18th Jekram, 3366 after Digitalys settlement. Yrag.

Exhaustion weighed Yrag’s body down. He sat at the desk on the other side of the entrance to the satellite relay station. For the entire previous day he and Jujy had been in a small craft hovering above the waves just inside the perimeter of the shield. 

As he had suspected, the large shadow in the water was one of the aquatic giants of Digitalys. 

Like some ferocious fungus the nanites oft times infiltrated a larger organism, drove it to new grounds for the nanites to multiply at, where the organism was completely consumed so the nanites could spread.

The creature had been infected with the nanites. For hours they tracked its movements beneath the waves, took readings, and finally decided to blast it with the magnetic pulse.

After which the creature died, already the nanites had taken over too many parts of the creature’s brain and internal organs, bloodstream. After the nanites were deactivated the creature died within moments of the blast.

What followed was dragging the creature inside the shield, and dissecting it. 

Matriarchy’s false accusations of the nanites being like the networkers chip were actually somewhat justified the examination revealed. “They formed a command structure within the creature’s brain, taking over in essence. Not to bring other creatures into the network, but to spread.” He noted in his log.

Heavy rain pounded against the window and door of the building, Jujy was just as tired as him, as she came up from the subterranean room. “We’re on reserve power.” She sighed, for days it had rained, and for days there was only black clouds overhead. Solar cells couldn’t charge with that kind of weather, and both had a feeling that the nanites were causing it. Their heat evaporated enough water to fuel the rainstorm.

A researcher had described the sludge as hot to the touch in his final moment on mainland. 

He actually screamed out that it was hot, and weird. Yrag looked out the window. To think the locals began referring to the island as Yrag’s haven after he and Jujjy had set up the shield.

Now it was going to fail. He clearly saw the lightning striking inside the shield now. 

“Shielding this building.” Jujy stated dryly behind him. “Shall I send the last logs?” 

Tired and sad Yrag turned around. Currently dozens of creatures smashed themselves ferociously at the shield, in the programmed hopes of getting their nanites through. 

Deafening thunder caused the two to rush to the window again. 

Outside a small tree had been struck by lightning, rain fell. 

Silvery rain. It consumed the leaves from above, sludge seemed to crawl upwards from the ground. Crackling the tree fell over and seemed to melt into the sludge.

“Yes. My beloved.” He sat down at the desk with her. All the logs he had obtained, that documented the events leading up to the Digitalys apocalypse, were already stored in a geostationary satellite. Only their latest findings needed to be sent. 

The heat radiating in from the door and window became noticeable across the room. As the nanites changed other materials into new nanites, they generated heat. 

“I love you.” He took her hand, squeezed it gently. “I love you too.” More breath than words, as Jujy supressed her urge to cry.

Taking each other in the arms Jujy and Yrag closed their eyes. The last data package was transmitted to the satellite, along with the command to start the transmission of the analogue signal. 

A countdown flashed up on the screen. “I don’t want to become nanite fodder.” She faintly smiled as an explanation. “Nor do I.” He touched her forehead with his, approving of her activating the self destruct program. 

A violent explosion tore the ground on Yrag’s haven’s south peninsula up, engulfing, consuming it and all on it. Harpy, structures, nanites and rock.

A shock wave plowed through the silvery sludge, deactivating what nanites it touched, but a new wave of nanites was released from the clouds immediately. 

19th Jekram 3366 after Digitalys settlement. Yrag.

Upon reading this log, know that I have perished, that we all have perished. In the end, our own shortsightedness was our undoing. 

Please my sisters and brothers, find a way to peacefully coexist with the universe around you. What ever species you might encounter, what ever spaces you enter, do not force yourselves on the universe, but go with it.

This is Yrag, take a lesson from these logs.

Digitalys settlement, out.