There’s this reputable news site in my country, let’s equate them to the New York Times.

There’s this satire news site in my country, let’s equate them to the Onion.

We live in times where that NYT equivalent dishes out an article over Facebook, and feels the need to add “We are not the onion!” to it.

The first three or four times that had happened, it was funny “Hehe, they need to tell us that this shit ain’t satire, hehe…”.

It is still happening.

At least once a week.

In what perilously insane times have we ended up in, that news outlets (two different news outlets, I must say at this point) feel the need to warn their readers, that the linked to article is in fact NOT satire, but real?!

This isn’t the news outlets fault, they report on the news, they don’t make ‘em, unlike the satire sites. (Although, it must be referenced, that SNL gave fake Palin, for lack of a fake speech, just the real speech that Palin had held, so in essence, satire reported on the news…)

The true fault lies with us, the people. We have allowed the politicians to run amok, we have allowed corporations to dictate policy, we have granted frauds to spread their filth in public, we have permitted disinformation to be presented as fact, and it’s a downhill journey from here on out.

We are not the onion.

That will be the motto of this generation, and our obituary.

Take care,