Shane Grimes walked through the nightly garden on the beta ring of Destiny. Somewhere off in the distance his friends had a small camp. During the holidays students were allowed to camp in parts of the beta garden, unless they were caught making fire. 

Although he knew that there was nothing to be scared of, the most menacing creatures aboard the Destiny were house cats in order to keep the rats in check, he still felt odd. 

“Shane!” He heard his name being yelled by one of his peers in the distance, followed by a small flickering light. A small orange-red lamp, used to simulate a camp fire, and subsequently a torch. He walked towards the light, stopped as he encountered a small body of water in the way. 
Terraformers had been let lose on the beta gardens after the Linkers had left more than two years before, lakes and one creek were available. Shane’s grandmother enjoyed the creek a lot, the sixteen year old recalled as he circumnavigated the small lake. “Just like on earth” She used to tear up when sitting next to it, “and like it will be on RV-p296, you just wait and see.”

Not far away he heard the gargles of the creek, and his sense of direction picked up where exactly he was. 

Surefooted he climbed the artificial hill that was necessary for the creek to run. It was neither steep nor tall. Too much mass in one single spot would create an unround motion of the ring, and wear out the suspension. 
“Shane, I started to get worried.” Irma smiled as he arrived. “Over what? If I hadn’t shown up you could always call, or write. If I had been kept, I would’ve called.”

His friend Killian snickered at the fake campfire. “You couldn’t have called.” He took one of the lamps as torch and lit his face from beneath. “If screech caught you.” 

Intrigued, but also feeling slightly uneasy Shane greeted Irma with a hug, and the other three with a wave. “Who is screech?” 

“Not who,” a girl next to Killian said, her voice lowered to only a nuance more than a whisper, “but what.” By the way she sat close to Killian, Shane deduced that it was his girlfriend. “Alright,” Shane sat down between Killian and Irma, gratefully taking a lab produced sausage. “what is screech?” He decided to play along. 

The tradition of telling scary stories around the campfire was kept alive, even though the campfires were fake. “It is said that he is a failed experiment of the linkers. During the siege they attempted to bring their people out, even if that meant to try new and insane stuff. One was beaming!” Also with a lowered voice Killian smiled, his expressions a mask of insanity with the eerie lighting of the torch beneath his face. 

“Beaming? Really? We’re going into that territory?” Shane raised his eyebrows. Everybody knew that beaming was wishful thinking, that couldn’t work unless the object that should be beamed was cooled down to absolute zero, for all subatomic motion to stop, so it all could be measured, destroyed, transmitted to a receiving end, and recreated. 

“I know, it sounds crazy, but the linkers are crazy!” Fiona, Killians girlfriend, grinned insanely.  

“Of course, we all know that beaming is impossible, but the linkers had to try, in order to get out. They wanted so badly to join their brethren on the Ark1, that they resorted to this insane idea.” Killian took a bite of his own sausage, in the center of the pile of torches was small heater designed to roast the stem cell sausages. Holding his food in there Shane gestured them to continue. “So, they started to cool down one of their own, with success. Testing the transporter, they beamed him here, into the gardens where a receiver had been constructed. But something went terribly wrong at the reassembly. Deformed the creature stumbled off the platform. They couldn’t bear the agony their comrade was in, so they severed its connection with the link, and left the creature. They figured it would die soon enough and abandoned the site.” A fiendish grin on his lips Killian watched Shane get uneasy. “It is said that the Admiral ordered the device they left destroyed, but engineers and scientists were so intrigued by it, that instead they burried it. Can you guess where the site is?” 

Regaining his posture at the elaborate point of the tale Shane raised an eyebrow. “Here?” His voice was filled with a bored undertone, up to that point the story had been good. “That’s right. Here. But they didn’t know about Screech, he survived, feeding off of cats and mice, plants and at least one teenage boy. Last year, after they had finished the hill and opened it for summer vacation students, one guy got lost here.” Shane asked himself how anybody could get lost in the gardens. There was a lit exit every now and then, from the top of the hill one could see two in opposing directions. No one could get lost in this enclosed environment. 

Clearly to him, it was a badly composed story, obviously lifted from one of the message boards, forums or what not. Maybe even an adaptation of a creepypasta found in the archives of earths internet.

“Being a left over linker Screech had the knowledge to infiltrate ship systems, he locked the entrance ways and turned off the lights, for poor Bobby to get lost.” Bobby? It had to be a name like Bobby? Shane nodded.

“After he was lost he wandered around the hill to get his bearings down, but that’s when he heard the eerie cry of Screech. A mixture between a cat in pain and rusty metal being torn apart.”

“Wait a minute,” Shane ahook his head, “how do you know this stuff? Were there any eye or ear witnesses around? If Screech took Bobby, how do you know he heard him? Did he write a mail? Did he call his mom?” In an instant Killian’s fiendish smile turned to an annoyed face. “Way to ruin the mood, man.”

“Yeah, it’s supposed to be a creepy story.” Fiona too was annoyed. 

“Then tell it convincingly, without plotholes the size of a fusion reactor!”