​Hissing door sounds woke Hylia, she rose from her spot, tired she shuffled away from her bed. The mammals had made her a comfortable home. Her children as well, although in recent years she was asking herself what kind of life they would have, imprisoned on the ship. But at least they were alive, and if they were ever to join their kin, they could tell stories no one has ever heard.

The ship had rocked twice that day. Were there two attacks? She didn’t know. Around them there always was a dampening field active. 

After all these years, had they finally found out that her kin had implanted other humans?

She sat down at a small table, on the other side of a glass wall the old mammalian leader wheeled in the man who had always been trying to understand her better. Both of them had aged since they first met. 

So had she. 

“They found Orion.” Johannes still used sign language, Hylia tilted her head. “What’s that?” 

“Ancient human ship.” 

Hylia changed the side to which she tilted her head. There was something she recalled. “Harbinger of ill fortune.” She replied, typing the answer however. Over the years the two sides had mastered each others written language. “I recall it. We made contact with them some time ago, it was believed to have been destroyed, along with the ships it came in contact with. When the antimatter poison spewed into our territory we back tracked it,”

“And found us, thinking we are the ancient enemy.” Solomon said, a translation program wrote his words out on the screen for Hylia to understand. 

“Yes. So it is still out there?” A flicker of old hatred lit up in her eyes as she replied, also verbally, the same translator was active for the mammals. 

“Apparently so. Sadly, one of your ships surveying the remnants of the Ark1, the antimatter ship that brought your kind to us, attacked the Orion, but got destroyed.” Johannes used sign language. He made a genuine saddened face.

“Well,” Hylia propped herself up against the table. “if they attacked, it is a risk we all face when entering battle. Remember my sisters going in against you. But I thank you for the implied sympathy.” Gently Johannes smiled. “Any idea why our long range communication has been attacked?” 

Hylias mouth snapped shut. She closed her eyes, and could see it infront of her, a single V shaped attack vessel, taking out the long range communication antennae. “Color?” She opened her eyes, hoping desperately that it was just a scheme from her sisters to identify all the human ships while keeping them from communicating with each other. 

“Do you mean the color of the attack vessel? Because we don’t have any information about,” 

“Alert your people. Bring me to your current leaders.” She was very well aware that both Solomon and Johannes were retired, an age seldom reached by any of her sisters, or brothers, except her of course. 
“A rival faction within the Harpies?” Frederick raised his eyebrows, Hylia sat on the other side of the table. “More like a more radical faction within our society. You unite several cultures yourself on your ships. So do we. These are very radical. They hate everything and anything that is not our kin. Unlike the majority of our cultures they are not governed by mothers, and our understanding of life, but by patriarchy.” Feeling a little offended the Admiral looked to Solomon and Johannes who also attended the meeting, along with Joleen and the three governors.  

“They also attack our ships, taking out long range communication, and then they board the vessel in secret. Mostly by use of a suicide agent, there is personal cloaking technology, but it is lethal to the wearer. Sadly I can’t tell you how it works, as my knowledge of it ends there.” She too looked at Johannes, who in turn stared straight ahead.

“Assuming that is the case, what will the agent do, once he has identified us as humans?” Joleen took over the questioning, seeing that her superior was overwhelmed by the situation. 

“Call for his vessel to self destruct.” Hylia closed her eyes, recalling the eggs she had laid shortly after her arrival. The hatchlings, and how they had grown. Her maternal instincts took over. “We mustn’t let that happen. We have to eliminate the agent, if there is one.” Once again she glanced to Johannes, still the human she felt most sympathetic to, stared forward. “I suspect that there is another cloaked ship following us. Orbiting counter ring rotation, probably around beta, as it is the middle of the ship.” And where the people settled that you picked up from outter space, who are surely the implantees. Hylia fixed Joleen with her eyes, although different species, the two women seemed to resonate. 

In awe Hylias eyes widened. 

“We need to find a way to disrupt the cloak, any ideas?” Retaking the conversation Frederick spoke up. “We have no technology to uncloak them.” Joleen replied immediately. 

All eyes, except Johannes’ turned to Hylia. “The cloak is used against our kind as well. If there is a malfunction, or sabotaged ship, we can indirectly detect it, but that is it. No heat, no EM of any sorts. If you hit it, you’ll know.” Finally able to shake loose her gaze from Joleen, Hylia returned her gaze to Johannes. “Is he alright?” She finally dared to ask. 

Solomon bowed over to his old friend. “He is breathing, but otherwise I think he fell asleep with his eyes open.” 

Old people. With a nod the Admiral signaled that Johannes be wheeled out.