.” Joleen suggested to the Admiral as he turned to her with an unspoken question on his face. 

Again he took up the tablet and began reading, more thoroughly than before. The last message from Explorer had told him of the Ark1 and a rescue mission. “Dang.” He exhaled as he reached a portion of the message stating that the rescue operation had been interrupted by the arrival of the Harpies, which in turn had decloaked and moved to intercept the Orion, the name of the ancient human ship. Only to be blown to bits by the Orion. 

“Can I assume that the Orion has had dealings with our saurian foes before?” He glanced over the top edge of the tablet computer to Joleen. 

“It is very likely.” She didn’t even look at him, punching away at the controls. “Rerouting long distance communication through the whiskers, but it is on receive only.” She leaned back, looking to the communication officer, Fernanda Maria Magdalena Alvarez. 

Angered but otherwise complacent Fernanda returned the gaze. Everyone on the command centre crew knew of Joleen and her special talents. That she made no secret of. Highly intelligent, but social skills that were doubtful, she still managed to hold out. Everyone just kept hoping she’d never be commanding officer, including Joleen herself.

The part of her that was success driven wouldn’t be able to refuse such a promotion, but she knew that she’d be an awful leader.

“Notify Solomon of the newest development.” Konrad returned to reading. 
As every workday at noon Solomon Grienberg, former Admiral, sat at his favorite table in a dining hall on the alpha ring, just two levels outward from the central gardens. Opposite of him was Johannes Falkner, formerly the chief medical doctor of the Horizon. The two men enjoyed their lunch schedule, which they had carried over from their late years in active duty. 

Johannes sat in a wheelchair, more for convenience, as his leg was often acting up, than actual necessity. “How’s your kid?” Solomon moved a cup slightly around, retirement wasn’t exactly for him, but he couldn’t overstay his command. 

“Good. Good, he tells me that the military is doing better these days.” Winking Johannes referred to Solomon’s retirement being a good thing for the entirety of the ship. A young woman walked up to the table, she was displaying a prime example of a tidy uniform. Under Solomon’s command the uniforms had been just as tidy, and regulations were just as strict, albeit the attitude within the command structure was a bit less strict. 

In most areas of the command structure it still was, and still the admiral held supreme power over the governors, as the military crisis with the Harpies was still unresolved. 

“Sir?” She saluted, only now did Solomon notice that she didn’t have tight bound hair, but really short hair. 

“The Admiral sent me to give you this.” She handed him a tablet computer. Thanking her he took it and dismissed her. “Still working, eh?” Johannes remarked with a dismal smirk. 

“Harpys took out long range. And they found an ancient human ship, the Orion.” Knowing well that his old friend wanted to know too what was going on, but was incapable of reading for longer than a few lines on the tablet computer Solomon gave him a synopsis of the reports. 

“You know as well ss I do that they have a cloaked ship around us. That other thing was just to draw our attnetion away.” 

“I know.” Growled the former Admiral. “Now they have two.” Reading on a few remarks added by the current Admiral, Solomon kept yearning for the days of his command. “Looks like were going to pay a visit to our permanent house guest.”